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Jasime's Journey into Slavery.

by TheTurretCube

Jasime's Journey into Slavery.


It's the middle of spring in Devon, United Kingdom. The schools were about to break up for a week, where in one school, the students are preparing for their final exams of the term. These exams were crucial if they wanted to get a good grade.

One student Jasmine Monroe was practicing for her Dance A level exams, she was in a hall, alone, she knew her carrier as a professional dancer was hanging in the balance. But Jasmine was easily distracted and she was at that stage in her youth, where she wanted to broaden her sexual horizons. Jasmine made a mistake that day that will cost her dearly.

Chapter 1 : The mistake

Jasmine was alone in the dance hall, she knew she had to practice but her mind was drifting, she became enticed into sexual thoughts. Jasmine, although she was a very attractive young lady, she still had never had her virginity taken. She was driven into thought of who would be the man to sweep her off of her feet and make passionate love to her, but then her thought became darker, no longer was it a loving sweep but an aggressive hurl, she thought about the strong man who would tie her down and take advantage of her.

She was so deep into these thoughts she forgot what she was doing and her hand drifted down her leggings, with one finger she rubbed along the smooth lips of her vagina, she inserted one finger and began to lightly moan with pleasure, Jasmine had never done anything like this before, but she knew she liked it. She liked it so much she lost track of time and James, a quiet boy from some of her classes just so happened to walk by.

As fate would have it James was doing a Resistant materials exam in the room not 3 doors down, as he was walking past he decided to peek in the dance hall to see the beautiful girls who were doing it. But there was only one person in the hall besides him, Jasmine, and she was in the middle of her own mind, giving herself pleasure and without knowing it giving James pleasure to.
Without a moments hesitation James took out his phone and began filming Jasmine. When she had done she walked out of the dance hall, with a devilish grin on her face.

James followed minutes after, the same expression, but more smug on his. Final lesson of the day, no one besides James and Jasmine knew what went on that lesson prior. Their last lesson of the day was biology, both Jasmine and James were intelligent and could understand exactly what the teacher rambled on about. The final bell had gone and the class was dismissed. Jasmine stayed behind to ask her teacher about the coursework they were given to complete, James waited outside the room, he knew exactly what he was going to do.

James was about to confront Jasmine about the video and use it to his advantage, due to his eavesdropping during the lesson James knew that Jasmine's parents were out of town for a cruise. He would use this to his advantage. Jasmine walked out of the classroom and was intercepted by James, the two had never spoken before this day. James said "I know what you were doing 4th period". All colour drowned from Jasmine's face, she was terrified at the thought that James had seen her while she was in the dance hall.

James took out his phone and played the video to Jasmine, it was a series of groans and moans with a cameraman who would peek around a door to catch a glimpse of the beautiful girl performing such an act. Jasmine did not want to cause a scene and instead tried to compromise she asked James what he wanted from her. James simply replied "I'll be at your house at 8, your parents will be gone by then"

Chapter 2 : Jasmine's House

Jasmine got home and she said her goodbyes to her parents, they left her, clueless of the events that had happened at school that day. Jasmine couldn't take her mind off of what James might do. What was his angle? What was he going to do to her? These were the sorts of questions flowing through Jasmine's mind. It was 7:30 and Jasmine began to get worried, she knew that James would be there in half an hour, all f this because of a stupid mistake.

8:00 pm

Jasmine was peering out the window to see if James was coming, she tried to resist looking but she couldn't help it. She had been doing it for the past ten minutes, but this time, she saw him, he was walking up her driveway with a bag on his back, what could be in there? Jasmine thought, she was about to find out.

James knocked at her door, she thought what if she just didn't answer? Almost as if her read her thoughts he shouted, "I'll show the video to everyone Jasmine". Jasmine never wanted anyone to see that video, ever. So she answered the door. James walked in and said "Nice house, just think what's going to happen in the next week". Jasmine's heart sank in her chest, she shuddered at the thought of him even touching her.

James went into her living room and sat down on one of the sofas, as Jasmine walked behind him he said, "You're going to do exactly as I say for the next week, or video goes online, Ok?" Jasmine replied to James " Fine, but on Friday you delete that video!" James nodded and told Jasmine to go and put on her favorite underwear, then come back. She did, Jasmine Put on her favorite Mesh and lace pink thong, that she had bought the year previous. She went back into the living room and immediately James said, "No no no". Looking confused Jasmine wandered what she had done wrong, James said, "Come back only wearing your underwear" Jasmine had no choice so she did, James' jaw dropped at the sight, this was obviously the first time he had seen a girl in her underwear for real. Jasmine stood there, wearing nothing but her Mesh and lace thong and her pink satin and lace underwire bra.

