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A Perfect Evening

by mikufan4life

A Perfect Evening

My afternoon didn't start out as perfect. I knew Keith was having a rough day the minute I walked in the door from work. The music thumped away with the bass turned up far too much. That was never a good sign. When the music was too loud, it meant his writing was not going as planned. When he felt like he was blocked, Keith could be downright unbearable.

I didn't touch the stereo controls, since that would do no good. It usually only made him cranky. On the other hand, I wasn't going to just leave him upset. I had to break him out of his stress in another way. Luckily, I knew just what to do. The idea had come to me weeks before. I could tell it was time to use it.

He hadn't called out to me, so I knew he was totally unaware of my presence. I stripped down to my underwear, tossing my clothes in the hamper inside the hall bathroom. Even though the music was up so loud, I moved quietly. Surprise would make this sweeter. It only took a moment to tie my hair back just so and apply a bit more lipstick. A quick spritz of cologne in just the right place almost completed the effect I wanted. I surveyed myself in the mirror. Black lace bra and matching panties...cologne...perfect. I crept out of the bathroom and headed down the hall.

I paused by the door to his study, cracking the door ever so slightly. The music drowned the noise. He was hunched over the computer, staring at a mostly white screen. I winced. Keith hated experiencing writer's block. I could see the tension in his shoulders and back as he glared at the monitor. The speakers were even louder up here. I kept the door open for a breath more, just long enough to notice the position of the webcam. It was pointed at him and turned on.


I eased the door closed and tiptoed to the bedroom. We had another computer set up there, in case he came up with an idea in the middle of the night and didn't want to wait the fifteen steps it would take to get him to the study. I turned it on and watched as it connected to the house network. As soon as it was up and running, I called up the spiral program. A teasing smile curved my lips. Yes, Keith would have a real stress-breaker in a moment.

It only took me a few minutes to program the spiral. The program had been a gift from a dear friend. It had originally been intended to help me get through my insomnia. After Keith saw how well it helped me sleep, he used it to help him quit smoking. We were both delighted with the results. Over time, I'd discovered a few additional ways to use the program. I had no idea if its creator had intended it for those purposes, but something told me he wouldn't mind.

Once I was done with the programming, every word planned and the music ready, I shadow controlled Keith's machine. One look at his text file made me wince. I knew where he had stopped the night before. He had only managed to get another thousand words into his writing outline. No wonder he was stressed out. Well, that was about to change.

I sent the program across the network to his machine. I gave it the instruction to run in the background while I lowered the volume on his machine slowly and almost imperceptibly. I could see Keith on the webcam. He didn't even notice the music getting quieter at first. When he blinked and looked down at the control, I triggered the spiral program to go to the foreground.

He blinked and froze immediately. I watched his eyes glaze and lock on the center of the spiral. I knew the words that would soon be flashing across the screen. If I wanted to, I could foreground the program on my own machine and see them on my monitor. I knew better than to do that, though. If I did, I'd be slipping away myself.

Keith's eyes began to water a bit. I watched him as he started to blink. My cheeks flushed as I felt arousal rising within me. I got up and padded over to the closet, grabbing my favorite pair of heels. When I glanced back at the machine, his body had slumped back further into his chair. His eyes were heavy-lidded and staring. Perfect.

I opened the door, aware that the sounds from the speakers were beginning to affect me as well. Everything seemed slightly unreal. The humming was made to send the brain into a light trance state, and even though the music masked it to an extent I was still aware of it. I shivered as I opened the door to the study, still moving as quietly as I could.

All the tension in his shoulders was gone. Keith rested limply in the comfortable typing chair. It was the best kind he could find, made to totally support his body while he wrote. I knew he could fall asleep in it. The spiral held his full attention, spinning slowly and entrancingly on the screen. The words were still rising up out of its depths. I knew what they said.

"Relax...slip deeper...and deeper...wait...to be commanded...wait...and slip deeper...and deeper...relax..."

I stepped forward and began to say them along with the screen, trying not to look at the spiral myself. "Relax...deeper...and wait...to be commanded...sleep...so deep...and wait...deeply hypnotized..."

As he heard my voice along with the words, Keith sighed. One hand slipped off the chair armrest and hung down by it, totally passive. I knelt down by him and began to stroke his face. "Relax...and go deeper...relax...and let your eyes close...relax..."

His eyes, reddened from effort, all but slammed shut. He let out a soft whimper of relief. "Good...and go deeper...and deeper...letting it all go...letting everything go...but my voice...and my commands..."

