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by Dj1337


Hello, You can call me DJ since I was 10 years old I had always wanted to be a Diaper Lover/Incontinent at night but the thing was I was too scared to tell my parents so I had to take my brother's daughter's pull ups. I took about 2 for the night and wet every day for 2 months. I kept doing this for about 1 more year and my bro broke up with his GF and I ran out of diapers. By now I was bed wetting and had NO protection. Later that night I wet the bed and had absolutely no idea what happened to me I was scared because I never wet while I was sleeping I had always did it consciously. I hid this from my parents for 2 more months after wetting every night, they soon caught up with me and asked me "Why are you washing your sheets every day" I had no choice. My parents were shocked and quiet, they told me to go to school and have a good day. Nothing happened at school but when I got home I saw 4 packs of Good nites on my bed. I was happy to see them so I had to act sad and tell them I will stop.. They told me I need to stay dry if I want to get out of them. ( I knew that wouldn't happen ) Soon after since I had a great supply of diapers and I started to wet in the day the moment I got home when I woke up and at lunch. 3 more weeks past and I was wetting 24/7 and I could only use the bathroom when I had to poo. My parents took me to the doctor and he said he is bed wetting and you cant do anything about it. Again I was pleased because I was enjoying this. While I was there I met someone named Zach he was doing the exact same thing as I was. We both were friends right away. We both exchanged addresses, turns out he lived right next to me. He was home schooled so that's why we both haven't seen each other, we both wet by purpose because we both Love diapers. We both had sleep overs and then we became best friends doing regular things together etc. Then I felt like pulling a prank on him. I came across some hypnosis things on the inter-web and found something called " 5 year old transformation" I told him it was some music to listen to while we sleep. we both got ready for bed, wet our diapers and I waited for him to drift off. When he fell asleep I flipped the CD and hit play. When we both woke up we both had an awesome time. We both thought we were 5! we had so much trouble talking clearly and controlling our bladders, we both messed as well. The whole day was filled with fun we watched cartoons and other shows. We were so distracted by the tv so we both wet again due to the fact of the bright images of the television. That was one of the best days of our lives as we both remembered what we did that day. We both now are 23 years old and good friends. We both still are Incontinent and we both still pull pranks on each other, Using this website. E.G Instant wetting Thumb Sucker 2 hour 2 month old baby and more fun things. We had some new friends along the way one wad not a fan of diapers but then we decided to hypnotize her our self's we waited until she fell asleep we were telling here things like when you here the phrase "Constantinople" You will regress to a baby of a 3 year old. 3....2....1.... Constantinople! Wake up! the moment she woke up she wet herself and started to talk in short words like why me wet? she called us daddy and such. we told her that she needed diapers and she still did not want them, we pointed to her crotch area and she was shocked to see the spot still. She was forced to ware the diaper. Before going to bed we took her out of her baby form. She remembered the whole day, she just fell asleep. This time when we all woke up she was wet! this time she had no clue why. We explained that she is now a bed wetter and she will need diapers forever. (we triggered her ) she was mad for a few days but she got to love diapers and did what we did. We were and still are great friends, She seams a lot happier when she is in diapers. She seams more childish and playful. We got to know her way more. She was a furry/ Baby Fur/DiaperFur. When she told us we did not know what that was until she explained what is was and we both liked the idea to dress up/act like our fav animal. We found some furry hypnosis files on here. So far the only one that works is the Tail one.


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