After a minute of blank staring James told Jasmine a secret fetish of his. About a year earlier James had been introduced to the world of wedgies, and since has been obsessed with them, he told Jasmine to hook the underwear to her bra while still wearing them. Jasmine immediately refused and said "That's disgusting, I'm not doing that!" James simply chuckled and said "You have to, or your video will be put on facebook, that's where your friends will begin to hate you and think of you as a slut, so, do the damn wedgie."

Jasmine sighed and did as James instructed, she pulled her underwear up at the leg holes and unhooked her bra, she pulled with all her might and tried to get them up high enough to slip through the bra. She felt the fabric slide up through her vagina, she let off a slight squeak of pain, but no matter how hard she pulled, the wouldn't reach up high enough. She let go of them and looked at James , he said "That's a shame for you, as a punishment for failure you will sleep with that wedgie in". James told Jasmine to show him to her room, where he set up a camera to film her. He said it was to make sure she didn't lie. He left and returned to his house.

Chapter 3: Call me 'Master'

Jasmine was left alone, still trying to understand what had just happened. She knew that James had caught her while she was masturbating and filmed it, but why would he be so mean as to use it against her like this? Jasmine had been through a lot today and her ass was still in pain from the wedgie she still has in, her panties were practically up her back right now. James said that she couldn't take it out, or James would be mad. She wanted to try and sleep it off, so she went to bed, she wasn't allowed to remove the wedgie so she had to sleep in just her underwear. Two hours had passed and Jasmine couldn't sleep, so she removed the wedgie against James' demands, the consequences would be severe.

Jasmine was woken up a harsh knock at the door, she went down to answer it. James was there, he walked in and sat down, he immediately said to her, "You failed Jasmine". Jasmine remembered that she had taken out the wedgie and forgot to put it back in. James signaled her to come over, he put her over his knee and lowered down her panties, Jasmine already knew what was going to happen. James slapped Jasmine right on her ass cheek, Jasmine let out a slight squeal as a reaction, James proceeded to slap each of her cheeks multiple times. By the end Jasmines ass was bright red, she didn't want to attempt to sit down.

Jasmine had tears in her eyes, and asked James "Why are you doing this to me?" James looked at Jasmine with a smirk and replied "Because you fucked up Jasmine, and people have to pay for their fuck ups". Jasmine had a look of disappointment, not for James, but for herself "But Jame-" James quickly interrupted saying, "Don't call me James". After a slight pause James continued "Call me Master". James said to Jasmine, if you want to talk to me you will address me as Master, and you shall respond to slave.

"You're a lucky slave today, because I have to go to my grandparents for a couple of days". This meant that Jasmine was going to be left alone for a while. "While I'm gone, if you tell anyone about me, I will show everyone the video and make your life a living hell". To prove his point James went over to Jasmine and inserted his finger into her vagina, while he was playing with her pussy James said, "You see what I'm doing, this shows that I have complete dominance over you, you can't do anything". Jasmine was moaning, she was obviously reaching her limits, she let off one final moan and a white liquid ran down James' arm.

James looked angry, he looked down at his arm and whispered harshly to Jasmine, "What the fuck, so you think you're doing?" Jasmine was out of breath, but knew what she had done, James put his fingers into Jasmines mouth and told her to lick them clean, So she did, Jasmine licked up James' arm and cleaned all of her cum off.

James sat down on the couch and removed his jeans and boxers, revealing his penis, James wasn't very gifted in that region, so probably to make himself look better he told Jasmine to come over and suck it, Jasmine refused. James reminded her of the video and his dominance, so she had no choice. She went over to James and got on her knees, and began to suck. James' penis must have only been about 5 inches, that was below average for his age. James had reached his limit and released a small amount of cum into her mouth, Jasmine found it easy to swallow. With that, James left.

Chapter 4: Alone for a while

Jasmine was left in her home, she tried to piece together exactly what had happened. She never new that timid little James Wilson could be so evil. She only had two days peace though, James would be back for more, it was Tuesday, Jasmine had until Thursday. Jasmine never was the sort of girl who is easily scared, so she didn't fear James in the slightest, the only thing she was scared of was James showing people the video.

Jasmine had been through a lot today, so she decided to go to bed. For two hours she tossed and turned in her bed, she could not sleep at all. Jasmine knew the feeling she had, she wasn't in any pain, Jasmine was horny, she returned to what got her into this mess, Jasmine slid her hands down her stomach, and began to tease her own vagina, slowly rubbing up and down the lips of her smooth beautiful pussy. Jasmine was moaning with pleasure, as she decided to take it into the shower, she continued playing with herself as the water flowed down her body, she was now wet, in more than one way.

