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A Fantasy Found Out

by cbarber92

A Fantasy Found Out

This all began about 3 years ago, although the true beginning was when I was a young teenager. Ever since I had figured out I could rub my dick and get real pleasurable feelings from it, I had combined the arousing feelings of wanted to wear girls clothes and masturbation. This I think sealed the deal for me before I even realized it. The fear of getting caught was also arousing as well, as I lived at home with my mom and grandma, who were very religious and would have been extremely disappointed in me if they found out the truth. They almost had, as they had found my stash of girl’s clothes twice. The first time, they thought my girl cousin had just been changing in my room and leaving her clothes. I lucked out big time. The second time I had to explain myself a little bit better. They still never suspected however that I stole those clothes, or that I really wanted to feel what it was like to be a girl.

As I got older, towards the age of 20, I realized it wasn’t so much the fact that I wanted to be a girl, but that it was a fetish of mine, something that was an arousing fantasy. While on YouTube, I was searching hypnosis videos because I thought they were hilarious, and then I came on to videos where guys were hypnotized into thinking they were girls. This increased my interest as I realized I could be made to think that I was a girl, and I could truly act that way without the fear of being caught or that I wasn’t “normal”. I began looking all over YouTube and the Internet for websites. I finally found warpmymind. I began to look through all the files I could find. I really liked a lot of the effects of many of the files, but many that I really liked always included the attraction to guys and cocks, which was something I didn’t want. However I began listening anyway.

At this point I had gotten a girlfriend. She was the girl of my dreams. She was very open minded, unlike much of the South where I live, and she had a great figure. I never could tell her about my secrets though. This was the reason why none of the hypnosis truly worked on me. I knew if it did, it would interfere with reality, so my mind had a real big mental block on the effects. One day my girlfriend almost caught me. She noticed I was acting weird though, and the next day, she went through my computer to see what I was hiding. That’s where she found all the hypnofiles. She also found warpmymind, and began to read up on the files I downloaded. She began to think this was something I truly wanted. She began to develop a plan, and began searching for ways to enact it.

Two weeks later, I answer the doorbell, and I find a package for my girlfriend on the porch. I called her and asked her about it and she said that she noticed I was stressed a few weeks ago and that these CDs were for relaxing. I figured they could do no harm and popped on in the nearby stereo. Soon, I was deep into trance. I hadn’t even known I dropped. I just know I woke up 3 hours later. My girlfriend was home and cooking dinner, since I was supposed to and had been on the couch for the last three hours. We began talking, and she begins to tell me that she wants me to listen to those tapes every day for a couple of months and that it would help me to relax and open up.

I don’t know why I listened, because I knew that as soon as I dropped deep, I should have realized something was up, but it felt so right just to listen to what she had to say. So I began listening everyday. I tranced for 3 hours everyday to very relaxing music. I began to notice little things however. I noticed my urge to wear and buy girls clothes increased dramatically. The idea to tell my girlfriend the whole thing also began flashing through my mind too. I really had the desire to be open with everything to her so I could get my girl clothes sooner. I had no idea what was coming over me. I had been good the previous three months or so with controlling my urges of feminization, but it seemed that I really wanted to do it now! I kept listening to those files and after another week, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I broke down and told my girlfriend everything. However, I told her more things than my original fetish of just wanted to experience being a girl for a while. I told her about my need for a mistress, the need to be a sissy bimbo, and to get rid of all my male clothes. As soon as I said all that, I shut my mouth; I had never had these ideas before! Why had I said all that?

My girlfriend utters a few words: “Ok, pet, you will now be a sissy bimbo”. Next thing I know, I tranced deep. I woke up a few hours later wearing frilly pink clothes. This included pink frilly panties, a petticoat under a short pink dress, high heels, and a blonde wig. I began to talk, but realized I was talking with a lisp. My girlfriend came into the room, after hearing me. She told me she was keeping a secret too; she was a bisexual and had her own fantasy of controlling her boyfriend. She said she didn’t imagine this in her original fantasies, but she was open minded and wanted to make me happy too. She began talking and began using a lot of big words, and I began to get confused. I couldn’t understand, I was able to keep up with her earlier. Now, I could hardly keep up with her sentences. I spoke up and said “Misthtresth, why cant I understhand what your sthaying?” She proceeded to tell me, that those CDs I had been listening to had been implanting programming and trigger words where I would respond to words like “pet”. I had been programmed to become the slave of whoever called me pet first and that I would be willing to follow that person forever and that I would become whatever she said.

I was appalled, but then I began to realize I could live out my fantasies. I got excited and told her I would love to continue. She laughed and said “You had no real choice in the matter anyway, but I will always continue to love you, I am secretly bisexual too, so you being a girl doesn’t mess things up.

From that point on, we lived happily in our own fantasies.


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