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Sex Study Week 8: Insatiable

by curiousguy92

Sex Study Week 8: Insatiable

Part of me couldn't believe that I had just told Jack that I wanted to be an insatiable slut. I didn't even know if he could do that. But another part of me knew that I did want it. I wanted it more than anything, and if Jack could entirely wipe out any inhibitions I had left, I would eagerly do anything he asked.

After the words came out of my mouth, Jack grinned and slapped me on the back. "I couldn't have hoped for better results, Jordan. And if that's your goal, I think your mind will interpret the suggestions in file 8 to get you exactly where you want to be." Jack stood up, his tight abs flexing as he did. I jumped to my feet too, not even trying to hide my excitement.

"However," Jack continued, "I'm not sure file 8 can make you as slutty as you want on its own. It'll definitely ramp up your sex drive beyond anything you can imagine and tear down any barriers you've built up over the years, but you'll have to consciously make an effort to be a slut."

"What do you mean?" I asked, unsure where he was going.

"Well, servicing me and Brad has been a good start, but would you call blowing the same two men for several weeks and getting fucked once being a slut?"

"No, I guess not." If I was going to give into this completely, I would need to get a lot more cock from a lot more men.

"Good. I'll see you again on Tuesday, but I want you to have sex at least a few times before then. Otherwise, I may not be able to help you become the slut you want to be in the time we have left."

He didn't have to tell me twice. I threw my clothes on and, still smelling like sex, headed straight to the Yellow Brick.

As I walked up to the door, I was so nervous I could feel myself shaking a little. I'd never picked up a guy before, so this was new territory. As I was about to go in, an extremely thick forearm shot out in front of my chest and almost knocked me backward.

"Hold it." The bouncer crossed his huge arms over his thick, exposed pecs. I felt myself staring as he flexed, creating that side dimple that marks a bodybuilder as a true beast. "You're way over-dressed. It's underwear night. Two bucks for a locker," he said, winking at me.

I gladly gave him my two dollars and made a mental note to ask for his number on my way out. Inside, I stripped down to my boxers, wishing I had sexier underwear. The dance floor was full of hot guys wearing jockstraps, thongs, speedos, and ass-hugging trunks. It made me feel like a prudish straight guy in my stuffy plaid boxers. Next time I'd wear something sexy to showcase what a slut I'd be by then.

The dance floor was packed full. You couldn't move without touching someone's abs, and there was an overpoweringly masculine smell. It was great. After a few songs worth of aimlessly shaking my overly modest ass, I ended up grinding back on this hot black guy. He was about 6'2" with a hard physique - not as big as Jack or Brad, but damn did his abs pop. Not to mention that the package he kept rubbing up on my ass was huge. I could feel both of us getting hard, and after a few more songs, he pulled me off the dance floor to an open table.

"Damn, you're a hottie! I don't usually come here to hook up, but...you wanna go have some fun in the bathroom?"

"Fuck yes." I pulled him up from his chair and led him by the waistband of his very full trunks around the crowd to the bathroom. There wasn't anyone in there, and I wasn't sure if I was glad or disappointed by that. Either way, it made it easier for me to pull him into the handicap stall and start making out with him. He got really into it, shoving his tongue into my mouth, and soon we were both rock hard.

He broke the kissing and looked at me with a sly, sexy smirk. "Do you suck dick?"

In response, I just got down on my knees and pulled out his 11" cock, which was almost as thick as my wrist. I was already verging on out-of-my-mind horniness, but when I saw that big black monster bobbing in front of my face with its low hanging tennis ball nuts, I dove on it, deepthroating 7" on the first go. If anyone heard the two of us moaning in the stall, I didn't care. I was too turned on by the fact that I was sucking off a hot guy, and my mind was pretty much blank except for that dick. After about 15 minutes of me servicing every inch of his monster, I felt it tense up and I took it down to the root so we wouldn't make a mess. His cock spasmed 8 times before he pulled out and I felt his thick load make its way down my throat.