She darted her fingers into her vagina and caressed her clitoris, she reached her max, and let off a final moan, a trickle of bodily fluid went down her leg as the water washed it off, she was still in the shower, her breathing was heavy, now she felt tired, and went back to her bedroom, but she wanted something more, so she got out her favorite thong, It was ultra blue, and she knew what to do with it

She completely stripped off revealing her beautiful 32c breasts, she cupped them, and then put on the thong, she pulled the thong with great force up into her vagina and ass, she groaned and moaned with pleasure, she pulled harder, she then pulled the thong up her arms and made it into a shoulder wedgie, she loved the feeling of the wedgie, but only for the pleasure of herself, not that of people like James. Jasmine removed the wedgie and changed into her sleeping attire.

Jasmine did nothing for Wednesday, she simply stayed home and did nothing at all, she spent the day watching television and eating food, so that day was boring and event-less, she went to bed with ease this time, and Wednesday changed to Thursday, James was due back today, but Jasmine had conjured a plan to hopefully deal with him. The door went, James was knocking at the door, Jasmine let him in and told him that she had a surprise, she led him into the living room and sat him down.

She asked him to hold out his hands and close his eyes, Jasmine then went over to a draw and pulled out a set of handcuffs, and cuffed James' hands together, he immediately shot up and said "What the fuck are you doing?" James was worried. Jasmine said to him, sit down and do as you're told. James did as he was told and sat down, Jasmine went back over to the draws and pulled out a Cat of nine tail whip, she whipped her own ass and said, "You want this don't you?" James' eyes opened wide and he said "Yes, yes I do". After that, Jasmine walked over to him and slapped him across the face. "You will address me as mistress!"

Jasmine had spent most of Wednesday online looking into Bdsm terms and toys, she also found that her mother was quite the fan and had some toys of her own, so Jasmine borrowed them for her plan with James. After James had been slapped he just sat there with a red hand mark over his face. Jasmine had a wide grin on her face and said, "Now we are going to have some real fun"

Chapter 4: The tables turn

Jasmine's grin soon turned to a disciplinary frown she took out the whip and hit James across the face with it. James made a whimper and Jasmine said, "if you dare cry there will be a punishment." James did his best to refrain from crying, but a tear was caught sliding down his face. Jasmine's face went into a grin again and she said, "Oh dear, time for you punishment."

Jasmine went to the draws and pulled out a dildo, she said to James, "Whichever one of us cums first, has to put this dildo as far up their ass as they can." Jasmine removed James' trousers and boxers revealing his small erect penis, she said "We're both gonna masturbate now." Jasmine slid her fingers down her trousers and began to rub, James started to rub his penis, they both did this for about a minute, Jasmine knew James couldn't hold his cum for long, as that thought ended a small burst of cum came from James' penis.

Jasmine did a slight chuckle and told James to bend over for his punishment, she took off his boxers and inserted the dildo into his ass, the dildo got about halfway and James started yelling about the pain, Jasmine told James that he had put her through hell this week, and this was payback, she told him to turn over and sit on his ass, James refused. Jasmine held the whip up and said "You don't have a choice, bitch"

She whipped James across the ass and told him to sit again, this time James did as he was told. James let out one last scream of pain, Jasmine just looked at him with a grin, and said "This is just the start." She motioned to James to stand up, when he did Jasmine grabbed the end of the dildo and pulled it out of his ass, he made a yelp of pain and Jasmine said "Shut the fuck up."

She slapped James across the face with the dildo, James had a brown smear across his face and Jasmine said "You should wipe better." James started to gag and Jasmine said, if you don't stop gagging now this is going down your throat, Picturing that image James gagged more, Jasmine's warning went unheeded, so she shoved the dildo into his mouth, James gagged more and after this one he threw up, a pool of James' sick was on the floor.

James' was taking heavy breaths and said "I'll delete the video, and leave you alone, please just let me go." Jasmine grabbed James' phone and went through his files and deleted the video, she put his phone down and said, "once you clear that mess up, you can go." She took a brief pause and stared at James, she added "You're only allowed to use your mouth"

Jasmine left James to clean up and grabbed her phone, she took a video of James eating his puke without him noticing. James threw up again during the act and Jasmine said, "Here's some motivation." She grabbed her underwear and pulled them up she gave herself a front and back wedgie, James proceeded to eat all of the mess and said, "Can I go now?"

Jasmine left the wedgie in and said, "Yes, but just in case you want to tell anyone about this little confrontation, look at this" Jasmine took out her phone and showed James the video of him eating his puke, a look of shock overcame him. Jasmine pushed James out of her house, and threw the key at him. Just before she closed the door she said "One wrong move, everyone sees this video." Jasmine shut the door and had one last tug at the wedgie.

That week, had either made Jasmine or broken her, from that day on she never treated anyone the same, she developed a major fetish for Bdsm and wedgies, she experimented with all different kinds, she never got enough, and from that day, James was to scared to even look at Jasmine.

The End


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