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99 cocks later... do you remember?

by Naughty-Couple

99 cocks later... do you remember?

who wants to do this fantasy?

i have some abdominal pains, cramps and i think somethings wrong with me. so i place a ad looking for private practice doctor since i'm really low on funds. little do i know though that the doctor isn't really a doctor and he is about to do something pretty freaky and crazy to me, but like i said... i din't know until it was way too late and now it has already happened to me.

*(heres the story i want to find someone to play out)

after placing a ad online, i recieved a few replies and one caught my attention over the others. It went like this; Hello, I'm Dr.Twistid and I think I can be of great service to you. I continued to read the email and soon saw that i was being asked many questions about things and also being told that i could earn money as well. for just taking part in a study as i was examined. The Dr. said that not only could he help me and check me out and see whats wrong, but also i could earn some money for allowing the Dr. to also do a few tests and studies too. I thought, to myself? What kind of tests, what studies could they be and how much money could i earn doing this. the email went on to describe to me more details about what the Dr. wanted to do. it said, listen to audio files on your personal computer at home and then come in for regular check ups to see if the changes are taking place and the test, study is working. each visit to the Dr. varies in payment but there will be many visits. so expect to earn some decent cash and also get plenty of attention and care from a great Doctor.

I thought, what the hell! I was sick to my stomach and had some pretty bad cramps. i started to reply to this Doctor's email. soon after i recieved a email back and it contained a few questions, one was pretty upfront and straight forward. it basicly asked me if i had a camera and if i could take pictures of myself completely nude. then explained it was part of a virtual exam. it would allow the doctor to examine me and my body before i even came to his office. the next question said, please remove ALL clothes and set camera to take pictures automatically. i want to see front side back and then from the rear i require that you bend over and hold your bottom open and apart to get a clear view of your anus. then stand back up and a picture of your penis. hold it upright to show your scrotum and make sure there are pictures of your penis not erect and fully erect. next, i will need to see your mouth wide opened and your tounge poking out. send these pictures asap so i can begin and determine ahead of time before your office visit what it is that is causing your pain.

after you have finished please answer these questions, which asked me alot of sexual things. everything from who i have had sex with to the types of sex. then it went into great detail about the things i thought about during masterbation. it even said please answer honestly too, everyone masterbates and thinks of the things of a sexual nature when they do. there were some pretty strange questions, i had some trouble answering them too. but i did and then moved on to the next step. in order to proceed with your exam i will require you to listen to a audio file that i prepare for all my NEW patients, the patients who i see but i do not charge exam fee's and basicly waive all the fee's thru testing and office exams in exchange for my services.

now, before you begin to listen to this audio file *(which was part of the email in a attachment) you must be alone and ready to listen and do EXACTLY as it describes to you or this test will not work. and i will NOT be able to perform your exam. now if your ready? then go ahead and download the file and begin listening to it. then you can do what it says and i'll see you soon.

*(well heres the deal guys) it was a hypnosis file and it brainwashed me and tricked me into becoming a submissive slave to this guy who wasn't a doctor or anything like it. this guy was a Master and was doing this to get new sub's and take them into his place and do all kinds of crazy sexual things to. and i fell for it and was helpless. i was hypnotized from the file and UNDER his control.

i'm writing this now, because it's all over and i now have my memory back and everything that happened to me i remember now. so i'm telling others about it.

as soon as i listened to that file i was toast, i was completely under some spell and had no control or ability to stop myself. stop myself from just simply doing what ever this guy told me to do. it was awful and i hate talking about it, but maybe it will save someone else. i was being tricked, trained and told to arrive at this fake doctors house. where as soon as i walked in, i was to stand straight in front of him and then begin to remove all my clothes as soon as he said the words, "STRIP" i did and next i heard the words, "KNEEL" and i did, then the word, "OPEN MOUTH" i did that too, and the next thing that happened was the Doctor pulled out his cock and shoved it into my opened mouth.

this was crazy, i couldn't resist or say no or do anything to stop it.

my mouth had a mans cock being shoved in and out of it, then the words, "lick my balls" and i suddenly stopped sucking on the doctors cock and begun licking both of his balls. then the words, "gently suck on each ball" and i started to put a ball in my mouth and suck on it softly. what the hell was happening to me?

i heard, very good and now it's time to stand up and get over there on the sofa and lean over it for me. without questioning or resisting i did as i was told. now from here on out what ever i say or suggest to you to do, you will and without hestitation or speaking. you will answer YES or NO Master. and now it's time to have your ass fucked. you want your ass fucked right? answer me...

