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Just another confession....

by Haxsaw

Just another confession....

Dear Gentle Readers, This is a confession from the dollification girl listed here at the GALLERY section. She is listed under ENTRANCED. I have her in the red dress and bedecked mostly, as a doll. From our conversations she opened a great deal. I write out, in story like fashion, her confessions. I place this all together in readable format. I change her name to L. I write this so to show not only does this work- it brought out a happy ending for this subject, as you will see.

L had the small magnet in her right ear. It was she wrote left handed. She was a 'lefty'. Importance was always placed upon crossing over signals. See, the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body. The left hemisphere controls the right side. L leaned forward on the edge of my master bed. In the bedroom the doors were locked. I had the air conditioner running. L was the sort who was easily overheated.

I recall her once leaning forward when we held each other before. She would lay her face, not her her head, her face, into my chest. This gave me the idea she was seeking guidance. Had she been seeking sexual advancement she would have leaned her head against me. This would follow by her hands gliding over my arms, or shoulders. This was not the case at all with L. Her leaning her face into my chest and her body posture was more like I was seen, to her, as refuge. I was more than glad to be of service.
This was not going to be some lame, sexual romp. I had other girls I used for this. L really wanted to be lead. I was told as much. In our conversations she stated this fact.

On another time she would be tense, then tell she could not, would not bother think around me. Yes, yes it was easier to not think. To stop thinking and let me tell what to do was so much easier for her. This left her with new, good feelings. She really, really wanted those feelings. I had so my snapping fingers activated her as easily as a computer program.
L was once in a chair before the computer. I had her seated while candle light burned. I took pictures that Christmas Eve. I never knew why she came. I did not turn her away though. She was droned out, later. I then used the snapping fingers. Lazily, drugged like, she stepped over to the wrap around couch in my living room. We drank coffee together. I listened to her. I always noted her personality changed. When she was deep, so deeply under, her character was as if overhauled. She was pleasant. I mean, it was still dear L yet the cautious, cranky part of her was gone. I was playing the subliminal music that Christmas Eve. L was droned out, then her shoulders wiggled. She looked at me and thanked me for making what she was. I raised a coffee cup. We clinked our mugs and cheered to a brighter future for her. She then only laughed about it. Behind her on the wall stared down a portrait of Einstein.

The months went on as they did here. I had building projects. I retired early and was enjoying life on this Tropic Island. I was so loose and easy I spent way too much time relaxing on the beach. Every day after school L came to see me. I tired of the procedure. I was next just allowing she listen to my tamer sound files. That was how she became so responsive to fingers snapping. It was also what developed her desire to stop thinking. It created what was a passion to follow and obey.
I remember that time she came wearing the red dress.

L was later than before. I greeted her. Her face was done with make-up. It was hardily like her to be as such. In the kitchen she discussed how she wanted to be a cartoon character. I was sharing orange juice. It was particularly hot that growing afternoon hour. My kitchen is open aired. Our glasses tinkled with ice cubes.
"L." I cleared my throat. I looked out through the large screen windows. "I am picturing you like Sponge Bob Square Pants. Whats up?" L only shook her head. She set her glass atop the inlaid table top.
"No. Not like Sponge Bob Square Pants. I want to be a real cartoon character." I was a little ruffled to hear a teen-age kid telling me something this far flung. Over time I had listened to her worries, concerns and even troubles from fellow students. I turned my head, viewing the simplistic white oven in the corner.
"Is that why the make-up and the hair pulled back?"
"Yes," she eagerly replied. She then tilted her head back, smiling.
"Okay. Tell you what L. I can do this yet what is bothering you, dear?"

L made an audible "Humph." She then turned her face before reaching and emptying the juice glass. "What do you mean?" I was suited enough to make a move. Here was a girl with no known back ground. I was guiding her. I figured go all the way. I brought a hand to her right ear and snapped my fingers. I then told her loudly, "Sleep for me now!"