"Fuck," he panted. "I really wanted to fuck your ass, but that blowjob was so good I didn't want to stop you. Here, give me your number." He pulled a phone out of his trunks and I gladly gave him my digits. With any luck I'd get that cock up my ass someday soon. Giving my ass a playful swat, he left the stall and headed back out to the dance floor. There still wasn't anyone else in the bathroom, and I still wasn't sure whether I was glad or disappointed about that.

I danced with several other hot guys until Yellow Brick closed, but I didn't get any more cock. I did however manage to flirt a phone number out of the bouncer, so maybe I'd have him fucking me soon too. After the club I went straight home, just at the point of too drunk to do anything else, and fell into bed with Track 8 lulling me to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with one thought in my head: COCK. I'd never felt such an intense desire for anything in my life. My own cock was rock hard (not that that was unusual), but I needed other guys' cocks. In my mouth, in my ass, I just needed it. Since it was Sunday, I ended up spending most of the day watching porn and going back to Track 8. I think that cycle intensified my cravings, and around 4 in the afternoon, I texted Tim--the bouncer from the Yellow Brick-- to see if he wanted to get together. I ended up going to his place and after some small talk about lifting we went to his bedroom and he fucked me for four solid hours. His stamina was ridiculous. I think we each came about three times, but some of the specifics got lost in the intense sexual haze that I was in for most of it. After we fucked, we took a shower and I ended up sucking another load out of him. I turned out that Tim and I went to the same gym, so we agreed to work out together sometime, with the inevitable possibility of post-workout fucking.


Monday was hell. I had class all day, but all I could think about was the guy from the club shooting a huge load down my throat and the marathon fuck session I had with Tim. I couldn't focus at all on my professor's history lecture. All I wanted was a nice thick cock pumping in and out of my slutty ass. After I finished all my classes for the day, I called the guy from the club--his name was Marcus--and he came over and fucked me senseless. After he left, though, there was still this nagging emptiness in my throat and ass.


When Tuesday night finally came, I'd hooked up with those two new guys and taken six loads between three sessions. Not bad for a slutty weekend. I told Jack about it and he congratulated me like I'd won some prestigious competition. I asked him about the emptiness too.

"Don't worry about that at all, Jordan. That's just the need for cock instilling itself deeper and stronger in your psyche. I imagine that while you're working with Track 8, that need will grow exponentially every time a man cums in you."

I got really hard when he said that, and started planning my next meetups with Marcus and Tim, and thinking of ways to meet more cocks, I mean guys. I lay down and listened to Track 8, my cock staying at full mast the whole time. When I came up, the word COCK was reverberating in my head, and my eyes locked directly on Jack's 10-incher and I went to town sucking it to full erection. After a few minutes of me bobbing up and down on his thick shaft, Jack told me to stop for a minute. He sat down on the sofa where I always listened to the files and told me, "Ride my cock like a slut."

I got on his lap and impaled myself on his cock after he lubed it up, way beyond feeling any pain with anal. Every stroke up and down was pure, intense, erotic bliss. My entire world was taken up by the sensation of those 10" pistoning in and out of me, and I think I came twice myself before I felt Jack shoot his load deep in my slutty hole. After he came, I stopped riding him, just sitting there with the whole length of his shaft buried inside me, but he told me to keep going because I needed another one. So I resumed my anal assault on Jack's massive cock, and 45 minutes later he came again. I slowly climbed off him and he handed me a towel to clean myself up.

After I took a quick shower, Jack patted me on the back and said, "You're making great progress, slut. You don't mind if I call you slut, do you? I think it'll help you identify with the role if we treat the word like it's your name."

I'd never thought about anyone calling me 'slut,' but the way Jack put it made a lot of sense and it definitely made me feel like more of a slut. I liked it. A lot.

Jack was right about the need growing exponentially, because when I left the lab Tuesday night all I could think about was getting fucked again before looping Track 8 overnight while I slept. I called Marcus and he got to my apartment right after I did. He plowed me for the next hour, leaving me feeling sore in the best possible way and almost like I'd gotten enough cock for the day.


