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Everything Drops At Midnight

by wolfnchains

Everything Drops At Midnight

What if I told you that in five minutes, the world is going to stop in it's tracks?

You wouldn't believe me, right?

Well, it's true. And it will happen to you. In five minutes.

Wanna know why?

Why, in four minutes and fifty seconds, you will be standing perfectly still, unable to move an inch? Oh, I'll tell you why.

It all started last week, when a friend and I were fucking around at work. Jim and I are interns at a small local television station in Indiana.

Jim said, "I have got the greatest thing for you to see."

And he showed me. Four minutes, and twenty seconds left to go.

Jim had in his possession a four minute video which consisted of a small white poodle jumping up and down. On a goddamn beach ball. Three hundred and fifty times, that damn thing jumped up and down. I watched, amazed, hypnotized, unable to move away my eyes.

When I finally reallized it was over, several more minutes had passed. It was 3:30pm when I looked back up at the clock. And Jim was laughing his ass off.

"What's so damn funny?" I asked him.

"Nothing, you'll see."

What Jim didn't realize, unfortunately, was that at that moment, the entire video was uploaded from his flash drive into the station computers where it was later discovered by some station managers who decided to show it on the evening news. 3 anchors watched, laughed, and commented as that cute little doggy did his business on the ball. Up and down. Up and down. As an audience of nearly 2 1/2 cities also watched hopelessly entranced.

The video was the shitz. The internet was buzzing about it. Kids recorded it and stuck it on You-Tube, Facebook, and other sites. And soon it was on the national news.

2 times a day, for 1 whole week, until finally it had spread across the globe. Everyone, shitfaced and sober, had seen this video.

Jim grew more and more quiet as each day passed, and his video was seen by all. Then, just a little bit ago, he called me and finally told me what was so damn funny about that video.

Jim said, "Tonight, at exactly midnight, everyone who has seen or heard that video is going to stop everything they are doing, stand up straight, and remain perfectly still."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked. "What the fuck did you do, Jim?"

"I placed several layers of subliminal messaging throughout that video, Bailey. It was only meant for you. But everyone has heard it, and seen it. Including me. We are all fucked."

"So let me get this straight," I said laughing, "You created a video that is going to make everyone stop moving in the next thirty seconds?"

No, I wrote a story that is going to make you shit your pants at exactly midnight tonight. Have fun.


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