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Francisca the Love Doll. [RENAME]

by Haxsaw

Francisca the Love Doll. [RENAME]

Haxsaw presents..... This is a fictional account of what Francisca, a fifty year old lady and I would love to run off and do. We have never done any of what you read here. As it would and seems to be, it looks like we never will. We have times we write. She gets heated and excited. So do I. We plan on hotel room excursions. We plan on the ropes, handcuffs, her wearing the dollification part. She loves the idea of being as submissive as she possibly can. Being a government official, Francisca loves, even craves, being dominated by a kind, loving man as myself. She wants to be loved and loved directly. She then wants heated passion. During confession she tells me dirty secrets that turn my ears! I next write simplified stories. I write stores here. I write the stories here of what we hunger to do. Being as far as we are from one another we only dream. *Sigh....*

Francisca awoken from her deep, deep trance. Haxsaw had her in a corset. It was purple and she also wore purple stockings. As she stood she wondered why she could not walk any. Then she heard fingers snap. Suddenly she was fee to move forward.
She realized she was next carrying a small tray and brought it over before Haxsaw. He was seated at his bench on the balcony to the house. It was dark and the lights were off. Down below them traffic buzzed past. Francisca gasped! She was with no pants and no panties. She could feel her face turn so red. Once more Haxsaw had her under his absolute control. Francisca walked with no way to stop herself. Would Haxsaw turn on the balcony lights? Nothing could be more embarrassing, more humiliating than drivers to see she was bottomless. Haxsaw took his native coffee. The lights stayed dim. After Haxsaw was served he snapped his fingers. Francisca's face went limp to one side. She was out as well, though standing motionless in his presence.

It was she came that early evening. She was discussing her love of hypnosis. She talked of how it calmed and refreshed her. Haxsaw explained a girl came by, often. She would tell how it made her comfortable. After so much conversation Haxsaw snapped his fingers. Francisca remembered very little. She did realize Haxsaw was telling her to undress. She did not want this. Not this, Haxsaw! She later awoke on the balcony in the corset.

"I have never felt so embarrassed in my life," she awoke to say. It was confusing. She was seated at a plastic chair on the balcony. She was at the glass table. All around the balcony was dimmed and shadowy. She then was aware her pussy was on fire!

Haxsaw was on his rear end, seated beneath her. He was eating her private area and very well, thank you. Francisca was going to raise her hands yet they were drawn behind her. She found they were bound. Haxsaw had her handcuffed. It was the binding, it was the fact she was being forced; causing Francisca to come and come heavily. Moisture shot from her feminine area. From between her legs sprayed out fluid. Franscica was shocked, embarrassed and still needing take more. Her head was spinning round and around.
"Make me, Haxsaw," she gasped with eyes half closed. Her back arched as she begged. "Make me your love doll, pah-lease!!!!!"

Haxsaw lifted her from the plastic chair, setting her on the floor to the balcony. He had a small flashlight and a mirror near by. He took a brief moment to show her reflection. Francisca gasped. She was with hair pulled back, face of heavy make-up and heavy eye lashes. "I am a love doll," she whimpered to him. "Please take me. I am yours."
Haxsaw placed Francisca on her knees. Her hands were still cuffed, securely. Haxsaw undressed, completely. After so much time of heavy breathing, caressing and petting they were soon making love. Francisca screamed as his huge cock slid inside of her. Haxsaw placed his strong hands on her shoulders. He hefted his full body weight until he was beating himself deep, deep inside her.
Francisca felt her insides shift, violently. Even at her age Haxsaw was more than big, he was huge beyond limit! It was scary.... She let her face rest on its side as he pounded her pussy. While she felt him go in and out, in and out, she felt and saw the air become white, then black. The room was spinning round and around. How huge he was and how a middle aged lady like her had trouble? She wondered what it would be to take him if she was 20 and virgin? She felt him dump sperm loads, then pass out on the floor, heaving for air. He seemed to breathe like an old work horse.

They were awoken the next morning in the master bedroom. Haxsaw was sleeping, seated upright. Francisca gently leaned her face on his chest. "OMG!" was all that ran through her. She loved a man as this. Haxsaw stirred. After showering and dressing breakfast was oatmeal and choice of fruit. Time alone that weekend was laughter, chatting and coffee. Haxsaw loved her massages. Francisca looked him over from behind. "What a fine man," she thought. "I need this all the time...."


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