Wednesday put me in new territory again. For one thing, it was like the only thing left in my brain was a big, throbbing cock that was tantalizingly dripping precum and begging me to service it. But I couldn't until after I was done with classes. Also, Marcus and Tim were both busy; Tim was on door duty at the Yellow Brick, and Marcus had family visiting. I had this unending craving for dick but neither of my two reliable fuck buddies. So I turned to the internet. After cruising hookup sites for an hour, I ended up on craigslist, where I found an ad that sounded perfect: "Group of tops needs uninhibited bottom boy."

I emailed them a few pics of my abs, cock, and ass that I snapped with my webcam, and they sent back an address as a response. It was a hotel about 3 miles away from my apartment, so I jumped in my car and went straight there, not even really caring what I would find as long as I got fucked. When I got there, I went straight to the room number they had sent me and knocked. The door was opened by a good looking guy in his mid-thirties, who was wearing sweatpants and a baseball cap. He didn't have abs like mine, but he was lean and muscular like an athlete. It was the beginning of baseball season and I knew there was a game on Thursday, so I figured he was probably on the away team. He invited me in, and I couldn't stop staring at his crotch. Even through his sweatpants I could tell he had a pretty big bat in there.

Over on the bed, two more guys were laying there already naked, stroking their cocks. When I tore my eyes away from their dicks, which were beer-can thick and probably about 7", I noticed they were bodybuilders either beginning or wrapping up the off-season, and they were identical twins. Bodybuilding twins! They were massive, with just enough body fat to obscure the abdominal cuts in their slight roidguts and make them look even more monstrous. I stripped, and after that it turned into a sexual haze of thick cocks pounding my ass and throat, muscle pressing into my lower back as they took turns fucking me, never cumming. They fucked me on all fours, then on my back, then had me ride them, and after a few hours--not quite as long as Tim could fuck--they had me kneel on the floor, and each shot a huge load on my face. When I started scooping their cum off my face and licking it off my fingers, the baseball player chuckled and called me a sexy little slut. Damn right.

It turned out that the twins were local, so I got their numbers and made them promise to spit-roast me sometime. When I got home, I spent the rest of the night watching porn and looking up new sex positions to try.


Thursday, I spent all day until I went to the lab noticing how hot all the guys on campus were. I swear every one of them had a noticeable bulge in their pants. God, I just wanted cock.

Brad was doing pushups again when I arrived, and I could smell him sweating, a little bit rank, but mostly musky. I started getting hard just watching his triceps flex while he worked out. I let him do his thing and just stripped naked, my cock slapping my abs as I went to the sofa to listen to the file.

When I woke up, Brad had finished his pushups and he was standing naked in front of me, his pumped pecs glistening and his hard cock pulsing. Jack was next to him, hard and dripping. They each grabbed one of my arms and pulled me up, then turned me around and bent me over, putting my arms on the back of the couch. Brad fucked me first--I could tell, because he's a little bit smaller. Then Jack, and they alternated for about an hour. The whole time I never stopped moaning. Then Brad pulled out and lay down on the sofa, which I knew was my cue to ride him. What I didn't expect was for Jack to come up behind me while I was bouncing up and down on Brad's dick and slowly push his in too.

I had never felt so full in my life. It didn't hurt, exactly, but the pressure was really intense as Jack started thrusting, his cock rubbing against Brad's cock and every sensitive nerve ending in my hole on its way to pound my prostate. I think they double-fucked me for half an hour before either of them came, but when they did it was like a flood inside my ass. Jack pulled out slowly, and they had to lift me off of Brad's softening cock, because I didn't want it to end.

"How was that, slut?" Jack asked, while Brad sat there grinning.

"Fuck," I panted. "Oh my god that was intense. I've never felt more pleasure in my life, and the twins who fucked me last night were each almost that thick. I wonder if I can get them to double-fuck me..."

"Twins, huh? Sounds like you're getting a lot of cock, slut. That's good, because you need it, don't you?"

