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A Slave's Dream.

by Please_Control_Me

A Slave's Dream.

Darkness now, sight deprived by a soft embrace around your eyes. Your voice is hoarse now, your screams no longer can pierce the dark. All you can do is beg for release. Beg in vain, for you accepted his collar. Beg in Vain because he knows you crave this. If your bonds cannot be released then maybe he will permit your ecstasy that burns inside of you. You feel his touch on your skin softer than before. The sting is gone, a soft caress that soothes the burning of your skin. The feeling now of vibration inside of you pulsing waves of pleasure that cause you to moan softly through the bit. Driving your senses wild and leaving you on the very edge of ecstasy. Cold now at the very base of your spine, moving slowly down between the soft cheeks and over your small hole. Your breathing quickens in anticipation of what is to come. His hand on you now, spreading your cheeks and pushing so lightly at you and slowly entering you. His touch withdraws and is replaced by a colder touch, larger than before. It pushes against you invading the tight space. Your teeth clamp on the bit as your muscles clench to stop this new presence inside of you. As hard as you try nothing can stop its progress and you feel yourself stretch to allow it. Breathing heavily, you beg for it to stop but the only answer is a stinging pain and you scream in a whisper as your cheek burns once more. The invasions progress has stopped now leaving you stretched to your limit but a new sensation now as new vibrations pulse through you. The stretched muscles against the rhythm cause you to thrash in your restraints, which only enhance the vibrations from the front and back of your hips. You need it more than ever, a release to free the waters dammed up inside of you. You’ve been here before though and you know his terrible lust is not quenched yet. Suddenly a burning just above your ankle so intense like fire you cry out again you feel it spread slightly then fade only to be replaced by the same sensation again on your calf and again in the small of your knee. You breathe heavily as the pain in your leg subsides but now a new burning pain runs up the back of your thigh onto your cheek and slowly up your spine. You find your voice and scream out as your body burns. You hear him whisper in your ear. He loves you and you smile inside. He asks you if you’re ok and you nod. Now a bitter cold on the other leg starting on your foot and playing in circles over your skin. The cold makes you shiver as it slowly moves over your flesh tracing the lines and contours of your bones and muscles. You feel like your senses are overloaded with the vibrations running though you and your insides stretched from the invasions inside. The feelings of hot and cold linger as you crave his word to release you from this torment of being denied the pleasure contained inside. All the while the ice cold has danced up your thigh and over your cheeks cooling the burn that his touch left there. Now it moves and traces a line up your back over the expanse of smooth skin. Tantalizing your nerves and pulling spasms from your muscles.
Now his strong hands move under you running over your skin and over your breasts. His fingers knead the supple flesh, roughly exciting you, you gasp as his fingers roll over your erect nipples and pinch them. His hands move down to your hips and He lifts you up effortlessly thrusting your hips up, drawing your knees under you whilst leaving your face pressed against the floor. Even more vulnerable now his fingers run over your cheeks and down between them, suddenly the vibrations stop and you feel the intrusion in your smallest hole withdraw slowly. Your hole relaxes as the tip of the object leaves you and you sigh glad to be free of it, suddenly without warning the object enters again with speed, stretching your length wide open once more. Another scream that ends in a low moan until it withdraws to the tip again only to be buried deep inside you once more. He moves it rhythmically inside of you in and out, faster and faster. Now his touch on your cheeks again stinging, burning. Your breathing is so heavy that you can barely form the words to beg for release between each breath, and what you can manage becomes a twisted mix of grunts, moans and words. He reaches to touch your pearl, resting two fingers either side of it he clamps it firmly and pinches slightly. His touch combined with the intrusions in your holes makes your body shake and your eyes glaze as the pleasure consumes you. The object between your cheeks is slowly removed and then your other hole is emptied as his fingers stroke you on either side and your body continues to shake. Finally he leans forward and whispers in your ear the words you’ve been longing for and your body goes rigid as you scream out and spasm violently as wave after wave of pleasure burns through you. Sweat pours from your body giving your body a glistening sheen that highlights your curves, you look like a goddess in his power. Your body goes limp and he scoops you into his arms and cradles you. He whispers in your ear that he loves you before you fall asleep in his arms exhausted. You are proud to wear his collar and you long for him to do it all again.


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