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Ecstasy in submission

by Please_Control_Me

Ecstasy in submission

The whip slaps off of your breasts once more, making them bounce. Your head tilts back as you moan long and deep, your eyes closing and opening rapidly as if to numb the pain. Your screams had been in vain through the gag that stretches your jaw wide and now you no longer possess the strength to form them. Your knees are weak and it takes all your strength just to keep standing, but stand you must to obey your master. Stand tall with your legs wide and your hands behind you gripping the soft flesh of your cheeks. Every blow from the whip makes you clench harder, makes your nails dig into the flesh leaving impressions of your nail. You pull on your cheeks spreading them apart, thankful that the pain provides a welcome distraction from the burning sensation of your breasts. Another blow lands, catching the nipple and you tighten your jaw around the ball as you exhale loudly through your nose. The pain is so intense yet you can feel how wet it makes you, a bead of your juices runs down the inside of your thigh, suddenly you tremble as you come, adding to the flow on your thigh. The masters face deepens in anger, he hadn’t given you permission to come. You think about begging his forgiveness but realise its futile through the gag so you just stare at the floor in guilt. Then the pain tears through you as the whip strikes between your legs finding your clitoris you scream pitifully through the gag as he strikes you again. Then his hand reaches between your legs and softly strokes you as his other hand strokes your hair, calming and loving his caress relaxes and soothes you. The hand between your legs is withdrawn and then you see it soaking, glistening before your eyes covered in your pleasure. He licks his hand and smiles at your taste and then wipes his hand over your face covering you with your juice. You can smell it just under your nose and it drives you wild as you long to taste yourself. He puts his hand between your legs once more, pushing his fingers inside you to take more of your juices, he pushes deep inside with all his fingers spreading your hole wide and scoops his fingers to capture your sweet taste. He orders you to come again and you flow into his hand with your knees shaking at the sensations. His come-covered hand pulls from your hole releasing your muscles from their exertion and he cups your still tender breast smothering it in your juice. He wipes his hand across to the other breast lingering on each erect nipple to circle them with a finger making you moan in pleasure. Your chest shines in the light as he looks on you admiringly, it pleases you to see him look at you this way, his hungry look send a small shiver of pleasure through you as anticipate his fantasies. He reaches round behind you and takes your wrists lifting them to place your hands behind your head. He then runs his hands down your back raking your soft skin with his nails all the way down onto your soft cheeks which he kneads between his powerful fingers spreading them. He meets your eyes running his hands round onto your stomach and up once more onto your breasts. He steps back and picks up the whip again and your eyes widen in fear tinged with anticipation, he walks around you swinging the whip around, teasing you. He steps in front of you and runs the handle of the whip over your clit and between your swollen lips. Then quickly he moves back again and softly strikes between your legs and your eyes roll back and you moan softly. Suddenly he lays the whip across your breast hard making it bounce and glow red once more as you cry out through the gag, he strikes there again and again and you continue to cry out through the gag. Each blow makes your breasts burn and you silently hope for him to stop so the pain can subside. Another strike and you feel your eyes water from the pain but at this he stops and gently massages your breasts stopping to kiss each nipple and lick it. At this sensation you come again your excitement betrayed by the wetness that flows down your thigh. The master tuts softly in your ear and moves behind you, grinning as you tremble in apprehension of what is to come. He whispers in your ear and asks if you know what happens to bad girls. You can’t reply through the gag but you know. Bad girls get spanked. His hand lands hard on your cheek, your eyes go wide as the blow throws you forward. The master walks to the bed and beckons you over; as you reach the bed he bends you over pushing your face into the sheets. He pulls you arms so they are stretched out in front of you and then moves behind you. He taps your legs so that you spread them wide and then he grabs your hips and crouches down behind you. You feel his tongue press against your tight hole and then it slips inside for just a moment as you squeal in delight. Your body needs release now, you long for his word so that you can let go but instead his tongue moves lower and inside your soaking wet hole rhythmically massaging the walls as his hands roughly pull your cheeks apart for better access to drink your juices. Your body betrays your arousal as your knees become weak and your body trembles and your moans combine into one. He moves lower again and his tongue flicks over your clitoris causing you to shudder again. He sucks it into his mouth and you scream through the gag, releasing it he flicks his tongue round in circles getting faster in unison with your body’s shaking. He calls out for your release and you oblige, exploding over his face screaming and collapsing to your knees. You kneel beside the bed breathing hard and feel his hand between your legs searching out your tight hole, pushing deep and making more juices flow as you tremble. His wet hand rubs over your tight hole smearing your pleasure and then you feel his hands grip your hips and something hard press against your tight hole...


Re: Ecstasy in submission - Jules_Jewels

Oh so hot but please use paragraphs.

Re: Ecstasy in submission - angelicblue

Very, very good. But I agree with the other commenter, please use some paragraph formatting!

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