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by hypnome69


When it comes to tickling, there seem to be three kinds of people. Some of us are ticklish. There is a spot or spots that if someone tickles you, that you can't help but react. It's almost like pain, but you are laughing as you almost involuntarily move away. It my start cute or funny, but if it goes on to long you might start to fear not being able to regain control.

Then there is the more normal sorts. If you tickle them they might squirm a little, maybe they chuckle a little, but the whole experience is like an old knock-knock joke. Sometimes you feel like they are just humoring you if you try to tickle them. And it seems like no matter how or where you tickle them, both of you get bored too quickly.

Finally, there are the ticklers. You know the type... Once they finally find someone who is really ticklish, they can't help but push things to far. It isn't that they go around trying to tickle others all the time, but once they start tickling someone who is really ticklish, they just keep going. It is almost as if driving someone out of control drives them further out as well.

At this point, it probably comes as no surprise that I am one of those ticklish people of the first sort, and Lisa is one of those ticklers of the third sort. We had an on again of again relationship back in the late 90s, and she had my head spinning most if the time we were together.

She loved the fact that she found my ticklish spot, that light touches in the back of my neck made me laugh and squirm until i didn't known what I was doing. For some reason she loved going after that spot after we made love. It seemed to leave me more sensitive and more defenseless, and it seemed to make her... I don't know, more interested in seeing me squirm. At times she would just enjoy the way I squirmed at the threat of being tickled, while others she loved to tickle me crazy.

Other times, she would just want to talk about it. She seemed fascinated by every little detail of what I was feeling. She would probe deep, and sometime laugh and threaten to refresh my memory about tickling if I didn't give her enough details. Sometimes it seemed a little strange, but it seemed harmless, and often she was in the mood for even wilder sex afterwards.

But then, she started to introduce hypnosis to out playing. I don't know why it seemed to work, but after a few times of playing hypnosis, i began to realize my elbows were even more ticklish than my neck. Then things got even stranger.

A few day later after playing hypnosis, she jumped me. Suddenly she was kissing me everywhere, and pulling my shirt off. Things moved quickly, and we were both lost in a wonderful naked moment... Which ended suddenly when her fingers stroked my cock, and suddenly I was squirming and flailing as i felt the most intense tickling I had ever felt. I could barely think until she stopped. And a few moments later she started again.

She kept this up for the next few days, going from fooling around to tickling my cock until I couldn't even think bout sex. I got to the point I was begging her to not touch me and to make things back like they were.

She relented, and we started with hypnosis again. For a few days she would take me under, and them she would test things by touching my cock. It just wasn't working. If anything it was getting worse! Then, after a week of this, she touched my cock again, and it was so intense I just started babbling. I was laughing uncontrollably, and I don't even know what else was happening except for her eyes staring into mine as the world spun. She kept me like this forever (or at least 10 minutes) until it finally happened.

I totally lost control, and suddenly I was peeing all over her hand, and then, with a little aimg from her I think, all over myself. She let go then, and I just lay there exhausted, dazed, embarassed, and wanting to run away. I couldn't believe she had made me lose such total control of my body, and I was scared of her. Later, she showed me there were much bigger things to worry about than peeing yourself, but that is another story.


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