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by nesrina_80



Andy Kelly and his wife, Karen were sitting around the breakfast
table, finishing up a leisurely breakfast. It was an early spring
Saturday morning, and neither had to go to work at the local
university. Andy was an administrator and Karen taught psychology.
Andy was saying, "I just can't seem to make friends at work. They
are all teachers with unique interests."

Karen replied, "Teachers are like that. I guess it's because we
get three months off during the summer. That's what we live for.
You'll see."

It was Andy's first year since graduating with his MBA. He'd never
had a job that had summers off, but it was a perk of working at a
university. Andy missed the companionship he had at college and
the common goal the students shared.

Karen had one closed friend, Cristy, who just walked through the
door about this time. she and her husband, Michael Dillon, use to
live in the same apartment complex, but now lived in a house a few
blocks away.

Although Cristy and Karen were close, Michael never let Andy
become more involved in his life than "couples" nights and
birthday parties. Andy had invited him over to watch sports but
Michael was always "busy."

When Karen and Cristy started their girl-talk, Andy tuned out.

Cristy was an patent attorney and worked long hours, but she had
made it a practice of dropping in on Saturday and Sunday mornings
for a cup of coffee and gossip.

Oddly enough, Karen never just dropped over to Cristy's house.
Michael was a computer programmer who worked at home. Cristy
apologized, "Michael works such odd hours, he might be sleeping.
Please call first."

Having a girlfriend over always made Karen happy. They'd chatter
away, be busybodies, and babble about work. For Cristy to escape
the pressures of a law career and just be one of the girls was

Later, the day was interrupted by a sharp rapping at the door.
Normally the postman would merely pushed the mail through the mail
slot, but Andy opened the door and greeted the postman with a
smile, then signed for a rectangular package. Noting the return
address that said, "Lingerie of the Month Club", Andy laughed,
"Karen's blowing our savings again,"

I'm only the messenger," the postman smiled, "My job is to give it
to the addressee!" Nothing was out of order, Karen liked to order
things through mail order.

Not giving it a second glance his sat it down in the foyer and
went back to his morning paper.

Later he heard his wife yell, "WHAT'S THIS?"

He looked up and saw her coming in with the box. she inquired,
"It's addressed to you."

"But you must have ordered something."

"No," his wife replied. "Oh, I see. It's some kind of mistake.
It's addressed to 'Miss Andy Kelly'."

Opening the box she found a letter, a most sexy pair of panties,
and two pairs of "promo" pantyhose. The panties were very silky
and a lovely shade of white.

Reading the letter, Karen laughed, "The letter welcomes you to the
club. It's some kind of advertising thing where they give you
lingerie each month and hope you start buying their brand. Too bad
they aren't my size."

Barely looking up from his paper, Andy said, "That's too bad."

Hating that he was ignoring her, she said, "I bet they fit you!
Why don't you wear them?"

Andy replied with some indignation, "Write to them and get me off
that list. There's not much chance I am about to take up wearing

"These are very nice ones," his wife said, knowing that she was
getting to him. "Very, very soft. Have you ever worn panties
before? Lot's of men love them."

"Save your head shrinking for someone else."

"Scared, eh?" she said, adding, "Scared of a little girl's pair of
panties. I know they will fit you."

Although Andy was only 24, he was slight in build, nearly the same
size and weight as his wife. He was so slender, Karen could wear
his shirts and shoes when slumming around the house.

His wife continued, "Dare ya' to see if they fit." With a twinkle
in her eyes, she added, "Com'on. Try them on or I'll tell everyone
about you getting on this list."

Andy just shook his head and they headed toward their bedroom.
Dropping his shorts, his wife held the panties out and Andy
stepped into them. He held his wife's shoulder and pointed his
toes and foot demurely while getting into the sexy panties. Karen
slowly pulled the snow white silky nylon panties up his legs and
thighs and over his hips to his waist.

Andy was blushing a deep red. Karen said, "Turn around." Andy
gladly turned because the silky nylon was beginning to get to him.
"You have wide hips for a man and a very narrow waist. They
actually fit you better than your shorts."

Like a second skin, Andy ran his hands over his buttocks and Karen
noticed, "Oh, how unladylike...let me take care of that!"

The soft panties and the excitement of being naughty made this one
of the most exciting love sessions they'd ever had.

"WOW," Karen moaned, "Who would believe that a little lace could
be so exciting!" The two fell asleep for an hour, Andy still
wearing his new panties.

When he woke up, Karen asked, 'Was that as exciting for you as it
was for me?"

Andy nodded.

"Let's try something, for fun. Walk over there."

Andy walked briskly across the room and turned.

"Slower, my dear, with more hips."

Andy laughed then walked across again with his hips swaying. He
felt the nylon material move softly against his bottom.

"They feel nice don't they," she asked her blushing husband. "Most
men like the feel of panties."

Andy, although trying to appear opposed to the game, stopped in
front of the mirror and was amazed at how well they fit over his
fleshy hips.

"Let's try the pantyhose too!" Karen showed him how to roll each
pantyhose leg until he was able to insert his toes, then gently
roll the garment up the length of his legs, over his pantied hips
and his narrow waist. Karen declared, "A perfect fit...except for
a small bulge!"

He complained, "They're tight! They don't leave any room in the
crotch for my private parts." Looking in the mirror, he was
embarrassed by how shapely and feminine his legs looked in nylons
but he enjoyed the odd but secure feeling. He had never noticed
how his small waist flared into rotund hips. It must have been
caused by the snug wide waist band of the pantyhose.

Looking at his back side in the three way mirror, he was startled
by how feminine his nyloned bottom looked. Karen just watched,
analyzing her husband's actions.

Not anxious to show his wife his bewilderment, he said, n guess
clothes do make the man."

"And the woman. Let me show you something," she said and started
dressing. Clad only in bra, a pair of panties and pantyhose
similar to those Andy was now wearing, she came over and stood
next to him in the mirror. Standing so that they could compare
figures, Andy had to admit his was not very masculine.

