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Changed By My Sister

by Hexept

Changed By My Sister

Changed By My Sister

by: Throne
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On a break from college, Mike resumes his old habit of ruining his sister Gwenn's relationships with guys. He also likes to make fun of her interest in magic, at least until he learns that it is real. She casts a spell to make him act and look like a sissy, and then she and her date Alex take him to a party. Afterwards, Mike gets his biggest surprise of all.

Categories: Fast Transformation Magical Transformations Mind Altered, Hypnosis, Brainwashed Revenge
Keywords: Bisexual


I was home from college for Spring break. My older sister Gwenn acted
glad to see me but she was a bit reserved. And why not, after I had been
a total pain to her while we were growing up. One thing I had taken
special delight in was ruining dates for her, and even breaking up her
relationships with guys. To me it had been fun, and I guess I never lost
that attitude. I was still comfortable taunting her about it, along with
tormenting her about her silly interest in magic. So when I was sitting
there on my first evening back, wishing she would let me borrow her car,
which she didn't want to do in case she needed it (and because I'm an
irresponsible driver, I guess), I was determined to pull one of my dirty
deeds on her.

The opportunity came when her boyfriend Alex called and said his plans
had changed and he would love to see her that evening. I knew at once
what I was going to do. She went to get herself ready upstairs and I
waited near the door. When I heard his car pull up I casually strode out
front and sat on one of the chairs on the porch. As he came up the walk
I said, "Hey, you must be Alex." He was a tall rangy guy with blond hair
worn short. I told him Gwenn needed a little time and invited him to sit
down. We chatted about sports for a few minutes and then I casually
mentioned that my sister wasn't a fan, which was a shame, I added, "...
because a lot of the guys she's been with are into it."

He said, "A lot? I've never seen her with anybody. I mean, I just moved
into the area six months ago but..."

I acted mildly upset and said, "I'm sorry, I guess I should have let her
tell you personally." I shook my head. "But maybe it's better for you
to know before you have a chance to get too close."

He was momentarily confused before finding new determination. "Well," he
decided, "I'll let her tell me herself. I'm sure there's some

That's when I saw I would have to spread it on a bit thicker. I resumed,
"That's fair. But it might be kinder if you don't pry too much. There
are a couple guys who have done a lot of prison time. And this one was a
pimp. I'm not saying that he got her to, you know, do any work for him,
but..." I let that disturbing thought hang in the air for a moment.
Alex appeared really worried by then. Which was when I spotted my sister
peering out the living room window, which was slightly opened. She gave
me an angry look and then came out the door. Alex stared at her, goggle-

He started to say, "Uh, Gwenn, maybe we shouldn't go out tonight
because... um..."

"Oh," she said with a sudden smile. "Has my silly brother Mike been
exercising his so-called sense of humor again?" All at once Alex looked
relieved. I had to think of something to save the situation, or rather,
to ruin it for Gwenn.

But she went on, unperturbed, "You see, Mike has a rather -- shall we say
-- non-traditional sexual orientation." Without being obvious about it,
she took a very small drawstring bag from the pocket of her jeans and, as
she affectionately put her hand on the back of my neck, pressed it
against the bare skin. All at once a tingle ran through me and I felt
powerless. My sister told Alex, "You see, Mike wishes he was a girl. Or
more correctly, something between a guy and a girl. Go ahead, Mikey,
show him how you had all the hair removed from your chest."

With no willpower I began to unbutton my shirt while Alex stared,
fascinated, as I uncovered the center of my chest, which had suddenly
become smooth and pink, without a sign of the hair that had been growing
there. I wasn't muscular anyway, so the effect was totally swish.

She added, "He gets nervous around good looking guys like you and starts
making his lame jokes."

As if suddenly having an inspiration, Gwenn said, "Hey, your friends
whose place we're going to, do you think they're liberal enough to have a
gender bender like my brother there? Mike's a bit of an exhibitionist
and it might be a kick for everybody to watch him flaunt himself." She
stepped close to Alex and gave his upper arm a squeeze, saying, "It'd be
kind of like free entertainment for them."

Alex shrugged and, looking from her to me, said, "Sure. I guess they'd
think it was cool."