His lips vibrated slightly as if he was repeating what I was saying. "The humming and buzzing makes it so hard to think, Keith. You don't want to think any more. All you want is to relax and go deeper...to relax and let go...to relax and surrender..."

I whispered in his ear, guiding him into a very deep trance. After his arm floated up in the air at my command, hovered there, and then fell back to his side, I was satisfied. "Good. Now, you are going to get out of the chair and crawl slowly to the bedroom. The closer you get, the sleepier and more aroused you will feel. Your mind will go more and more blank with each inch you crawl. When you get to the bedroom, you will strip and kneel, waiting for command. Repeat your commands, Keith."

I felt another rush of heat at the slow, dreamy, sleepy tone of his voice as he repeated everything I'd just told him. "Good boy," I reassured. "Obey now." He slid down to the floor and began to crawl to the door. I opened it for him and watched him make his way down the hall. When he reached the bedroom, he turned and went inside. I leaned on the door frame and observed him taking off his clothes. He was already fully hard, his body waiting the pleasure of more commands. I took a deep breath and stepped in front of him where he knelt by the bed.

"Look up and open your eyes, Keith," I ordered. "Look up and look deep into my eyes, feeling yourself fall deeper and deeper into a deep, hypnotized, obedient warmth." His head tilted back and his eyes flickered open, gazing blankly into my own. I could see the slight twitch as he got even harder. "Very good. You are going deeper. You love to go deeper. You love to relax. You love to kneel for your Mistress."

At that, he let out a gasp and whimpered. I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, letting it slide down my arms and to the floor at his feet. One of the cups draped itself over his shaft and I leaned down to free it. I couldn't resist stroking the silk over his hot skin, prompting another moan as our eyes remained locked. "Good boy. You obey so well. You're so deep."

"So deep," he whisper-gasped. "Obeying..." Perfect.

"Yes, Keith, you're obeying." I slipped my panties down, letting them pool at my feet as I sat down on the bed and spread my legs. "And now, you'll obey even more...you're going to be allowed to make your Mistress come." I watched as he swallowed, his eyes never leaving mine, his body flushed with heat. "You can smell my arousal, Keith. It's making you even hotter, even more aroused. Your body aches to meld with mine, your tongue is already wanting to move, to lick, to taste, to explore. Your mind goes deeper at the scent of my heat. Your mind goes hotter at the thought of going deep. When your eyes close again, you will melt against your Mistress's body and do everything in your power to please your Mistress until she comes."

His eyes stayed just as blank as ever, but his body was all but vibrating. "Good boy, Keith. Good boy. Your eyes are getting heavier again...heavier and sleepier...but you can't look away from my eyes until you have permission."

Keith strained to keep his eyes open, trying so hard to obey. I watched and deepened his trance until he was moaning with effort, then leaned forward and whispered "Sleep."

His eyes sagged closed despite his best effort, and his body slumped against mine. Then a shudder went through him and Keith began to nuzzle and lick and nibble. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the bed, letting him please me. The pleasure of his seeking tongue screamed up and down my body as I urged him onward, reinforcing each command. When I could barely stand it any more, I began to moan "And what happens when Mistress comes, Keith? Sleepy Keith knows, sleepy Keith comes...Sleepy Keith comes when his Mistress comes...Sleepy Keith comes when I come..."

His tongue got even more frantic at the growl of need in my voice. I let out a long groan of pleasure. He echoed it, tongue almost massaging my clit. Perfect.

I didn't even try to hold back my cries of pleasure as I came, knowing what hearing them would do to him. He grabbed my legs and held on as his own orgasm rocked his body. As soon as I could manage to breathe even a little, I began to chant "Good boy...good boy Keith...good boy...so good..." When I could sit up again, I gathered him into my arms and urged him up on the bed. We lay naked together, sweating and breathing heavily. I stroked his hair and talked him back down into a deep trance. When I glanced up, the hypnospiral program had finished its run and closed. I smiled and let myself cuddle him close, whispering to him.

"When you wake, Keith, you will remember exactly how to get to the next line of your story, and the next, and the next. But now you will sleep, and while you sleep you will forget to remember anything except that I came home and we made love. I came home, we made love, and your next words will be clear in your mind." I kept telling him that until his breathing told me he had gone from hypnosis into natural sleep. With a sigh, I let myself join him.

It was about nine that night when I woke up and stretched. The bed next to me was empty, and I could smell pizza. When I glanced at the bedroom computer, I could see Keith on the machine in the study through the webcam. He was still naked, but his expression was focused. Behind the cam, I could see I still had shadow view of his PC. Words appeared in rapid succession on a white background.

I smiled and settled back onto the bed, blissfully satisfied.



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