Karen called Andy's attention to the perfect fit of the pantyhose
and the way his hips looked. Then she remarked to his surprise,
'Set's see how much we can make you look like me? Hand me another
bra from the top drawer-the same as the one I have on."

Not realizing what his wife had in mind, she placed herself behind
Andy and quickly slipped the bra over his arms and fastened it in
back. she then stuffed a pair of rolled stockings into each cup to
provide the fullness he lacked.

The bra was white nylon, liberally edged with lace. They stood
together before the full-length mirror to admire and enjoy the
intriguing experience of seeing each other in nearly identical
female attire.

"Let's not stop now," Karen said, giving her husband a yellow
linen dress to wear, but not before a white, full slip was pulled
over his head. The dress fit him perfectly, and reach to just
above his knees. His outfit was completed by a pair of matching
yellow straw sandals with built-up cork heels, two and a half
inches high.

Picking out a similar dress in blue, with blue pumps, the two
stood before the three way mirror again. "Aw, I see what we need."
Karen applied a touch of lipstick to not only her own lips, but
also to those of her husband.

"You look like a girl!" Karen exclaimed.

"Don't tease me. I feel so odd."

"No, I'm serious," she said pointing out his image in the mirror.
"You could be a girl. Walk around a bit."

Very conscious of the soft feminine clothes in which he was now so
completely attired, Andy had some difficulty mastering the
unfamiliar high heels. After a little practice, soon became
accustomed to the added height.

He didn't want to go any further with this, but when his wife
suggested he change into another "just perfect" dress, he simply
went along.

They went down to their family room where one of the walls was all
mirror. They compared legs, figures and teaching Andy how a woman
would walk. The two were so absorbed in their play that they did
not hear the back door open. They were not aware of Cristy's
presence until she was actually in the room.

Seeing what appeared to be two women, one of whom did not appear
familiar, she gasped, "Oh, you have company!"

The shock on the unfamiliar face made her take a second look,
recognizing that the second "woman" was actually Karen's husband.
Andy and his wife were literally frozen with surprise. At the same
time a myriad of thoughts raced through Andy's mind, all
associated with exposure and disgrace before not only Cristy's
husband, but everyone they knew.

Recognizing his embarrassment, Cristy quickly moved to Andy's
side. Taking his shaking hands, she asked, "What are you two

Andy couldn't speak. Karen just stammered, "Fooling around."

Cristy checked out the crimson faced Andy and announced, "You look
pretty good...but your hair!"

"I was going to try to do something with that next," Karen

"I'm very good with hair," Cristy said pushing Andy down in a
chair. "Do you have any spray?" With an almost domineering
bearing, Cristy began to carefully brush out his curly long locks.

She continued with brush and comb, back combing here, spraying
there, then began inserting bobby pins throughout the style that
strategically held the sides of Andy's hair up!

A final application of hair spray and she stepped away and asked
Karen, "What do you think? Too much for day?"

The feathery ends framed Andy's face in a soft way, while the
curls gave it a tousled but most feminine look. "No, I think it's
fine," Karen said, staring at her femininized husband in the

"I wish I'd been a beautician and not a lawyer," Cristy said,
unable to leave Andy's hair alone. "Ideally, it should be a little
longer for the modern styles. Like Michael's. Can I call him?"

Karen recognized the fear that had overcome Andy and decided that
enough was enough. She spoke rather sharply to her friend, "What
Andy and I do in our house is only our business..."

Cristy interrupted, "Guys, I wasn't asking Michael over here to
laugh at Andy. I wanted him to come over and see how pretty he
looks. I do his hair all the time at home. That's why he's never
wanted you to just drop by."

"You do his hair up like this?" Andy finally spoke.

"All the time! He likes it and I like doing it."

Andy and his wife sat completely confused.

Cristy continued, "As you know, Michael works at home. About two
years ago, on coming home from the office unexpectedly early, I
found my husband in one of my dresses working at his computer. I
was shocked, but he was more upset, and we both ended up in tears.
You being almost a psychologist know about this stuff, right?"

Karen nodded professionally.

"I should have suspected something, but it had been his practice
since he worked at home to do the laundry and straighten up the
house. After handling my clothes, including my lingerie, he
developed a curiosity as to how it felt to put on women's clothes.
By the time I discovered him, he had been dressing every day at
home for two years. Every day from the time I left to shortly
before my scheduled return." "He wears a dress every day?" Andy

"He says it helps him relax. He was so afraid I would not
understand, and could not face my disapproval, that I had to feel
sorry for him. Sometimes I do his hair before I go to work."

Karen said, "No wonder you never invite us over."

Cristy nodded, "Sorry, but anyone finding out would be a traumatic
experience for both of us. Amazing though, having no secrets has
made our love deeper than before.

Andy started to tell Cristy that this was a "one time" experience,
but Karen motioned for him to stop.

"Men can love clothes for their softness, color and general
silkiness too," Cristy said in thought, adding, "Michael has
accumulated quite a wardrobe. I wanted him to have his own things.
Do you have many dresses?" she asked Andy assuming that he had the
same love for feminine clothes as Michael.

Karen interrupted Andy realizing the extent of the confession and
the mistake that Andy was a peer of Michael's and that they might
even be able to enjoy their dressing together.

Cristy asked, "So please, let me call Michael. He's all alone at
home, wearing a his new rose colored dress. It has a deep-V
neckline and a flaring miniskirt with matching sandals. You'd love

Andy and his wife were so stunned by this revelation, that they
didn't say a word, which Cristy took as their consent and made the

"He's scared to death to leave the house but he can leave through
the garage." Cristy said, coming back from the phone. "Andy, I had
to tell him about you."

