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Once Upon a Laundry

by jessielynn

Once Upon a Laundry

It all started so normally that its hard to image how I got here today. It
was a few years back. I moved for a new job to a new city. I had broken up
with my girlfriend because of the move, but she wasn't that into me
anyway. It was hard making new friends since I worked a lot and didn't know
anyone in the area. But work was good, it paid well and I figured things
would work themselves out.

The first apartment I had was one of those corpoate temporary-housing
apartments. It was very nice, but it only had a single laundry room in the
basement for the whole building to use. It wasn't much of problem since
most people used a laundry service. So the laundry room was always empty
whenever I went to use it. One Saturday morning I went down to the laundry
room to put some of my clothes into the dryer and was surprised to see
someone elses clothes in the machine for a change. I saw several pairs of
women's lacy panties which really turned me on, since it had been a while
since I had sex. I picked up a pair of the panties and imagined who they
belonged to. I enjoyed the silky feeling in my hands, running my fingers
over the fabric. I held it close to smell the scent of its owner. The scent
was faint as they were freshly washed, yet the smell was still there and it
was good. I continued to imagine who wore the panties when I heard a
woman's voice.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Damn! I was so embarassed! I turned around and was looking at an attractive
latina woman a few years older than me. Small frame, curvy hips, tight
breasts, short black hair and green eyes. I was beet red stammering "uh,
sorry I was just doing my laundry and I ..."

"Sure you were." she interrupted with a slighly menacing tone. She walked
toward me with a stern look on her face for a few more seconds then broke
into a smile. "Sorry, where are my manners. You're new here, aren't you? I
don't think we've met. I am Jessy." and she held out her hand.

"Hi Jessy. I'm David." I replied. Then I quickly tossed her undies back
into the dryer and tried to avoid her eyes.

"Don't be so embarassed. I'm glad someone is more interested in my panties
than my husband is. Do you want to see what I'm wearing now?"

"uh huh." I nodded.

She lifed her skirt up and bright blue panties with flowers on them were
displayed. "Now why don't you get down there and see how good they smell
while I am wearing them. Take a good whiff" she said with a smile.

I hesistated for second, not believing this was happening and she continued
"Don't worry, I don't bite." So I got down on my knees, keeping my eyes on
her panties hypnotized by the sight. I brought my nose to the flower that
was just over her pussy lips and inhaled deeply. "Mmmmmm" I let out my
audible approval.

"Glad you like it" she said. Then she reached down to take my hands in
hers, the skirt fell over my head encasing my under her skirt. Then she put
my hands on her butt with a slight swat, giving me a firm grip on her body
and pulling my face deep into her pussy.

"Now dig in young man. I'm sure you want to do more than just take a whiff
of my pussy. Lick me through the panties. Make me nice and wet."

I didn't need anymore encouragement and I pulled her hips towards my face
and started licking her through her panties. It was hot, she started to
moan ever so slightly. After a few mintues she reached down and pulled her
panties off to the side to give me direct access to her wet pussy.

"Now make me come." she said as she put her hands on the back of my head
forcing my face even deeper into her pussy and grinded herself into my
face. "That's right, lick that pussy, lick it good. Find my clit and rub,
rub, rub!"

Didn't take too long for her to started moaning, then tense up and cum. She
stepped off of my face and giggled a bit, smiling.

"You're quite the talent, young David." she said.

"Thanks" I replied looking up at her with my face like a glazed donut.

"Here" she said as she took one of the panties from the dryer and dried off
my face. "That's better. Now what should we do about that." she said
pointing to my raging hard-on in my pants.

"Well, I...." I started.

"Don't get any ideas. I am a married woman." she said with a smile. "It's
one thing for you to service my pussy, considering my husband won't. But he
fucks me often and fucks me good. Although he keeps hoping I will let him
stick that big cock of his up my ass, but no way..... anyway, thats another
story...." she trailed off.

She paused a second and said "I want to see you jerk off for me, would you
do that? Would you do that for your new friend Jessy?"

"Uh, sure." I said.

She handed me the pair of panties I had taken from the dryer earlier and
she added "If you don't mind, I'd like to see you waring these while play
with your cock. I think you'd look hot. Do you mind?" she asked in an
overly sweet, expectant way. Knowing full well I couldn't refuse.

"Uh, no"

As I took of my pants and slipped on her panties, my cock poked out over
the top of the panties. I then took off my shirt and felt incredibly sexy.

"You've done this before, haven't you? Jerked off in panties."

"Uh, yes. A few times."

"I thought so. A panty boy." She smiled a big smile. "What'd you do? Steal
them from your girlfriend?"

"Yes" I counld believe she knew or could tell. It was like she could see
right though me. I started to slowly stroke my cock and we held our
gaze. It was the sense that she saw right into my soul as I played with
myself that really made me hot.

"Well that is awesome. I bet you have a LOT of practice."

"Yeah, I guess I do" I confided.

"Now one last request. Can you play with your pussy while you stroke your


"Just a little role-play since you're in MY panties. Think of that little
cock of yours as a big clit, and you're ass as a warm, wet pussy. I want to
see you finger your 'pussy'. Come on, wet your finger in your mouth
first. Suck on them like you'd suck a cock, then finger fuck your
'pussy'. You can do that for me, can't you?"

I couldn't believe what she was saying. "little cock" how emasculating,
finger my "pussy". What was she thinking!!! But at the same time she was
turning me on like I had never been turned on before. Her eyes still locked
with mine, like she was reading my thoughts. Without realizing it I started
sucking on my fingers and she encouraged me as I went. I sat down in a
chair, spread my legs wide and I pulled the panties to the side. I started
to wet my "pussy" and then started to finger myself.

"I see you've done this before as well." she said matter-of-factly and
continued to smile.

"That's it. You know you wanted to do this as soon as you laid eyes on my
panties." She continued.

I couldn't believe she was saying this, but it was true. I hadn't realized
it before. She kept talking to me, keeping up the role play and driving me

"Oh, you love this. You love waring panties. You love being a girl. I be
you'd like to suck on a real cock, while I have you dressed up in your
panties. I'd love to see a real man's cock on your lips. Man-sized like my
husbands, not a little-bitty thing like that clit of yours. I'd have him
force feed you his cock until you gag. pumping your mouth until he comes
right down your throat!"

That was the final bit to make me explode. I came all over her panties. She
quickly scooped up some of my cum and fed it to me.

"There, taste my husband's come. Lick it all up you cum sucking pig." And
then she laughed.

After a bit she said "Wow. You ARE fun. Aren't you?"

"Well, yes. I guess." I said meekly. Not sure what came over me.

"You seemed to be getting into the role-play. Was that OK for you? I didn't
push you too hard did I?" she asked mockingly, knowing full well I loved

"Yes. I never did that before. It was amazing!"

"Would you like to play like that for real? Like I said, my husband won't
go down on my, nor me on him. We like to find someone who can help us both
out. You get it? Are you interested?"

"Uh, I've never done that before..."

"Well .... have you ever wondered what it'd be like to suck cock? There is
a first time for everything"

"Yeah..." I said, still not definative.

"So, swing by later tonight. We'll have a few drinks and see what happens."
With that she picked up her laundry, put it into her bin and turned to
leave. She paused for a second with her back to me.

"We're in apartment 4B. And please make sure you're waring these when you
come over." she said, and she threw a pair of bright pink panties over her
shoulder at me and strutted back up the stairs not looking back.

She knew I'd be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world.


Re: Once Upon a Laundry - stratus76

This is a very arousing story! Reminded me of my ex that used to dominate me.!

Re: Once Upon a Laundry - stacysubcd

would love to hear the rest

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