"Super," she enthused and then, to me, said, "Now Mike, you scoot
upstairs and put on some of my things. Comb your hair down in front and
put on a little of of my eye liner. I know you don't want to be TOO
girly, just kind of... sissyish." She giggled at my obvious discomfort
and even more at my inability to resist. As I turned toward the door she
told Alex, "One other thing. When he gets prettied up, my brother
prefers to be called Mink." And as I stepped inside she purred at him,
"You're being a good sport about this. I guess that's because YOU are a
real man." I stole a glance back and saw her kissing him.

When I reached Gwenn's room I found a note taped to the mirror. It said,
"Still think my magic is stupid?" I couldn't believe it was true and yet
what other explanation could there be for why I went to her dresser and
picked out a pair of her slacks, lime green, and then from her closet a
pale yellow, sleeveless top. Numbly I got undressed. There wasn't a
single hair anywhere on me, at least not below my eyebrows. Without
wanting to, I found a pair of Gwenn's panties, pink ones, and slipped
them up my sleek legs. I was slightly consoled by the large bulge my
junk made in the crotch of the unwanted garment. At least I had that
proof of my masculinity. After I got completely dressed I was unsettled
to look in her full length mirror and see how fruity I looked. Then I
dutifully brushed my hair forward in the front, creating something like
ragged bangs across my forehead. Next, though I tried to stop myself, I
took her eye liner and outlined my eyes, which really amped up my fairy
factor. I realized that others would view me as a 'fruit' and 'fairy',
and suddenly those words and others like 'swish' weren't anything I
wanted to think about.

Unfortunately for me, I was able to fit into a pair of Gwenn's slip-on
shoes, so my new look didn't have a hint of maleness. I even picked up a
bottle of her perfume and put just the slightest hint behind my ears and
at the base of my neck. When I came downstairs I wanted to sneak into
the rec room and hide, but couldn't stop myself from going back out onto
the porch. Alex's mouth dropped open.

Gwenn smirked evilly as she inspected me. She told her date, "Those
things you mentioned Mike -- I mean Mink -- telling you. About me being
with ex-cons and pimps. Those are what he fantasizes about happening to
him. In fact, he uses sissy body language that he hopes will attract
somebody dangerous like that." She looked me right in the eyes and said,
"Don't you, Mink?"

I froze only for a second and then found myself putting one hand on my
hip and the the other against my beardless cheek. I wondered fearfully
how long she intended to keep me that way but, before I could think
further, we were headed for Alex's car.

All too soon we were at the party. As we entered, everyone near the door
looked to see who had arrived. They recognized the happy couple but at
the same time gaped at the obviously fey guy with them -- ME. It was my
sister's circle of friends so nobody there knew me well, but I was sure
several of them recognized me and would most likely spread the word about
my 'feminine side'. With good intentions, I guess, one of the young
women offered to get me a drink.

In a soft whispery voice that didn't even sound like me, I said, "I'll
just have a white wine, thank you." Whatever spell Gwenn had used on me
certainly was detailed. As I stood there delicately holding the stem of
a wineglass between my fingers and taking tiny sips, more party goers
noticed me and openly gawked at my effete posture and the way I couldn't
keep from patting my hair. I even noticed Alex running his eyes all over
me. I cringed inwardly at being the center of undesired attention. I
wanted to yell loudly, but in my former voice, "I am not really like
this." Instead I fluttered my eyelashes and pursed my lips, not at
anyone specific, but just to be noticed more, which in reality was the
last thing I wanted.

A few late guests arrived. One of them was a tall guy in worn jeans and
a tank top. He had jet black hair and a buzzed, sandpapery beard. I
couldn't resist stealing looks at him. And everyone could see what I was
doing. I rubbed my palms on my hips and inched them toward my crotch.
The guy got the signal but didn't respond. I moved closer to him.

He was sizing me up when Alex came over and lightly touched my wrist,
then said, "May I get you a refill, Mink?"

I accepted, still speaking in that whispery voice. When I turned back to
the butch stud he had stepped away and was moving further into the house.
I was relieved. Wasn't I? Gwenn's spell was confusing me, I guessed.
Alex returned with the drink and asked me if I was comfortable. I licked
my lips and said that I would like to get some fresh air. He led me to
sliding doors that gave access to a patio. Outside there were a few
other people standing around chatting, so he walked me further, into the
yard and deep shadows. He wanted to know if that was better and I told
him it was.

Alex said, "Maybe it wasn't a good idea to bring you here. I'm sorry. I
just wanted to make Gwenn happy but, well, I guess I was trying too

I accepted his kindness with a hushed thanks.