Andy almost asked, "Tell him about WHAT?" but realized that this
was a ticklish situation and he left the psychology up to his

Fifteen minutes later, there was a bashful knock at the back door.
Cristy ran to answer it. In came a beautiful young woman. They
looked again and recognized Michael and Michael spotted Andy.
They stared at each other like two bull dogs. Michael's eyes were
starting to fill with tears of joy.

"Hey! No tears! You'll make your mascara run," Cristy said.
Michael opened his purse and patted at his eyes with a clean
tissue. "Sorry," he said, "I've just felt so alone."

He was attired in a rose colored dress which fell in floating
folds to way above his knees, sheer stockings and matching open-
toed, sling back, high heel shoes. The most striking feature,
apart from his beautifully made-up face, was his hair. Longer than
it ever appeared as a male, it was curled and swept back from his
forehead, reaching over his shoulders to the middle of his slim

The Kelly's realized that they had never seen Michael's hair in
any way but pulled back into a stylish ponytail.

The years of dressing in women's clothes everyday had performed
their function well. Michael made a sensationally beautiful young
woman. All indications pointed to this being a female, although
Andy and his wife knew that this was actually Michael Dillon.

Michael could only stare at the femininely clad Andy, and in a
soft voice, ask, "So how'd this happen?"

Everyone started to talk at once, which only added to the
confusion. Karen took charge and announced, "After all that had
occurred today, let's not got into history right now. Let's just
enjoy the honesty among us." Spoken like a true shrink.

The two femininely dressed husbands sat staring in wonder at each
other. Michael walked over and gently checked Andy's hair and
said, "Andy, we can be friends now. Sorry about all the
sneakiness. Inevitably, you would have found me fully dressed as a
girl if you dropped over."

"I understand," Andy said honestly, still looking for some sign of
maleness. "You shave your legs?"

"You should too, if Karen will let you."

Karen said truthfully, "He can, if he wants! I've never stopped

Michael continued, "You can drop over anytime now! How about
dinner tonight."

Andy looked at his wife and he nodded.

"Please come right after it's dark and pull around back. I can't
wait to show you my extensive wardrobe!"

Andy looked again at his friend's dress with its stunning bosom,
enchanting make-up and girlish hairdo. Taking another look at
Michael's shapely, silky smooth legs perched in high heels, Andy
asked, "Do you go out dressed like this?"

"No, only around the house. This was my first time out of the
house. I'm sacred of getting caught."

"You make a convincing girl," Andy said. "It must have taken a lot
of determination. I think you could go anywhere!"

Michael smiled sweetly. "Thank you. I do try. About tonight...wear
either a cocktail dress or an evening gown. I'm dying to dress up
formally and this will provide the opportunity."

Andy's wife again motioned to him to remain silent and said,
"We'll be there!"

There was no way Andy was going out dressed like this-and not for
a guy he may not even want as a friend now.

"OH! I have an idea!" suggested Michael. "If we are going to dress
as girls, shouldn't we have feminine names? Think about it!"

After Michael and his wife left, Andy exclaimed, "What a nut! Are
you going to look into getting him committed?"

"Look in the mirror and see who's talking."

"But I'm not hanging around the house everyday in panties and

"Oh," Karen exclaimed, "We better get ready for the party."

"Whoa," Andy said laughingly. "WE? I'm not wearing any kind of a
dress out of this house."

"Remember my doctorate thesis problem? I know what I want to do it
on now. you have to help me with this."

Andy could tell when his wife was serious. No need to beg, he knew
he'd go along.

She jumped right in, "We have many things to do to get ready.
Since you are way overdue for a haircut, I can use that to our
advantage. Go upstairs and shampoo your hair thoroughly using my
fragrant shampoo."

"Are you suggesting that we fool Michael into thinking I like
dressing up too?"

"NO, but we had fun today, right? I'm just suggesting that we
continue the fun a bit longer," she said. "Now don't shower yet; I
want to show you how to shave off all the fuzz on your legs. It's
really noticeable and the removal will make your legs look even
better under the sheer hose you'll be wearing."

She was a focused woman with a purpose. "OK," Andy said wondering
how this happened so fast. "Michael really looked like a girl,
didn't he?"

"And you are going to see how much work it takes," she muttered,
making mental lists. "We're going to set your hair, I need some
inserts for your bra. Bet Michael's got those mastectomy sacs
filled with silicone? Did you see how real his bust looked?"

Andy sped upstairs, shed his dress, and took another long look at
himself in the mirror. Still attired in his exotic lingerie, he
proceeded to vigorously shampoo his longish hair in the sink.
Following his-wife's instructions, after the rinse he barely
touched his hair with the towel. It was left just wet enough to
keep it from dripping, so rollers could be used to get the maximum
set. "Is ALL this really necessary?" he asked.

"Only if you don't want to look like a man." Under his wife's
skillful handling, his head was soon a mass of rollers and pins.
After spraying his hair with setting lotion, he was told to sit
under a dryer.

Before leaving, Karen turned to her husband who was now wearing
one of her robes over his lingerie. She commented, "If you want to
stop now and go no further, I'll call them and cancel."

"Naw, I'll go along. It's sort of fun."

His wife smiled, fit sure is! I'm thinking of doing a thesis on
Michael and how dressing affected his life and friendships. Just
call me Dr. Kelly!"

When Karen came back, she removed the stocking in Andy's bra and
replaced them with two balloons filled with water which gave a
lifelike movement to his bosom.

The next thing on Karen's plan was a perfumed bath during which
Karen shaved off all of the light fuzz so his legs were satin
smooth. "Good thing you aren't hairy!" Andy didn't have any hair
on his chest. He only had a very light beard which needed shaving
once a week.

Next was the application of a pale pink polish to both his
fingernails and toenails. Andy asked, Michael does this too?"

"And more!" Karen laughed. "To look as lovely as he did doesn't
come easy."

His hair was released from the rollers and combed out once it was
dried. "I can do hair too!" Karen stated proudly!