L awoke, sort of. Another lady was over. As dazed as L was from conditioning she was really in no way able to stand solid. I then had a timer set on a digital camera. It shot off three photographic images. I took the best and later posted it at warpmymind.com. The lady who helped hold up L in the kitchen was next preparing a meal for the evening. L had a duffel bag outside my door. It was in the hallway.
I was ruffling through her belongings. As L's notebook was dated it was easy to deduct what she studied for notes, that very day. I swore under my breathe several times. "What kind of watered down rubbish is being taught to these kids?"

I held L upright. Once again she leaned her face into my chest. I asked what she wanted to do once told by me. She meekly replied, "Follow and obey." I helped walk and step L to a chair before the computer system. I have it at my custom desk. It is beneath the staircase. I glanced at the metal scroll work on the banisters. Could I shape, remould L as I and I see is right? By God I was going to try!
I sat her at the screen to the computer system. After typing in E-how.com and Wikipedia.com I commanded L read aloud the subjects I brought up. Each were in direct relation to what she was studying in class. More directly, it was way, way above what was fractionally being shown in classrooms here. I then hovered over L as I leaned a strong hand on the desk edge.
"L! I do not know who your daddy is but if I had a chance, just one chance let me. Now then, I want you read what is before you, aloud. After, I will show you the next screen. Do you understand, L?" L was silent for a moment. She appeared as an old computer with a slow processor trying to crack the Theory of Relativity. It was soon thereafter she finally spoke.
"I follow and I obey." I slapped the desktop.
"Does it feel good to think like this?"
"No," was her flat reply.
I was stunned yet held my choice over her.
"Why, dear?"
"I want to follow and obey."
I then understood.
"L you read and remember everything you see, taste and smell, for the rest of your life. Begin reading now."

I was not sure if it was much good yet snapped my fingers. Ever see a film playing on a V.C.R. or D.V.D player? You go and pause it? The characters freeze motion for a bit? Well, that was how L was after my fingers snapped. After that pause she then commenced reading. I stepped away from the keyboard and sat at the wrap around couch. I was humming, looking over the books along and under the T.V. on the entertainment center.

This system I had set up went on for the remainder of her second quarter in school. One day she came to me with her report card. As usual L was quiet and resourceful... As usual. I looked over the card she handed to me.
"I swore under my breathe with each passing grade I breezed over.
Mathematics. 1st Quarter: 86%. 2nd Quarter: 93%.
History. 1st Quarter: 89%. 2nd Quarter: 97%.
English. 1st Quarter: 84%. 2nd Quarter: 100%.
I dropped the report card already on the kitchen table. Without even thinking I simply snapped my fingers. I was not even yet looking over the remaining grades yet.
We came to one another like a magnet to metal. I lifted her from the floor. We laughed a great deal. After placing her back, after our share of laughter, her giggling and the excitement; L made a statement.
"Control me, daddy." Her eyes met my own. "Please," she almost pleaded. She returned the report card to her duffel bag. "I want more knowledge. Please control me like you do." I was beaming with joy. I nodded my head a large, expressive, "Yes!"

L listened with the magnet in her ear. I already helped her lose weight. When she was with her hand drawing to her face while I spoke she laughed some. She went deeply under once her face made contact. I also learned her own dad passed away when she was age five. She is trying for larger, fuller breasts. Best regards to all those who try at warpmymind.com. I need get back to this subject at hand.


Re: Just another confession.... - Haxsaw

L-N or L for short, had a terrific fear. I used hypnosis, also to help her discover this. She was into avoidance. She avoided everyone. Mostly, it was taken as an insult to those being avoided. I found, by her behavior around me, she was terrified of confinement. After discussion; I learned at age five, when watching her daddy being buried, she fell and cut her knee. She associated the pain, ( a feeling,) with her father's burial, (visualization of a childhood trauma.) Once I explained everything, why she avoided others, why was always voted most shy, and always noted as least confrontational, I told her she was alright, just the way she is. I sat beside her and told I loved her. I told her three times, making direct eye contact. She then stated she looked up to me and wanted I do the thinking for her. As of now she is dieting, working on breast enlargement and feels better, acting spunkier around others. I fore see life will be better for her.

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