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A Simple Compliment

by darkdawnomega

A Simple Compliment

A Simple Compliment
by Darkdawnomega
Written for Bullinova, my boyfriend

The two lions sat across a table from each other, a bit awkwardly. They had met online and had hit it off, but now that the two were meeting in person for the first time, both were showing their shyness.
"So..." Darius, a black lion with a silver mane murmured, feeling nervous.
"Yeah..." Bullen, the tan lion with a brown mane was equally anxious. And yet, it only took one thing to set them off.
"I like your beard, it looks good on you." Darius mentioned with a gentle smile, not realizing what he'd done.
Unknown to most, Bullen had a thing for beards. He had never shaved his once, and it had grown nice and thick. Darius had a small beard at one point, but had shaved it after realizing he was having trouble growing it much at all.
So without much more input, the two now had a topic of conversation that lasted the rest of the meeting.
Darius looked up at the clock, feeling as if the two had been talking for a while. They'd gotten together at 3 PM, and it was now...
"8 PM already?! Wooooow." He chuckled, smiling cheekily.
"It has been a while!" Bullen replied earnestly, looking much happier than he had when he'd gotten there.
"If you want... do you wanna come to my apartment?" Darius asked.
"Sure! I took a cab anyways." Bullen answered, making a wide smile appear on Darius's face.

Darius unlocked the door to his apartment, leading Bullen inside. It was a relatively nice place, the main living room furnished with a couch, lounge chair, and television. A bedroom and a bathroom were off to the left, and a kitchen to the right.
"Want anything to drink?" Darius asks.
"Sure, a glass of water would be nice." Bullen replied with a smile, Darius going into the kitchen to get drinks.
When Darius got back in, Bullen was sitting on the couch, He walked over, setting his own drink down and handing one to Bullen. "Here you go." He says, smiling and meeting his blue eyes to Bullen's green eyes. They seemed to have an interesting shine to them... it was making it hard for Darius to think of anything else.
Bullen set his drink on the table and grasped Darius's wrist, pulling him onto the couch and sitting him down, still staring into his eyes. "Does this feel nice, just getting lost in my eyes?" Bullen asked, a small smile on his face.
"Yeah..." Darius murmured, his eyes losing their intelligent focus as they slowly faded from blue to green.
"Keep looking, feel your mind getting lost in them, and tell me when you can't feel your mind any longer." Bullen commanded. It took a few minutes before Darius responded positively. The black lion's face was blank, reflecting the emptiness of his head.
"How do you feel about me?" Bullen asks, getting that question finally off his chest, having wanted to ask all night.
"Find you attractive... like being around you... was hoping to hook up..." Darius murmured.
Bullen smiled, tapping his bearded chin for a moment. His eyes went wide and he facepalmed before focusing back on Darius's eyes. Reaching up, he began to rub along Darius's muzzle, and as he did, a thick beard grew from his mane to cover Darius's lower face. By the time Bullen was finished, a Darius had a silver beard, matching his mane, that rivaled Bullen's own beard. Focusing his attention back on Darius's empty eyes, Bullen smiled.
"Time to do a bit of... interior redecorating, shall we say? You're going to find some new fetishes. Hypnosis, beards, latex, weight gain and transformation will all become incredibly hot to you. S/M will also catch your interest enough to look up, and if you like it, you'll tell me after looking it up online. When I break eye contact with you, you'll fall asleep on this couch, and you'll be happy that I sleep here tonight." Bullen finishes by looking away, and Darius almost instantly falls asleep. Smiling fondly at the lion who will be his new boyfriend, Bullen cuddles up against him, falling asleep for the night.

Darius yawned softly, his vibrant blue eyes cracking open as a ray of light shined over his face. He felt a comfortable pressure on top of him, and nuzzled his face into the soft mane next to his, before blushing a bit. Bullen was still there, asleep and cuddled against him.

As the two completely woke up and got breakfast, they once again looked at each other from across a table.
"So... last night..." Darius blushed softly.
"No, we didn't have sex. But... I hypnotized you." Bullen admitted.
"Really? You can do that? Wait, better question, what did you do after that?" Darius asked a bit sharply.
"...I asked how you felt about me." Bullen replied, not mentioning the beard as Darius seemed to think he'd always had it now.
"...Do you want to get together?" Bullen asked hopefully.

Around 7 PM that night, Bullen came back to Darius's apartment, a bag full of goodies in his car, just in case. Darius opened the door and blushed, letting Bullen in.
"I was... looking something up today and was wondering... are you into S/M?" Darius asked.
"Yeah, I am, as a Master and a slave. Why?" Bullen questioned, amusement shining in his eyes.
"...I was wondering if I could be your slave. Not just your slave, but... I guess a good way to phrase it is a hypno-slave." Darius admitted, blushing brighter.
"...Really?" He hadn't anticipated this! However, the stuff in his car would certainly be helpful now!
"Yeah. I just... I was thinking about some stuff and it got me really interested, and wanted to do it with you..." Darius trailed off as Bullen looked straight into his eyes, Darius's own losing their focus and turning green once more.
"Alright hun... this is how things are going to work. Whenever you get home and I'm here, and it's safe, every submissive thought and feeling in you will be amplified exponentially. You'll be unable to think of me as anything except Master, and will want to serve me faithfully in every way. This will also bleed over into your normal personality, making you more submissive around me generally. You will love to wear latex bondage gear and a collar, and will always want to have them on when your slave personality, which will go by the name Dark, is in charge." Bullen ordered, Darius nodding slowly as the commands wormed their way into his brain.