It fell into soft waves which reminded her of when she was a young
girl and got girlishly excited when a new style came out

She created soft bangs which brushed Andy's eyebrows while the
rest of the hair was back-combed with a rattail comb to give it
incredible volume. Hair spray floated around Andy's face as Karen
set the final style. "Eat your heart out, Michael," Karen said
fluffing her husband's full curls femininely, tickling his ears
and cheeks.

It was approaching time to leave and after a careful review, it
was decided the Andy would wear a short black, lace cocktail

Andy started to put on his previously worn white panties and
nylons when Karen stopped him. "It's a formal evening."

Karen helped him into his first girdle, a black net waist-high
garter belt with a black satin front panel and three garters
straps to attach sheer black nylons.

A black satin brassiere was filled with his newly acquired liquid
filled inserts. Strangely enough, Andy was having the same
exciting sensations as when he first stood before the mirror to
watch each stage of dressing in his wife s beautiful clothes.

"I could never be as feminine as Michael," Andy stated, thinking
about how odd it would be to wear a dress with a daring neckline.
His buttocks appeared much more feminine since wearing the high
waisted girdle that pulled in his waist several inches.

After a matching half slip, Andy was ready for the exciting black
lace cocktail dress that his wife settled over his head. It fell
to just below his knees, just showing an ample expanse of his
smooth nylon-clad legs.

Next came his make-up. Just a touch of pink on his already glowing
cheeks, pink lipstick, and a delicate touch of blue eye shadow
completed his toilet. He was then allowed another glance in the
mirror. He found it hard to believe that the beautiful girl that
looked back at him was indeed himself.

"Well?" his wife asked.

"Honey," Andy gasped. "It's funny but I can't wait to show myself
off to Michael. You'd better hurry!"

With typical male impatience, he waited for his wife to complete
her dressing. She wore a conservative black evening gown with a
minimum of jewelry, so she would not steal the show from her now
glamorous mate.

When they were all finished, the two stood before the mirror
together and compared legs and figures. "It's uncomfortable," Andy
whined, "but the girdle makes a difference, doesn't it?"

At the last minute, Karen put her grandmother's dainty gold watch
on his arm and a string of real pearls around his neck and
matching earrings on his ears.

Finally they left. Andy ducked down in the car in case anyone was
watching. He stayed low until they reached their destination, for
fear he would be seen and recognized by a neighbor. He took a deep
breath as they finally pulled around the side of the Dillon's

His fears were actually groundless for no one would have
recognized that he was this attractive young lady, who appeared,
even to his wife, so completely feminine.

"Keep your legs together," she coached. "You look good but you
have a long way to go to be as feminine as Michael."

After all his experience in dresses, Michael made such a stunning
beauty that if he ever did go out, he would have many eyes lusting
after his feminine beauty.

Michael was eagerly awaiting them and had the door open even
before they could ring the door bell. It was difficult to believe
that this lovely creature was indeed a male. He was actually more
beautiful than most girls in town and perhaps even more attractive
than his wife who was a "looker".

Andy's heart was pounding, but the glowing happiness reflected on
Michael's face made him relax.

Michael was wearing a short cocktail dress in a deep red that set
off his blonde beauty. He wore his hair piled on top of his head
in a most effective manner, while around his neck he had a
rhinestone choker, with matching earrings for pierced ears. He
handled his silver pumps with four-inch heels with grace that
showed long practice.

Karen could tell that Michael was obviously far advanced in this
'girl thing'.

Once they divested themselves of their wraps, they settled down to
discuss the changes that had so dramatically taken place in their
lives. Cristy said, "Show Andy your collection, Michael."

Michael led Andy upstairs to show him his wardrobe of feminine
clothes. There was a lavish array of both morning and afternoon
dresses, cocktail dresses, and several evening gowns, as well as
house robes and negligees. There were even some pant suits and
ladies slacks. In addition, there were drawers of slips, bras,
panties, girdles, even garter belts, and stockings.

"I can't seem to get enough," Michael explained. Thank goodness
Cristy has a client who owns a chain of dress stores so she gets
an big discount."

Andy fingered through the dresses, slips, skirts, blouses and
endless spectrum of girl's shoes. There were very few boy's
clothes in his closet. His jaw dropped when he saw two very
feminine nightgowns on the bed, obviously laid out for that night.

"All those yours too?" Andy asked. The vanity was covered with
make-up of all kinds; perfumes and hair care products like combs,
brushes, curlers, hair spray, and bobby pins.

"Some are Cristy's, but I like the more girlish stuff." He opened
a drawer overflowing with silky lacy panties, brassieres, nylons,
garter belts, and pantyhose. "The more frilly, the better. They
make me feel... but you know that!"

Andy nodded.

Michael gushed, "Don't you just love wearing girl's lingerie? I
nearly swooned while driving home from your house today."

Michael suddenly complained, "What good are all these beautiful
clothes if I can only wear them around the house? Cristy forbids
me to go out in public dressed in anything but my male clothes,
although she does admit that I could probably pass without
difficulty. Do you think I make a convincing girl?"

Michael posed, standing with his heels together, his long blonde
curls swinging about his shoulders, setting off his sparkling dark
mascaraed eyes.

"You've really tried, haven't you?" Andy then recounted the
conversation he had with his wife that afternoon. "Karen thinks
you could go anywhere as a girl. I wouldn't even want to try

"Just work on your vocal range. It takes time to develop a
feminine comportment," Michael said, quite excited to learn of
this discussion. "My wife and yours are already good friends. I
know Cristy thinks highly of Karen's judgment. Maybe she'll
convince Cristy to let me try."

I am going to work on that idea. can you imagine us going out in
public together as girls?"

"US!" Andy moaned, "you maybe, but me never!"

"You'll get it, you just need to spend more time in skirts."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Andy moaned softly. When they
returned to the living room, dinner was ready. Karen asked about
Michael's ears. "I never noticed before that your ears were

Michael laughed, "The secret is in a tube of flesh colored make-
up. I merely fill in the small holes with this ointment. It stays
in place until I again want to insert my earrings. Andy, you could
do the same thing. The screw-on earrings hurt."

