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A Slice of Life

by jessielynn

A Slice of Life

Hanging with the boys was something we did everyday there was about 7 of us
we all lived within three blocks of each other and some on the other side
of the park but we all went to the same school and the same grade the
school called us the rat pack we were always into something.

One summer I was 12 years old, while doing some motor crossing on bicycles
I jumped a huge dirt mound and landed funny, I hit my nuts on my padded
handle bars, I buckled in pain, my friends freaked out and got one of the
mom's mine was at work. She took me home and iced my groin up and called my
mom, she sat with me until my mom got home she was about 20 minute away.

Mom got home and saw what had happened, mom was nurse in the navy and was
sure I had internal damage, I was getting very black and blue in my groin
and clammy. Off to the hospital, the doctors told my mom I had crushed one
of testicles for sure and were not sure about the other one and that I
needed surgery right away. Mom called dad he was aboard ship in the navy
but in port, he was scheduled to leave for six months. He came as soon as
he could. I was sent up for surgery, later the doctors told us that both of
my testicles were damaged and had to be removed and that my urethra and
bladder were damaged but repairable. Mom the nurse asked about hormones,
the doctor told here if I took them I would probably develop into the
normal boy but I could never father children, At 12 that was no big deal.
The doctor also said I could have prosthetic balls implanted later if I

It took about 2 weeks to heal then back on the bikes jumping hills and
tearing up the neighborhood and getting into trouble as usual. Mom was
getting fed up with me always in the middle of some sort of trouble, she
asked me to do an experiment she did not want me to take my hormones, she
wanted to see what would happen, I was the only child and I always wanted
to make mom happy, I said sure and left to find my friends. Several months
passed when I started noticing some changes in my body, my hair grew fast,
my nails grew fast and my nipples were getting bigger, my penis was not
doing anything. I told my mom about some strange feelings I was having and
that I would start crying for no reason and I was looking at the guys
differently I actually dreamed I was Steve's girlfriend one time, mom said
that was normal and to just keep dreaming.

By the time I was 14 I had noticeable boobs growing, my penis had shrunk to
almost nothing and I could not hide my feelings any more, one day while
driving home with Steve I told him I was attracted to him and wanted him to
suck on my nipples. He slammed on the brakes and looked at me, I pulled up
my shirt and showed him my boobs, his eyes bugged out and he said damn you
got tits, nice tits. He reached over and started caressing one, I melted
with emotions I slid closer to him and he to me, he started sucking my
nipples and I could see is hard on growing, I reached for his dick and
started to rub the outside of his pants he groaned, I undid his pants and
let his penis loose, I buried my head and mouth around his shaft and sucked
his penis until he came down my throat. We got dressed and he took me home.

That night I told mom what had happened, she looked furious when I told her
she jumped up and hit me in the face called me a slut and sent me to my
room. The door bell rang, a couple of Navy officer's were at the door, mom
talked a few minutes then feel down crying, dad was killed in an accident
aboard ship. Mom was a mess, here son had sex with another boy and her
husband was dead all in the same day. Later that night she came to my room
and told me take of my clothes and go shower. When I returned to my room my
mom had laid out a pink silk nighty and some pink slippers, I heard her
yell from the living room get dressed and come here, I slid on the nighty
and the slippers, what a wonderful feeling I thought to myself and walked
down the hall, in the living room was aunt Janet and my mom, Aunt Janet was
my moms rich sister she lived about 100 miles away, she was consoling mom
she had never married. Your aunt has been helping me dad's death and I have
been telling your aunt about your little escapade she thinks she can
help. I must have had a curious look on my face because they both answered
your sex of course.

Aunt Janet said I looked cute in my nighty and asked what I thought about
it, I told her it was smooth but I wasn't sure I could get used to pink,
she said girls just wear pink, I sat and said O.K. aunt Janet said ladies
must also learn how to cross there legs when they sit. So I did as she
asked, mom said that I would be staying with aunt Janet this summer and
that she would help me with my special problem, work out the bugs one way
or the other but that I could not be a boy and act like a girl or vice
versa. I asked you mean I can spend the summer as a girl? They both said if
you want to. I was not sure but said sure it would be fun. I had seen some
other girls on the beach in there cute little bikinis and thought that
would be cool. There was about two months before the end of the school
year. Mom was letting me dress at home however I wanted to, she even asked
if I wanted to go shopping for some new clothes? I swallowed hard on that
one, she saw my concern and said lets go visit aunt Janet and then do some
shopping. I was cool with that.

