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Don't Close Your Eyes (Hypnotic Story for the Men)

by wolfnchains

Don't Close Your Eyes (Hypnotic Story for the Men)

All the animals in the garden are sleeping. Everything is quiet and still. Nothing is moving except the leaves in the trees. Can you imagine them swaying back and forth?

Every one is sleeping. Except for you. Are you feeling tired yet?

The sound of the wind is blowing through the trees. The limbs and the leaves each sway back and forth. So much so that maybe you are swaying too. You must be feeling a little bit sleepy.

Isn't it good to rest?

I have never understood why so many people resist what their bodies are telling them. Why can't they be more like you, so relaxed, sitting in your chair, reading this story?

You know that this is a story about you, and the things that you will do.

So sit back in your chair, relax, and allow me to share what lies ahead.

It is important that you not close your eyes. You can be so relaxed, as relaxed as you are right now, or even more relaxed, and keep your eyes open. Some people even sleep with their eyes open. So certainly you can keep your eyes open, even though you are feeling very relaxed right now.

Sit back comfortably in your chair. Blink as you need to. But do not close your eyes. No matter how much you are feeling like you need to, right now.

This is a story about Peter. Peter is a normal guy. Like you. Peter works and plays. Like you. Peter enjoys having fun. Like You. In fact, Peter looks just like you. If you were facing a mirror, you would swear you see Peter.

Who is Peter?

Peter has a problem. You should be able to relate. Peter becomes real stiff when he get's excited. Stiff and straight as a board. No, silly, not his penis. I mean Peter becomes stiff like a board. Hard as a rock. He is stuck in place unable to move. And Peter stays this way, stiff and hard. Until he can stop being excited. But knowing that he must stop being excited makes him excited all the more.

Peter becomes stuck in his chair, unable to move. He just wants to get off the chair, but he can't. He tries to move himself, as hard as he can. But Peter cannot get off.

So Peter tries not to be so excited. And now he feels very excited. The most excited he has ever been.
Peter is throbbing on the verge of tears.

He just wants to cry out because of how excited he feels. But he can't. He is alone in the room, and screaming might bother the Ball brothers down below. They hate noise. They are very sensitive to sound. Peter once pounded on drums, and it caused them tremendous pain. So Peter knows he must be quiet, so he wont bother the Balls below.

So Peter is now the most excited he has ever been in his life. So excited. And he can hardly contain himself. With each breath he takes, it is like he is getting closer to some kind of edge. He could just break down to tears. One huge, massive burst of tears, in fact. Gushing everywhere.

He takes another breath, followed by one more, and he knows he is just going to cry any second. He knows it's coming. He is just so close.

And then just before he does, he closes his eyes. And except for his breathing, and his heart beat, he is frozen in place. Unable to move. Like a living, breathing statue. Hard as a rock. Solid stone.

It usually takes him about ten minutes to unfreeze. Twenty if he is alone and no one bothers him.

This happens every time he reads one of my stories. As soon as Peter sits back to think about it, there he is- Excited, Frozen, and Horny. I suppose I should have warned him not to close his eyes, like I warned you.

Are you anything like Peter? You wont close your eyes, will you?

The wind is no longer moving between the trees. The leaves are no longer swaying. You aren't swaying anymore, are you?

It is time for you to stop reading. Sit back in your chair. And just relax.


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