Andy agreed, but only because everything was beginning to hurt.
The girdle was so constricting, he probably wouldn't eat. His high
heels were killing his feet. Everything was uncomfortable, but
there was a "familiarity" that scared him. It was like making
friends with Satan. Would he ever be the same?

Following an enjoyable dinner accompanied by lively and
interesting conversation, the dishes were cleared by the feminine
husbands. After cleaning, they all settled down in the living room
for coffee and a liqueur.

Cristy asked Andy, "Have you decided on a feminine name to use
when you are dressed? Andy is actually unisex, but maybe you'd
like something more female?"

Andy replied, "How about Andrea? A feminized version of my own

Karen laughed, "Yeah, we are feminizing you AND your name!"

They all laughed. Andy turned to Michael and asked, "Michael is
uni-sex too, how about a sexy girl's name for you?

Michael said, "I've often wanted to take a girl's name I hate
being called Michael when dressed as a girl, but was hesitant to
make the suggestion for fear of incurring Cristy's displeasure."
Cristy nodded her consent.

"If that's no longer a problem, I want to be called Michelle," he
said. "That's Cristy's grandmother's name!"

"Oh, that's so sweet," Cristy said giving her husband a kiss.
"Every time I call you Michelle, I'll think of my grandmother. She
was so wonderful to me. It was obvious that Cristy was pleased
with her husband's choice.

The two young men were committed to the names Andrea and Michelle
which the wives immediately put to use. Karen joked, "I hope I
don't forget and call you Andrea at work!"

Cristy said, "I'll get you a name tag that says, 'My name is

It was late, Andy and his wife put on their wraps and, after
bidding an affectionate good night to "Michelle" and Cristy,
returned home.

All of Andy's nervousness had left him, and he drove with
assurance by his wife's side. Along the way, they passed a
neighbor who bid Karen a good evening with only a casual glance at
Andy, obviously without recognition.

"Wow, they didn't recognize me!" Andy whispered.

"It's dark, my dear. you still have a lot to learn," Karen said.
"This is unquestionably what I'm going to do my doctorate on!
Cristy asked us over again. Are you willing to play along for a

"Why not," he said, "I admit, it's fun!"

Karen joked, "I'll teach you everything you need to know! Before
you know it, you'll be behaving like a well-groomed young lady."

"What if I become like Michael?"

"So?" Karen said.

Andy shivered in the cool air, but felt he had exceeded her
expectations for a first "experimental" outing.

Andy was thrilled that Karen was convincing Cristy to let Michael
venture out in public. The idea of Michael in public being treated
like a woman was suddenly thrilling. Then Andy's mind turned to
whether he could ever appear in public without fear. That was
something he could hardly imagine now.

Before retiring, they sat around and talked. Karen said, "I have
to admit, I find Michael's ability to be feminine exciting, don't

Andy nodded, it was no use to lie to his wife. "I just can't
believe how girlish he is. He could even get a job as a woman if
Cristy would let him out of the house."

"Maybe that's what she's afraid of. I bet you could pass, given
some training. How far would you like to take this dressing up?"

Andy thought a minute, "I don't know... it's all so new and
exciting. I just don't want you to think less of me if I want to
wear a dress more than pants."

"You've been a wonderful husband for so long, I don't see why we
can't pursue making you my girlfriend for a while. I want you to
take this seriously. Let's try to make you as feminine as we can?"

"Really? Like Michael?"

"Really, Andrea!" Karen giggled. "Maybe even more so! I'm going to
treat you like a woman and I'm going to expect you to learn to
respond as one, okay?"

In the bed room, she had Andy take off his clothes and she handed
him a new night gown and peignoir.

Andy shed his clothes. After carefully hanging up the dress and
slipping the beautiful and exciting night gown over his head, he
put on the robe and rejoined his wife on the bed.

"Andrea? I like the sound of that," Karen began. "The name suits
you." Andy blushed, feeling vulnerable in the girlish garment. She
continued, "It'll be a kick encouraging your feminine side and
planning a complete wardrobe. However, I think you should sleep on
it. We can start slow; I don't want to spend all that money and
suddenly you decide you hate being a woman."

"So far I love it," Andy said shyly, still feeling guilty at
admitting to the pleasure. His mind kept going to Michael and his
girlish wardrobe.

"Hey!" Karen announced, "Why don't you live mostly as a woman? You
can go to work as a man, but at night be a woman. Weekends you can
be all woman. You'd learn so much, so quickly with a minimum of
mixing roles.

"Being a woman 100% at home would be okay with you?" Andy asked.

"It would be precious," his wife clarified, "I want you to catch
up with Michael. If you agree, when home are you to wear no male
clothes or act like a man. you would wear only feminine garments:
dresses, bras, panties, nylons, high heels, etc. I bet that by the
end of a couple weeks you'd be ready to go out in public."

Andy was visibly shaken by the prospect. The idea of being caught,
with it's inevitable ridicule and humiliation, was enough to
discourage him. But Karen went on to explain how psychologically
this was really the only way to make sure he would transcend his
male personality.

"I better think about it, okay?" he asked his wife. "I find it
exciting to imagine Michael out shopping for a new dress. But me
out wearing a dress! Whew?"

"We'll see how well you do here first, then worry about the public
adventures. We don't have many close friends, but we'll have to
figure out how to handle them. During the summer break and the
vacation we were planning you could be completely Andrea!"

The notion about bowed Andy over. Karen said, "If you work hard,
when we leave you will be so accustomed to being a girl that
you'll feel odd in pants."

Andy readily agreed to all his wife's suggestions. After chatting
about clothes, he said, "Poor Michael. Too bad Cristy is not like
you! He'd love to get out too."