Friday after school mom had the cutest sun dress laid out on my bed and
some sandals, I showered mom walked in while I was showering and said that
I needed to shave my legs and underarms before I got out and that she would
help me, after the shower she handed me some lotion and I put it on my legs
WOW what a feeling that was mom helped me with my hair it was getting
pretty long, she gave me bangs and parted it on the side with a sweep then
I slipped into my dress. Mom asked if I was ready I told her that I
was. During or drive I told her that I wanted to pick a new name, mom
agreed, Bill was not a normal name for a girl. I told mom I liked the name
Cindy, she said glad to meet you Cindy. Off to aunt Janet's for the

About half way to aunt Janet's I had to pee and we needed gas. I had always
had a problem peeing it burned most of the time still part of the injury
and I had to go often. We stopped and mom pumped gas as I stepped out of
the car I realized I was in a dress and I had no other clothes, mom looked
around the car said wait ill go to the ladies room with you. We went to the
ladies room she reminded me to sit to pee in public, so I did. We finally
arrived at aunt Janet's she was a little surprised, mom did not call
before, aunt Janet took a look at me, mom said this is your niece Cindy
don't you recognize her, aunt Janet laughed and said come on in ladies I
was just about to go out for dinner will you join us, Us mom said aunt
Janet said Larry was here and they were going to dinner. Mom did not want
to intrude, aunt Janet said just wait a minute, she took Larry of to the
kitchen, they came back and said lets go. Larry insisted and told mom he
was sorry for or loose. We had a wonderful time, it was weird men treated
woman differently, Larry was a gentleman he opened car doors, moved chairs
everything. I told mom I had to go again Larry stood while the three of
went to the ladies room. Aunt Janet was thrilled she said I looked very
pretty and was well mannered, she never new I had it me. I said that's just
it I don't have it anymore, we all laughed freshened our faces, aunt Janet
put some mascara on my eyes then back to the table.

After dinner we all said good night and off to our rooms we went, Larry was
staying with aunt Janet. The next day Larry drove us to the mall and we
went shopping, we had a blast I never thought I could have so much fun
trying on clothes smelling perfumes and playing with my hair. Aunt Janet
asked if I wanted to get a perm I said not now but maybe over the summer
she said deal. The whole weekend was a blur but it was time to go back to
school, back into my jeans and "T" shirts, back to Bill for the last week
of school.

Hiding my boobs and my feelings was really hard now. Steve took me home on
the last day, mom was at work and I was home alone with Steve, I told him
again how I felt and what I was doing this summer, he started to freak out
but I told him to wait a minute, I ran to my room and changed into one of
my new outfits panties bra skirt all the accessories and some makeup, I
walked back in the room and asked if this was better. He stepped back and
said wow you make a great chick, I told him I was his and he could have
me. He pulled me to him and we kissed, he forced me to my knees in front of
him and I was all over his cock, I sucked it until he came, after
swallowing every drop again he held my head in place as he peed in my
mouth, I chocked some but keep swallowing, he started getting hard again,
he turned me over on my hands and knees threw up my skirt and pulled down
my panties, he stopped a minute and said you don't have any balls the
stories were true. He spit on my ass and made entry he rode me like a horse
I was gritting my teeth it hurt like hell but I was in heaven, he reached
around me took my bra off and played with my tits while he fucked my ass,
he came again and we collapsed.

You guessed it mom came home, Steve and I still curled up his now soft cock
was still in my ass and I had cum on my face, mom coughed real loud we
jumped Steve was embarrassed and covered himself I turned around, mom said
you little slut she grabbed me by my hair and forced my head down towards
Steve's soft cock and said clean up your mess slut, his dick had some shit
on it I held my head back she pushed harder she had his dick on my teeth
and I could not resist any more, I cleaned his dick off ran to the bathroom
and puked, when I came back Steve was gone. Mom was pissed she said I guess
its good I didn't have a pussy or I would be fucking everyone. I told her I
would not and that that was Steve, she just sat down and smiled, so that
was Steve he was cute for a teenager. At least you have good taste, haha.

The day finally came off to aunt Janet's to spend the summer as a girl, mom
was taking some vacation time and would be with us for two weeks, my first
appointment was the hair dresser, my hair was past my shoulders and had
some curls, now I sitting in a chair getting a perm, after the perm I had
false nails and a coat of pink nail polish, that night we sat around
watched TV and painted our toe nails. I was having so much fun. During one
our shopping sprees I tried on a bikini, aunt Janet and mom had envy in
there eyes as they checked me out. Mom said lets hope Steve's not at the
beach then laughed, aunt Janet had a puzzled look mom never told her. A
week into the summer mom and aunt Janet asked how I felt about being a
girl? I was in heaven it was so much fun, they said what about being a girl
permanently. I asked how? Aunt Janet explained that all I needed to do was
have my penis removed that the rest of my body was already there. That
night I played with myself something I did not do very often. I fact is was
kind of annoying. The next morning I told everyone I wanted to be a girl
all the time.

Mom had to go back to work, aunt Janet made some arrangements, I was seen
by a doctor about 30 miles from her house. He had me in a gown and stirrups
he had a hold of my penis and looked all over, he said I was a perfect
candidate for his procedure, a couple of days, more arrangements, mom drove
up signed some papers and I was wheeled into an operating room. After the
procedure I was greeted by mom aunt Janet and Steve, everyone had a smile
and I was feeling good.


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