I just nodded dumbly, my mind already lost in fantasies.


Friday I worked out with Tim, which felt like the first time my mind could really focus on anything that wasn't cock. Granted, when Tim spotted me on bench, I might have stared up his shorts a little. It was a good session, and I felt really pumped at the end. We behaved in the showers, which kind of disappointed me, but we weren't at a gay gym, so I could see why they wouldn't really want guys fucking in the showers. Tim a huge guy I'd seen around before. He was about 6'5" and built at least as thick as Tim with crazy vascular arms.

"Hey Jordan, this is my buddy Miles. We were just talking about you. Miles was complimenting your form."

Thanks," I said, sort of on autopilot. I couldn't stop staring at his swollen lats and wondering if his cock was as big as the rest of him. So much for being able to focus on anything else. Oh, well. That was the goal, right? The more time I spent obsessing about cock, the better slut I'd be.

"So, Jordan," Miles said, breaking me out of my slut fantasies. "We were talking about going to Tim's place to hang out, if you want to join us." He winked as he said it and I agreed, hoping I didn't sound eager to the point of being desperate.

When we got to Tim's apartment, none of us bothered with any pretense. Once we were in the door, we all started stripping. After I was naked, I helped Miles get his shirt off because his back was so pumped that he was having trouble maneuvering. We went to the bedroom and I almost immediately got down on my knees and started sucking their cocks. Miles didn't disappoint, getting up to what I guessed was 9-10" pretty quickly. Of course, I was rock hard just as fast as they were, finally having two nice big cocks to fill the emptiness in my slutty throat.

After a while, Miles told me to get on my back on Tim's bed. He pulled me to the edge and threw my legs up over his shoulders, then rammed his slicked up cock into my hole. He was pretty thick, and he fucked me hard and fast without mercy. It was heaven from beginning to end. He bottomed out on every thrust, and his balls slapped my ass, making a noise that sounded like "slut, slut, slut, slut." Meanwhile, Tim had his cock buried in my mouth. His thrusts were a little gentler than Miles's, but that was ok. I just pushed back, trying to get him as deep in my throat as I could. After an hour or so of taking it at both ends and shooting three loads onto my abs, I felt Miles swell up a little inside my ass and then unload a torrent of cum. I almost came a fourth time. As his cock gave one last spasm, Miles pulled out and tweaked my nipples.

"You weren't kidding about what a great fuck he is, Tim. I have to head out, but give Jordan my number. I definitely want a piece of that ass again soon." Miles got dressed and left, winking at me again on his way out.

I sucked Tim's amazingly long-lasting cock back to full mast and spread my legs so he could take Miles's place ramming into my ass. Honestly, out of all the guys who had fucked me in the last week, I think Tim was my favorite. Granted, they were all fucking amazing, but the way Tim could stay rock hard and fuck me for hours on end just made me orgasm my brain into mush like nothing else. It was a good four and a half hours before he added his load to the one Miles dumped in my ass, and then he fucked me for another hour and came again. I was high from all the pleasure, and even though I had cum several times myself, my cock refused to go down. I couldn't blame it. I wanted Tim to just keep fucking me forever. Instead, we went and made out in his shower and then got dressed. I left with Miles's number and went home to fall in bed and loop Track 8.


I woke up on Saturday to a text from Jack saying not to have sex at all before coming to the lab that night, because he had a surprise for me. It was going to be hard, considering the only thing I wanted was to have a cock or two thrust up my ass. Jack wanted me to get to the lab at 9 pm, and it was 9 am when I got his message, so to keep myself from caving and contacting every top I knew, I spent most of the next twelve hours looping Track 8. It definitely did a number on me, because by the time I left for the lab, my only thoughts were about how badly I needed my slutty holes filled and how nice it would feel to have a load of cum shooting up inside me. I was finally ready to become the insatiable slut I was meant to be.

Jack and Brad were waiting for me outside the lab when I got there, standing next to a silver car. Jack waved me over. "So, slut, did you manage not to have sex all day?"