"I would hate to interfere," she said, "but I'll tell her what we
are planning when she comes over tomorrow. Maybe she'll loosen

Andy gave her a big hug and said, "You're the greatest!"

Andy hardly expected to sleep after such an exciting day. The
tension added to a delightful lovemaking session, saying nothing
of the thrill of being called "Andrea" by Karen

He thought about Michael and the peach-colored nightgowns laid on
his bed. He tried to picture Michael and Cristy in them, preparing
for bed. Does Michael curl his hair each night? Cream off his
make-up? Sit to go to the bathroom? A million questions raced
through Andy's mind.

Andy fell asleep immediately and knew nothing more until his wife
shook him awake in the morning. At first he was confused by the
silky sensation of his nightgown and the restraint of its straps.

"Andrea?" his wife said softly, "are you ready to begin?"

It was like waking up from a drunken binge. It took him a minute
to remember what he'd agreed to the night before. "Oh yeah," he
yawned, "are we going to start this today?"

Karen suggested he put on his matching peignoir, a little lipstick
and Join Cristy and her for coffee.

"She's here already?"

"She wanted to talk to me. Come down and let's break the news to

Andy was surprised that Michael had not accompanied his wife.
After a cup of coffee Karen casually announced, "Andy's going to
start living as a woman around the house like Michael." He quickly
got the impression that Cristy wanted to discuss matters
intimately with Karen.

"Why don't you get dressed, dear," Karen said. "Wear my crepe
skirt and hounds-tooth checked sweater. They'll look nice on you."

Andy showered and busied himself in the bedroom. The sensation he
was doing something wrong pervaded his thoughts as he showered and
carefully picked out panties and bra. He thought, "Could I ever
get used to this?"

Aware of the exciting, but unaccustomed garments, made it
difficult for him to concentrate on picking out a slip, putting on
nylons, and getting dressed. What if Cristy convinced Karen that
this was crazy? After all, it was!

He hurriedly slipped into his skirt and sweater. He was terribly
curious what the two women were discussing. He needed Karen's help
with his make-up and hair but added a fresh coat of lipstick and
pulled his long hair into a high ponytail. Then he sped to the
kitchen to learn what had transpired.

As expected, Michael had admitted to Cristy his desire to appear
in public dressed as a girl. Karen again expressed her thoughts on
the harmful effects of too much secrecy. She said, "If we make
them look nice and they learn to behave like women, I don't see
why they shouldn't go out in public too?"

Cristy agreed, "I agree that there's nothing to hide if they
behave themselves and learn to act like ladies. But they both have
a long way to go to dupe the public. What about men? Michael has
no idea how to handle men."

They discussed Karen's plan to feminize Andy. Karen said, "I think
it is no different that when we were growing up as girls. We
learned as we went. Andy would never learn enough if he only
dressed up a couple times a month."

Karen mentioned our plans for a summer vacation, and suggested the
possibility of "Michelle" coming along. Cristy asked Karen,
"Michael would want to give up being a male for a while, but I
would miss having a husband."

Karen suggested, "If you love him, let him decide. They know how
to be men, let's teach them to be women for a while?"

Cristy decided to tell Michael of the vacation offer and leave the
decision up to him. The more the two girls talked about it, the
more ideas Cristy had to make it work. she said, "Can you imagine
our husbands in little bikini's at the swimming pool? That would
be such a kick!"

On Monday, Andy abruptly returned to his male clothes. He was
completely preoccupied with Michael and his interest in women's
things. Michael was such a slob as a man. Wrinkled shirt, jeans,
tennis shoes and unkempt hair were his usual attire. But when
Pressing his femininity, everything was neat and well-groomed; he
had acquired habits that girls' possess as they care for their

Andy dropped by to see Michael on the way home. Calling first, he
was let in the back door. Michael had a crimson bow in his
perfectly coiffured hair and a neatly pressed cotton dress and low

"Did you hear?" Andy asked.

"About you? Yeah! Cristy thinks Karen is right. Even I need some
training if I expect to move about society as a woman."

Andy followed Michael to the kitchen. Michael put on a white apron
and continued to fix dinner. He looked like any housewife as he
cut and diced vegetables for a stew. There was a charm as Michael
surveyed his dinner with nurturing satisfaction. There were fresh
flowers and Andy realized that these were Michael's girlish

"I'll never be as feminine as you," Andy commented, admiring his
buddy float comfortably about the kitchen like any young woman.

"Your wife is right, you just need to be immersed in girl's things
for a while and it will come to you."

That night after work, he found himself in a jersey knit dress.
After a quick make-up, he helped his wife with dinner and setting
the table. Little feminine chores made him forget about himself
and fall easily into a self-composed feminine spirit.

Karen set up a schedule for Andy and Michael. She started keeping
a notebook and recruited Cristy to "teach" classes to the boys two
nights a week.

Friday nights were beauty nights. There were nails to do and hair
to curl in anticipation of the weekend. They were more like a two
girl pajama party or if Michael and Cristy came over, a four girl

Andy was learning quickly how to use cosmetics correctly. Gone
were his early attempts with the purples and garish oranges. Andy
knew how to highlight his best features with just the right amount
of a light touch to look naturally feminine.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there were formal classes. The two
girls taught their husbands the secrets of being a female. Karen
concentrated on psychologically training them, knowing if they
could subconsciously react, they would respond correctly.

There was a session on lady's rooms. While Michael had been
sitting to pee for some time, it was new to Andy. He was shown how
to handle a full skirt, his nylons and panties and what to do with
his purse. Karen told him, "From now on you squat! Yes, even at

It was during these early sessions together that both young men
with the help of their wives, picked out their bust sizes. Karen
insisted, "You can't be flat-chested one day and busty the next.
Once we determine what size looks best, you'll have to live with
it. OK?"

Andy chose to be a full "B" cup while Michael chose a "C",
stating, "I have to keep up with my wife!" Cristy was rather full
busted. Now, so was her husband. Except for Andy at work, both
guys wore their bras and pads continually, even to bed. Getting
use to a bosom was not easy, but both were determined. Andy even
began to feel funny at work without them.

