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The Old Watch

by hypfan2000

The Old Watch

As in any neighboorhood, there's always an old lady ready to be helped. You know, a woman who's past her adulthood, usually lonely people, who's family comes twice a year to visit her and check their pending list: visit mom-yes.
Well, in my neighboorhood, her name is Gertrude, so, with that name you can imagine her age range. She is an average lenght woman, not tall, but near that, skinny, with white skin, and grey hair. You can picture her easy, but, besides those things related to her age, she walks slow but firms, and sometimes makes you doubt if she is younger than what she tells.
Like any young boy, i was told by my parents to help her sometimes, and spent some time with her, she lived next to our house, and was like a granny to my family. Though she didnt interact much since she prefers to stay at her house rather than going to others places, we always helped her with her stuff, and visited her (she was meters from us, it was almost as another part of my home).
There is something about her, that feels strange when you are with her, dont know how to explain it, but being alone with her always feels comfortable, warm, its a strange but nice feeling.
And one day i experienced more than that too. I remember my parents had to travell to another city because they were in some kind of seminar, about business and that stuff, and since it lasted two days, they had to stay a night at that city.
As i am their only son and they didn't want to make me miss school (bah, always hated that), they left me that night to sleep at Gertrude's house. It was almost a plain thing, i was about 12 years old, so i could manage myself to do the basic stuff, Gertrude would cook something to eat and then i would go to bed. Since Gertrude had an empty room with a bed, they decided i should sleep there, to be safer rather than being alone at home.
Anyway, as that day came, they left early in the morning, and i went to school as usual. when the day was over, i went to Gertrude's place to eat something and stay there until i was ready for bed. She has a good hand in the kitchen, so i was anxious to eat that food. When we finished eating, i went to the living room to watch some tv, and she sat there too reading a novel.
As i was zapping, i suddenly found in one channel and old gilligan chapter, about a ring that hypnotized people. Since i always had the fantasy of hypnotising others to do my will (being at that age i always wanted to do something with girls but was too shy, so i think that was a way to fullfiling those fantasies).
As i watched the chapter, i laughed a lot, and at one point i said "i wish i could do that easily".
As i kept watching the tv, Gertrude still reading told me "you know, when i was in my youth, i learned how to hypnotize people". As i didn't expect her to tell me that, i thought she was playing with me, so told her that i didn't believe that it was actually true. As i said that she laughed and said "i didnt believe it either, until it happened".
I didnt know what to think, i never came to the fact of considering hypnosis true, but i didnt thought it was fake, i just never thought about it serously. So my curiosity jumped and i started asking her about it. "How did you learn to hypnotize people?" was the first thing i said. "An uncle taught me how to do it when i was a teenager, he instructed me how to do it, and then let me practice with his son, my cousin, which was hypnotized in the past by him, so it was easy to make him go under".
As i heard her words, i couldn't believe her, but at the same time it was so fascinating. Of course, I wanted to know more. And she told me more. "He gave me a pocket watch, to swing it in front of my cousin face, and told me some lines to say to him, in a cuestion of minutes he was asleep, then he taught me some things to do while people is under, mostly fun stuff, and things to prove the hypnosis state". As i was there, i forgot about the tv show, and couldn't miss a word from her. "Then time passed, and i never did it again, but when my uncle passed away, i was given the pocket watch that he used for hypnosis, anyway, i didn't use hypnosis anymore, so, it's just an old story".
I couldn't stop thinking about this, so i had to ask her "Do you still have the watch?". "Yes, of course, i have it in my bedroom". "Could i watch it?". "Haha, sure, let me look for it and i'll show it to you".
She standed up, went to her bedroom, and in a minute she was back, hold a gold watch in her hands. "This is it". "Wow, it's so nice". It was a fine watch, made of gold i think, though it was kinda rusty, like dirty, but you could see it was an expensive watch. "It's just and old watch, don't think it could do much, hehe".
It was so exciting having in my hands that watch, that story of Gertrude, just imagined myself hypnotizing people with it. "Could you teach me how to hypnotize people?" i said anxioulsy. "Hehe, you want to learn how to hypnotize, i can imagine what thoughts you have, young boy". She laughed as i couldn't keep my gaze away from the watch. "Ok, i'll teach you how to hypnotize people, but promise me you won't do something silly with it". "I promise i won't" i said quickly.