I told him what I did instead, and he patted me on the ass, saying "That's good! It'll make tonight go a little faster, since you shouldn't have to listen to Track 8 again before we start. Now, we aren't going to be in the lab tonight. I've arranged for us to go to a different location where I think you'll be able to completely let loose and give yourself 100% over to your needs. How does that sound, slut?"

I agreed eagerly, and Jack opened the back door of the silver car for me to get in. There was a blindfold on the seat, which Jack told me to put on. It was a weird sensation feeling the car move but not knowing where we were going. Finally the car came to a stop, and Brad helped me out of the car after Jack said to leave the blindfold on. We went into a building, and after we paused for a minute while Jack talked to some guy, Brad led me down a series of hallways and then pulled the blindfold off. We were in a small room with a queen size bed, a locker in the corner, and...a sling?

"Welcome to the Atlas Men's Club, the city's best gay sex club. I posted an ad online just before you got to the lab inviting guys to come fuck a hot college slut. I thought it'd be the easiest way to break you of any resistance to needing a cock up your sweet ass all day, every day. Not that I imagine you have much left, of course."

My head was spinning. We were at a sex club, and the whole internet knew that I was going to be taking as many cocks as possible. Sweet. I wondered how many guys would show up. I wasted no time tossing all my clothes in the locker and getting on my back on the bed with my legs spread wide for easy access. It wasn't the most comfortable bed ever, but hey, it was a sex club. I was here to get pounded by anonymous tops, not to get romanced. Jack got some lube from the industrial-sized dispenser and slid all ten inches into my waiting hole while Brad took my eager throat. They left the door open so any guy who walked past could see me getting fucked and take a turn if he wanted. I was happy with that. I was happy with every second there was a cock in me, and I think it showed, because I was moaning nonstop around Brad's shaft.

Before long, he came straight down my throat and I was able to watch Jack pistoning in and out of my ass. A couple guys were standing in the doorway watching and stroking their dicks. One was heavily built with maybe a 5" cock and the other was skinny with almost a footlong. Jack noticed them as he was cumming and offered me up to them. The muscle guy went first, and what he lacked in size he definitely made up for in stamina. He rode me for almost an hour while the guy with the monster cock enjoyed a slow, deliberate blowjob in which I worshipped every curve and vein. And when the muscle guy came, I could feel that his load was way bigger than any of the other guys who had fucked me. When he was done, he wandered out of the room and monster-cock guy came around to tear my slutty hole open.

By this point, there was a group of guys in the room, jerking off and watching my hungrily while I watched their cocks just as hungrily. Some of them would come up and shoot their load on my chest or face while another guy was fucking my ass or my throat. It wasn't long before I was covered in cum--mine and theirs--and I had never felt sexier.

They fucked me for hours. On my back, on my stomach, on all fours, me riding them, in the sling, you name a position and I did it. I got double fucked at least three times, but to be honest I zoned out a little after the first few cocks. It turned into a constant high where all I cared about was the fact that I was stuffed full of cock and that those cocks were depositing loads of cum in and on me. It was either really late or really early the next morning when the last guy besides Jack and Brad shot his load deep in my ass and left. I just lay there panting and swiping the cum that hadn't dried yet off my abs and into my mouth, until Jack pulled me up so I could climb onto Brad's slicked-up cock. I started riding it instinctively, but Jack grabbed me by the waist and held me still while he shoved his cock in with Brad's, stretching my cunt out once again and pushing me back over the edge into mind-shattering ecstasy. I rode their cocks until they were both spent, and then we all spread out on the cum-stained bed to catch our breath.

"So, slut," Jack said after a minute. "You just got fucked by 23 men, sucked another 14 cocks, and got a bukkake from 17 other guys who never put their cocks inside you. Do you think you're the insatiable slut you always wanted to be?"

I thought about it for a second, and as the hot, thick semen ran out of my well-used hole, I knew one thing for certain.

"I need more."


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