The focus in these sessions was to make the guys think like girls.
As Cristy told the two husbands, "As women you are expected to
like men. An important part of being a woman is your sex appeal.
You will have to learn that when you flirt with a man, you should
keep in mind two things-first his attractiveness and second your

Michael asked his wife, "You want me to find men attractive?"

"I want you to think like a woman. Women make men feel desired and
admire manly traits. I'm not talking being blatant, but in a
social situation it's there."

Karen added, "Okay, let's start with the basics. Men have a penis.
For our intents here, you do not. That makes all those delicately
rosy, silky-satin, somewhat innocent, always vulnerable penis' a
source for you to feel desirable and feminine."

Andy was blushing and Michael moistened his lips, having never
thought about men as a source of feeling feminine.

Karen said, "Penis envy! That's what we are trying to instill in
your personality. When there's a penis in the room with you, you
pay attention to it. As women, do you want one? Gawd NO! Just
admire him for having one."

Cristy added, "You have breasts, hips, legs, lips and a bottom.
All they have is one little thing and you are expected to be in
awe. Penis Adoration!"

With that, Karen pulled from of a bag four life-like fully erect
replicas in different sizes. "Tonight, we are going to develop a
little penis envy!" Handing out the simulations, she said, "Aren't
these wonderful!"

Both husbands were blushing and held the male likeness's in their
dainty polished fingers like they were hot. Karen said, "Relax,
you are girls now. you are holding something you don't possess, so
appreciate it. Touch it, pat and caress it as you would a kitty-
cat." Karen and Cristy's fingers showed the boys how to handle one
like a woman.

Cristy said, "Repeat after me, 'Ohhh! how adorable! And so big!'"
Embarrassed doing this in front of their wives, the boys
reluctantly followed along but began to giggle.

"Now Michelle," Karen instructed, watch Cristy. Take a firm hold
of the base and using only your lips-teeth behind your lips-open
your mouth in a big 'O' and take only the head in your mouth like

Michael said, "This is stupid!"

"Oh, miss," Karen stated, "You are too old to be a virgin. Maybe
you've got a better way to REALLY understand how women feel?"

Michael watched his wife lolly-popping the scepter and felt
humiliated. "Michelle," Karen said, "Don't you see how getting use
to this will make you feel?"

Michael closed his eyes and took the tip in his lips. "Karen said,
"Andy are you going to join us? Flick your tongue around the head
and move it down slowly, putting more and more down your throat."

Michael started to gag. "Come up for air if you gag," Karen
instructed, but go back down again. Cover those ruby lips firmly
over your teeth, Andy."

After a lot of tongue flicking and ups and downs, Karen announced,
"Congratulations, with ten minutes of practice every day, you will
have it down in a couple weeks!"

Andy's lips felt chapped and sore. "Every day?" he complained.

"In front of the mirror," Karen added.

Karen was merciless in her psychological objective. She told
Cristy, "Michael and Andy are going to feel like women, not just
dreams like them."

There was a lot of role playing. Questions like, "When did you
start your period?" were answered by the husbands.

They would read romance novel passages aloud like they were the
heroine and were asked questions about how they felt.

Some sessions were delightfully fun, filled with giggles, others
filled with near breakdowns and tears.

It was during this time that Andy discovered something most
shocking. Dropping over unannounced after work one night, Cristy
answered the door. She usually wasn't home that early.

"Is the lady of the house in?" Andy said, snorting with laughter.
"Oops, I mean the other lady!"

Michael's wife smiled and said, "He's in the bathtub. Go on in."

Andy never use to take baths but had started. It was much easier
to shave his legs in a tub. Besides, it could save a hair-do too!

"Boy, you must be pretty dirty," Andy said walking into the large
fragrant bathroom.

Michael jumped and grabbed at some bubbles.

"Hey?" Andy said. "It's just me! Cristy sent me in!"

Andy stopped suddenly and stared at Michael. It was really
strange. He had breasts! Not really big ones, but he had them.

"When did you get those?" Andy said. Andy had never noticed
Michael's relatively small breasts with relatively large nipples.

Michael looked embarrassed. "Don't tell anyone. Promise?"

"Okay. But when did you get them?"

Michael dropped his hands back into the bubbles. "I don't know. A
few months ago I started to take a really light dose of female
hormones. It just seemed like one day I had them."

"How do they feel?"

"No special way."

Andy kept staring at them. He couldn't help it. The "cleavage",
the softness. As a man, Michael usually hunched his shoulders and
wore heavy shirts. Now it was making sense. "Boy, you are going to
have big ones if it's only been a couple months," Andy said.

Michael looked scared. "Cristy says no. She said the first growth
is the most noticeable. After that it takes forever to get busty.
Hand me a towel."

Michael got out of the tub and starting to wrap the towel around
his waist in a boyish fashion. "Quit staring at them," he said,
readjusting the towel up under his armpits girlishly.

"Are they sore?"

"Of course!"

Andy couldn't get over it. It seemed so strange. He thought,
"Dressing up like a woman was one thing. You kind of forget about
it in between times, but breasts are there all the time, like a
real part of you.

Michael moved around his awe struck friend and got into a robe.

"Do you like having them?" Andy asked. "Or is it, you know, sort
of weird?"

"It's okay," Michael said. "I keep taking the pills. Cristy says
they make my skin soft and she thinks they are pretty."

Andy said in bewilderment, "The nipple part is so large and pink!"

"That's for a baby to drink from," Michael joked. "You have to
have it."

"I know! Only you can give them bottles too. So you don't have to
have them."

"So you would have married Karen if she had given YOU a bottle
instead of letting you suck on her breasts?"

"Yuck!" Andy said. "I don't want to be a woman if you have to do
stuff like that."

"But look at my skin," Michael stroked his smooth, white shoulder,
"and the way nylons feels. It makes me all tingly. You should be
taking them too."