We stayed for a while longer and then they decided to head home. Back at
our house, my sister and Alex sat on the porch's wicker couch. I perched
on one of the chairs, pressed my knees together, and put my hands on

The couple chatted for a while and then Alex cleared his throat.
"Gwenn," he said, sounding very serious. "I have a confession to make.
Like your brother, I've had some issues with my... sexual identity. I've
been seeing girls and I really like you but, well, none of it has led
anywhere. And now, after being with you and Mink at the same time, I
feel like I know what I really want. Would you mind if we called it a
night and I..."

She smiled with happy surprise. This wasn't part of her magic trickery.
I went cold inside. No, no, no. I wasn't really like what he was
seeing. I didn't want him to like me. Not that way.

But he was standing and then moving closer. He held out his hands and I
took them, rising slowly, keeping my elbows pressed against my sides,
gazing longingly into his eyes. He said, "I guess I'm not as tough as
some of the guys you dream about, Mink, but I'm no weakling either.
Would you like to go for a little drive?"

I told him breathlessly that I would.

Before long we were parked at the edge of a shady grove, with no one else
around. He got out of the car and came around to my side to open the
door. I got out and he took me in his arms, a touch roughly, believing
that was what I craved. I melted against him and rubbed my thighs
against his. That was all the encouragement Alex needed and he
immediately pressed his lips to mine in a passionate, probing kiss. I
accepted it and even returned his ardor. He ran his hands up and down my
back and freely fondled my bottom. He was treating me like a girl and I
dizzily accepted it. What was happening to me? It was as if the spell
had made me vulnerable to this new experience, even open to it, so that
my physical needs could be awakened and make me want it more. The cycle
of acceptance prompting desire which encouraged more acceptance spun
faster and faster as he unbuttoned my blouse and toyed with my responsive
nipples. I suddenly understood that if this went much further, I would
be re-programmed to accept and even desire it, though my masculine self
would still try to reject it. I would be trapped in a sexual interzone,
being pulled both ways, perhaps never able to escape.

All I had to do was resist. I somehow knew that if I could just fend off
his advances, just not go too far, I would be able to save myself from
that fate. Gwenn probably hadn't intended for it to reach that point but
now, without her present, the magic was running itself. Just a while
longer. Don't let this go to its passionate conclusion. But then Alex,
resuming his roughhouse role, clutched my shoulders and ground his pelvis
against me. I could feel the hardness between his legs. He got his hand
into the juncture of my thighs and cupped my genitals, which made me
shudder with unfamiliar sensations.

In a voice that was suddenly gruff, he said, "I can see why you want to
have a big man. I mean, because you have so little down there yourself,

What was he talking about? When his hand moved higher to stroke my
bared, hairless chest, I sneaked my own fingers down there and felt
myself. That hungry magic, wanting to carry itself to its limit, had --
nooooo -- reduced my proud cock to a useless remnant of its former glory.
I felt helpless as Alex kissed my neck, bit the softness there and, I was
certain, left marks. He pressed downward on my shoulders and my knees

I sank down and my fingers went to his fly, unzipped it, found his meat,
and freed it. Panting, I parted my lips and did what the magic wanted.
Part of me hated it but the newer part of me was starved for it, and was
already becoming addicted to the need. I would never be able to reverse
what was happening. I did to him what I had always wanted a girl to do
to me. He moaned and groaned and pumped his hips in slow motion. Instead
of trying to get it over with, I prolonged his pleasure for as long as I
could, partly to make him want me, but also to satisfy the part of me
that lusted for what I was getting. But I'm not Mink, I told myself, I'm
Mike. I'm a straight guy. I don't want to dress like this, look this
way, or do this. It was an inner conversation I knew I would be having
over and over. Alex froze and then let out an animal cry, his hands
gripping the back of my head. I felt so used as I swallowed his generous
output. But I wanted to feel that way. I needed powerful men to use me
however they pleased. I kissed and nuzzled his softening organ through a
long afterglow. At last he was sated and zipped himself up.

He stroked my hair and told me, "You were fantastic, Mink. I'm sure
we'll be seeing each other a lot."

As he helped me to my feet I tried to think clearly. Was there anything
positive I could take away from that night? And then I realized that I
had achieved what I had tried to do earlier. I had ruined Gwenn's date.
But I knew she wouldn't really mind.


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