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A Life Changing Event

by mattgunn

A Life Changing Event

A Life Changing Event

It had been nearly two weeks since Matt’s Uncle Mort had passed away. Matt found out in a letter included with a package that had been sent from the lawyer for his uncle’s estate. Matt was very sad when he heard the news and began to think about his distant uncle.

He had only seen him once on a visit to California, as part of his Senior year spring break with his girlfriend Sarah. It was during this trip that he had discovered that Matt’s father had broken off ties with his uncle many years ago because he was gay. Originally, Matt was very uncomfortable with having disobeyed his father when he discovered the reason, but by the end of his Spring Break trip he had changed his opinion about his uncle and went home extremely happy that he had the chance to meet him, and that he had broken up with Sarah. He never told his family about his encounter with Uncle Mort because he did not want to upset his father. For the rest of High School and College he dated many girls but broke up with each one after 2 months because he found them too different from himself to maintain a relationship. He was constantly horny, but thankfully he had a large collection of straight porn to keep him satisfied when there were no women in his life. He also went from being a couch potato to a fitness and health freak. He had to have the healthiest and sexiest looking body possible.

He look at the package sent to him. It was quite large and he hoped it was something expensive he could pawn off. He opened the box and found a collection of videotapes. They were all unmarked and he was somewhat letdown, but something deep inside him made him decide to put in the tape labeled Spring Break.

Matt put in the tape and saw himself with a somewhat dazed expression. Next to him was Sarah with the same expression. He heard his uncle’s voice.

“Sarah, you are not happy with Matt. He is not able to please you. You need to meet a real man when you get back to Buffalo, so you are going to dump Matt before vacation is up because he is too immature. When you awake you will go back to your hotel and forget that we have met. You will think that Matt has been out partying all night with other women.”

He awoke Sarah and she walked out of the camera’s view. Next his uncle began speaking to Matt.

“Matt you are to break up with Sarah because she is close-minded, and can not date any woman for longer than two months because they are not compatible with you. You are looking for someone like yourself. You will spend your free time exercising to make you body look the best possible. You will also find your sex drive increase to the point that you are always horny. You will follow the other commands I gave you earlier when you hear the trigger phrase I will give you at the end of this session. ”

The tape kept playing and Matt began talking to himself.

“You sick pervert, no wonder dad never spoke to you again. I’m going to smash all these tapes to shreds”

As Matt was venting his anger that Tape continued and his uncle spoke the words

“You need to change now.”

Matt was just getting set to through the second tape at the wall when he heard the phrase. His anger immediately disappeared and he dropped the tape. He suddenly felt very calm and happy that his uncle had changed him. There was much he needed to do to be the son his uncle never had. He stopped the first tape and removed it from the VCR. Then he grabbed the second tape on the ground and put it in. As the tape started, two young guys were onscreen like Matt and Sarah had been. They were both dressed in suits and did not seem to be dazed. Uncle Marty was conducting an interview of some sort with them. Then in the middle of one of the guys responses he told the guys to “Perform”. Both guys’ faces suddenly look expressionless and they stood up. Music began playing in the background and both guys began dancing and stripping. They were quite good and both had well defined muscular bodies. One guy was Latino with short black hair and the other was Caucasian with blond hair and a mustache. They both appeared to be in their twenties. By the time they were in their underwear, Matt was stroking his cock and drooling at the thought of being in the same room with them. Once both guys were naked they stopped dancing and began groping each other. Both were extremely turned on and had huge cocks. Marty had chosen his subjects well. The blond haired guy got behind the Latino and shoved his member inside. As he thrust in and out the Latino moaned with pleasure and the blond haired guy spoke to Matt. They continued on for an hour. Then the both spoke in unison.

“Matt we need you, We can’t finish this without you. Please come to us.”

Once he said that, the blond haired guy pulled out and both guys dressed back up and sat down. Uncle Marty began talking to them again.

“Paul and Jose, it may be a few years before you meet Matt, so you must keep in excellent shape for him. You will both work out every day and keep in close contact with each other. You will not be able to come until you meet Matt, but both of you will play with each other frequently. When you do meet Matt in person at my mansion you will instantly become his boy toys. You must do anything he tells you and you love him totally. You will both follow the commands I have just given you and those you received on your first interview with me. You will not be able to say anything to anyone else about what has happened to you.”

Then Uncle Marty had them awaken and they continued with the interview as though nothing had happened. As they were leaving both guys looked to the camera and said, “We love you Matt”. Then the tape ended.

Matt had still been jerking off and as he had been programmed 5 years ago, he instantly came when he heard them express their love.

Matt cleaned up and took out the tape. He gathered the other tapes up as well as his porn tapes and magazines and took them to the backyard where he set them on fire. He then when inside and told his parents he was packing up and moving to California because he was gay. His dad became furious and stormed out of the room. His mother supported him and she gave him a check for $700 dollars for travel. She then went out to try and calm down his father. Matt went back upstairs and began packing. He couldn’t wait to get to California and claim his inheritance.


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