"But I'd get breasts?"

"Of course you'd get them, idiot! But you are wearing woman's
clothes all the time anyway?"

"I guess I might want to try them," Andy said, still staring. "I
wonder what Karen would say?"

"Cristy can get them from her doctor friend," Michael said.

"I'm not nursing any babies!" Andy heckled.

"I felt that way at first," Michael said. "Right after I started
taking the hormones, I was shopping at the mall and all of a
sudden got nauseated and had this pain in my chest. I felt a hard
lump under my breast and realized that my nipples were rock hard
and erect! I let out a moan and ran to the bathroom and threw up."

"If it hurts, I don't want to take them!" Andy said.

"I was in bed a whole week?" Michael said.

Andy asked, "Why didn't you stop taking them?"

"I don't know," Michael said in thought, clutching the satin robe
against his pert breasts. "Once I got better, I loved the
sensations. I was thrilled by the texture of my skin at first,
then the promising curve of flesh at my hips, and then the
breathtaking awareness my chest was no longer flat!"

So the weeks passed before summer vacation. On Saturdays and
Sundays the two couples visited each other and there was some
public exposure.

Nothing was said, but Andy knew his neighbors saw him in his yard
going to Michael's. Each week Karen bought her husband new things
for his own wardrobe.

It was a exciting day when Karen said, "You are coming with me

"Out?" Andy said, feeling insecure. "I want to be perfect first."

"Of course you want to be perfect," Karen said. "it's as natural
as birds wanting to sing. It's an instinctive feminine trait, but
you are now ready for the world to see you. You'll still have to
work to make yourself more feminine, but you have a good

Saturday morning, he accompanied his wife on his first shopping
tour as a woman. Fidgety at first, Andy calmed down and realized
his weeks of immersion had paid off. As they shopped and purchased
bras, girdles, and panties, as well as several outfits to be worn
on the vacation, Andy began to realize how much he'd changed.

If any of the clerks were curious as to why one woman was so
interested in another woman's intimate articles, they showed no

Karen was pleased to point out, "Andy, you appeared completely at
ease trying on dresses and being observed as a woman. Still love

His wife's comments made him blush. "Hope that is okay? I still
feel like I have a lot to learn. Some of the women here are

"How delightful. You are worried that another woman will get more
attention," Karen mimicked, adding, "But that's a perfectly
feminine thing to feel."

Both husbands had changed a lot during the training. As a result
of the humiliation of Karen's little "Fem-arobics" (as she called
them) the two young men found themselves with a much more feminine
disposition about life. Everything had to be neat and prissy
clean. Each one spent hours on grooming and sometimes caught
themselves being bitchy if he found a run in a stocking or broke a

There was a big change in the two boys attitude about men. Andy
noticed it first in Michael then in himself. Instead of arguing
about sports, they caught themselves talking about fashion,
feelings and if sports came up, it was about players and
specifically male traits such as how big and strong someone was.

Just seeing a very masculine man made both feel dainty and
yielding. Of course during this time, both wives pointed out the
"hunks" on television. One of the session's assignment was for the
guys to bring in a picture of "dream husband" and tell all about
his fascination.

During the last week of work, everything was set for their trip.
As both men finished all projects, there was nothing ahead but
anticipation of an exciting, and most unusual, vacation.

Following his last day at work, Andy had his first permanent at a
small hairdressers, who, as a friend of his wife's, would be
discrete. At the same time, he had his ears pierced like
Michael's. This would permit him to wear the type earring designed
for use with pierced ears, which he had long wanted to do.

It was a Saturday morning, only a few days before their scheduled
departure. Although several hours had elapsed since breakfast,
there was no sign of Cristy for her usual morning cup of coffee.

Karen was somewhat disturbed and she could not help but wonder if
something were wrong.

A short time later, Michael put in an appearance wearing a very
attractive blue cotton dress and white sandals. Karen inquired
about Cristy and if she were displeased about anything.

Michael confessed that he too had noticed his wife's moodiness but
had no idea as to the cause. "Hope it doesn't have anything to do
with my feminization or our vacation. Talk to her, okay. she
respects your opinion."

"I'll go over there right now," she said. Karen had worried that
Cristy might find her husbands' never ceasing interest in being
feminine distressing. She found Cristy sitting morosely at her
breakfast table.

Although she was greeted politely, there was little of the usual
merriment in her voice. Wasting no time, Karen asked what was

Cristy first evaded the question, but finally confessed, "I love
Michael, but he's becoming so feminine, I'm beginning to think of
him as a girl. I miss him opening doors for me and treating me
like a woman." She could not help but be depressed over the
thought that she wouldn't have male romance on their vacation.

Karen immediately put her arms around Cristy's shoulders, said,
"When life deals you a hand, you have to make the most of it. Our
husbands have been very selfish in withdrawing our male
companionship, but they are exploring a part of themselves and we
have no idea where it will lead."

Cristy burst into tears, sobbing, "I'd never leave Michael; in
fact, I actually love the way he's become, but... what about my
womanly needs?"

Karen interrupted, "That's why we have gone with complete
feminization. Except for intimacy, that's why I treat Andy like a
woman. I expect him to respond not as my husband, but as another

"You mean, it will be like in college when a bunch of girls would
go to the lake for spring break? That was a blast!" She was
thinking back to the carefree days of college and the seemingly
endless days of irresponsibility.

"Yeah, it'll be fun! As women, we have so many things in common to
talk and do. That's why we can't allow even the slightest male
attitude to surface. We are going to show the boys what women
like. I assume male companionship will rear its head sometime."

Cristy's face lit up and she responded most enthusiastically,
saying with a laugh, "I used to get asked out a lot."

At that moment both Michael and Andy entered the house with their
arms about each other in a girlish manner. Cristy was smiling and
said to her husband, "I'm okay now. I just want your assurance
that you will be a 1


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