She came to my left side, sat on a chair next to the couch and told me to hold the watch in front of me, like if i was hypnotizing someone in front of me. "You have to swing the watch smoothly, and look into the eyes of the person in front of you, but do not watch the watch, do not let your eyes focus on it". As she said those words, i tried to watch directly through the watch, but as heard her saying that i should not focus on the watch, i started to watch it more and more. "You have to tell to keep your breathing slow, but do not slow your breath, do not relax yourself". Everyword that she told me to instruct, was entering in my mind more and more, though it thought it was normal, so i didnt pay attention to that, and keep focusing on hypnotising my imaginay subject.
As time passed, i started to feel more and more light, like a warm feeling all over the place. She then told me to focus my subject on the shining of the watch "You have to tell your subject to focus on the shining, look at those sparkling shines that comes from the gold pocket watch, look at them more and more". As i heard those words, the warm feeling increased, and i felt the light becoming brighter and brighter. As minutes passed, i felt myself feeling more and more away from the room, everything warmer, everything brighter, until i fade away.
Suddenly i openned my eyes like coming back from a long nap, kinda drowsy, couldn't understand much of what was going on, only could see Gertrude now in front of my couch smiling.
"It seems that you listened to close to the instructions, and you felt into the trance instead of your subject, hehe". I was half aware of what was going on, but smiled also. "Damned, can't remember a thing, wanted so much to learn how to hypnotize people". "Oh, don't worry, while you were in trance, i took advantage of that and gave you some instructions of how to do it, so i think you'll do fine, your mind will know what to do when you have to do it". I couldn't believe what i heard, i already knew how to hypnotize a person, though didnt know how, i would hypnotize them when i want. "Now, to see if you learnt how to do it, we'll have to try, so i want you to tell me how would you hypnotize a person". "Ok" i said, as i started to look in my mind how to do it. "Everyday, after i come to school at my home, i will tell my parents that i want to go to Gertrude's place to spend some time with her, so she's not alone, watching some tv". As i heard myself say that, i felt strange, but anyway i kept talking since it all seemed to have a point. "When i arrive at Gertrude's place, i'll go to the bedroom and look for the gold pocket watch, then i'll come to the living room and sit on the couch". On that part, things had much more sense, i would excuse myself from home, to go to Gertrude's place to look for the pocket wacht, how would i hypnotize people without it. Anyway, don't know why i should sit on the couch. "Then, i'll start swinging the watch on my face until it puts me in a deep trance". Again, i felt confused, why would i want to put myself in trace? "After i'm in a deep trance, i'll become Gertrude's maid, ready to do as Gertrude instructs me". That froze all my body, i couldn't believe what i was saying. Gertrude was there smiling at me, looking inside my eyes some kind of confusion, while on the outside i was talking rather automatically. "Good boy, you remembered every detail of how to... become my perfect housemaid". As i heard those words come out of her mouth, confusion grew more and more inside me. "You see, i'm a lonely person, you know my relatives don't visit me, well, they always knew these things about me, so they always prefered to stay away from my presence. It was hard to me to find someone who would allow himself to be in this state without noticing it, but lucky me, that tv show was like a gift for me". I suddenly felt this person was someone else, not the old lady that lives next to my house. "You also know that i dont have much money, i barely can pay taxes and save for my everyday expenses, so it's impossible for me to have someone do the housework, or at least it was, because now i have you, my housemaid". I felt myself like in a nightmare, but not terrified, like in those strange dreams, where things are different than your normal life. "You know that im an older person, i can't allow myself to keep doing the housework anymore, so i need someone to do it, i need my own housemaid, you".
"Yes Ma'am" i said in a monotone voice. "Good maid, now, i imagine you have things to do, look at the house, its getting a bit dusty". "Yes Ma'am, i'll remove all the dust inmedeatly". "Good maid, i think you'll do just fine here, so, for today you can start doing the housework on those clothes, don't worry, it's your first day, tomorrow you'll make sure you buy yourself a good woman's maid uniform with your savings". "Yes Ma'am, i will but myself a woman maid uniform tomorrow".
You know, time has passed from that day, as i'm writing this right now, i'm 21 years old. As you may ask yourself what happened from that time on, well, it's not something to long for telling, i have become my Ma'am housemaid, and everynight that has passed since that day, i went to her house all days ready to do what my assingments are, clean the house, do the laundry, cooking, even sometimes giving massagges and becoming a little table for my Ma'am's feets.
Why i'm writing this? well, My Ma'am told me to do it, dont know, she felt this should be shared with others. Anyway, she told i don't have to worry, since tomorrow, after i go to her house and swing the watch in front of me, i'll forget all of this, and will do what i'm only supposed to do, her housework.


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