yes. i answered the guy

yeah thats what i thought. see you have told me things that you do not remember and now all those things are about to happen to you. soon your ass will be filled with my hard cock and then well.... lets just say do you remember? no you don't, you do not remember telling me anything do you? lol

i will remind you of one thing before i ram this cock into you, now listen. you told me that you wanted to be a BITCH. you simply wanted to place ad's on craigslist looking for men to fuck you. you said how much you loved sucking big hard cocks and how great they felt fucking your ass. do you remember now? answer me.... yes i do remember telling you this doctor.

thats right, you want this and your about to get it right now. now lets lube this asshole up and give you what you asked for shall we. ok, oh one more thing though. you will only remember this part of it all and i want you to place a ad on craigslist looking for more guys that want to do this to you over and over again, thats right. i want you to ask MEN in a online ad to invite you over so you can walk in and when they say, "STRIP" you remove all your clothes. standing there completely naked in front of them, they will then say "KNEEL" and you will kneel before them. and finally the last words spoken that put you completely under thier power and control of you, "OPEN MOUTH" and then you will open your mouth and it will begin just like that each and everytime. you will have big fat hard cocks put into your mouth and you won't be able to resist or do anything to stop it. you will suck on the cock, lick balls and take big hard cocks up your ass. just like that and that easy, all because this is a test and you have decided to take part in it. you will suck 100 different cock's, you will lick the balls of each man and allow them to shove those big cocks into your asshole until they have cummed. always using condoms though, ALWAYS.

after you have sucked and fucked 100 cock's....

it will be time for you to be retrained and a new lesson taught to you. and that new lesson will have you becoming a BBC Transexual Slut. you will ask to have breast implants, female hormone medicines, your penis removed, your balls left but tucked upside of you. you will become a BITCH. now incase your not too happy with all of this? REMEMBER, you asked for this. not me, you told me that this was your kinky fantasy and you have always wanted to try doing it but never could because you were too scared to go thru with it without help.

REMEMBER, this is why you came to see me. so i could hypnotize you and you could finally start doing these things. just like your daily masterbation lesson. you know the one, REMEMBER. every morning when you wake up you begin to masterbate and then as you cum, you DO NOT lose a drop of it. you lick, clean and swallow ALL of your own semen. after you have climaxed you may then go about your daily training. placing a new ad on craigslist, you know the one.

who wants to play out a doctor fantasy?

now by the time you remember all of this, it will be too late. you will have already placed ad's, sucked cock and taken as much of it as you could have ever wanted up your ass. including mine even. by now you should almost be finished with the 100 men. at the last remaining cock to suck and fuck, 99 of them already being serviced, the ad will change and read at the very bottom...


now i will become a true bitch and have my own penis removed and my breast implants. my balls tucked inside me and i will begin hormone med's that will turn me into a true BBC Transexual Slut. thank you guys and especially you my hypnotist for helping me go thru with something i would never have done on my own doing. REMEMBER everything after 99 cocks have been sucked and you have placed the final ad for the 100th cock to suck and fuck. HOWEVER, you have asked me to give you the option to forget it all as well. being you regret all that you have done and just want to NOT remember any of it. you have made the choice to decide for yourself at the last cock, that 100th cock. If you place the ad and it reads at the very bottom. I do not want to remember what i've done and i ask to never know or find out what it is that i did, only to forget and not go thru with becoming a BITCH and having my penis removed, or breast implants, etc. I decide to just stay myself as i'am now. but i will continue to suck cocks and be fucked by them until i have once again sucked a cock 3 times and made it cum, only then will i forget and just go back to myself.

but i will always have a urge to place ad's online looking for new cocks, to suck and let fuck me. and i will always crave a cock, stare at mens crotches and make myself available to men who ask me for sex. i will not resist a man that ask's me to suck his cock. if i decide to stop and not go thru with becoming a BITCH, a BBC Transexual Slut, then it is my decision to continue looking for cocks, to seek out more than one now. to not settle for just one cock. but to always set up a meeting with at least 2 men now. i will place ad's looking for at least 2 men. to let me suck thier cocks and take them in my ass.

if i can arrange 3 or more then i will, this is what i want. i want cocks. i want to suck on a cock while a cock is fucking my ass. as soon as a cock comes out of my ass i want another hard one going right back into me. i want to be filled with cock as much as possible when i can. it is my choice to find a cock everyday of my life that i can suck and make hard and that cock will then fuck my ass. that is what i want. and this will be my new adventure everyday, to place ad's looking for cocks. if i decide not to change into a BBC Transexual Slut. i will simple write the words... I'm a cock slut not a BITCH and then place this ad online and forget all that i've done other than i need cocks to suck and let fuck me. the more at one time the better. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 more?

Wake Up

I'm a cock slut


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