Darius felt the fog around his head clear a bit, and blinked a few times, getting his bearings. He was standing in front of the mirror in his bedroom, but was wearing something odd. He was in a latex bondage harness, with latex gloves, boots, crotchpiece, and a leather collar. He looked quite good in them, in his opinion.
"Slave." He heard, standing at attention as soon as he heard it. He watched as Bullen, dressed in similar gear minus the collar, walked up behind him. The other lion ran his paws through his mane and beard, making Darius purr loudly.
"Who are you, slave?" Bullen asked huskily, kissing Darius's neck.
"I am Dark, Master Bullen's hypno-slave." He replied almost robotically, his shaft erecting against the latex crotchpiece.
"Yes you are, slave... now follow Master." Bullen commanded. Darius, now replaced by Dark, followed Bullen to the bed. "On the bed, on all fours. I'm going to cement my claim on you, slave. By the way, a few new fetishes for you... musk, footpaws, armpits."
"Yes Master." Dark obeyed, getting into position as the next fetishes dug into his subconscious.
Bullen got up behind Dark, who's tail was now raised and he was in position. Pulling down his latex crotchpiece, Bullen let his erection spring free, before pressing the tip to Dark's tailhole. He grabbed a bottle of lube, getting his shaft nice and ready, before covering a few fingers in lube and rubbing it around and into Dark's rear. Slowly, he began to push in, his cock going into the slave lion inch by inch until Bullen was hilted balls-deep into his new willing slave.
He slowly began to thrust back and forth, working up some speed as he pounded his cock into Dark's tailhole. Both lions began to moan, the pleasure of being fucked by his Master almost indescribable to Dark and the pleasure of claiming his newfound boyfriend and slave being too much for Bullen, who began to jackhammer his cock into Dark. Pre oozed from the tips of both shaft, Dark's finally popping free from the crotchpiece. Leaning over, Bullen gripped Dark's mane in his teeth, slowing down but slamming his dick into the lion harder and harder as Dark began to clench his tailhole firmly around the large cock. Bullen was the first to shoot, letting out a roar as his seed rushed into Dark, cementing his ownership of the other lion, who began to cum moments later, now that his Master had his fill.

Almost every night for the next six months was like this, Darius getting brainwashed and his Dark personality becoming more and more prominent, and Bullen trying out new things with his boyfriend as they got closer. After a few months, the pair got a new, larger apartment together, but almost six months to the day of their first meeting, Darius came home from work to something new.
"I'm home!" Darius shouted, his eyes turning green as his personality seemlessly transitioned to Dark as he stripped nude, grabbing latex bondage gear and his collar. As he walked into the living room, he was greeted with an odd sight. Instead of Bullen, he found what looked like a cross between a lion and a skunk. It had mostly lion features, but had a large skunk tail, the smell (which was strong even across the room), and a green stripe outlines by white that went from the tip of the tail up to where the creature's mane ended at his forehead, along with having a green beard. The being's eyes were also a swirling purple.
"W-who-?!" Dark took a step back.
"Just hold on a moment, slave." Bullen's voice spoke back, making Dark's eyes go wide.
"M-master?" He stuttered in surprise.
"Yup~ Isn't in incredible what can happen in a day? I was out earlier, and found an odd package on the ground. I brought it back home, and there were these purple lollipops in it, having one changed me into this. And I like it, a lot." Bullen replied with a grin. "It also gave me an interesting change somewhere else~" Bullen added, staring straight into Dark's eyes. The slave's green eyes were caught in the swirling purple and reflected it, becoming the same swirling purple.
"Get on your knees, slave." Bullen ordered, Dark obeying instantly. The lion skunk (lunk) walked up to his slave boyfriend, dropping his latex pants and letting his erection spill free. Gripping it, he pressed it against Dark's muzzle, who opened it wide. The lunk grinned and slid his cock in, the lion beginning his ministrations on the thick shaft. As he did so, Dark began to change as well. Each drop of pre the lunk's cock leaked, Dark changed more, his tail swelling into a skunk tail, a white stripe forming that went from his tail to his mane, his mane turning blue, and becoming more skunk-like. Bullen growled happily, rubbing his slave's mane as more pre sped up the changes. Letting out a loud moan, he blew his load, thick lunk cum rushing down Dark's throat, making the changes permanent and leaving Dark a hypnotized lunk. With his boyfriend still on his knees, Bullen turned around and lifted his tail, starting to spray his musk all over the slave just like a skunk would. He made sure to get it all over Dark, the stinky musk getting deep into his thick fur and leaving him smelling just like his stinky Master. Bullen then wrapped fluffy tail around Dark, lifting up the brainwashed lunk. The dominant lunk laid down on his bed, pulling Dark next to him before unwrapping his tail. The new lunk cuddled up against his Master, nuzzling his face right into Bullen's armpit, sniffing and licking slowly as his mind and body adjusted to the changes.
Bullen, now thinking of himself as Stinkbrain, gently rubbed his lover's mane, hugging the smaller lunk against him and smiling. "Good boy... and to think this all started because of such a simple compliment..."


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