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Gone Like a Light!

by PaperWeight

Gone Like a Light!

My hands cramp and seize up as I type away on what is a beautiful Summer's day. My open window lends to the sounds of the gentle breeze squeezing its way through and lawn mowers chundering away at the thick, grassy Earth that's been left most of the Winter. But, I've got work to do. Little to no time to play. I'll have some fun when this assignment's finished. The end of the college year's on it's way and I've still got a handful of assignments to do, even if it is a Sunday.

My name's Sam. I'm currently studying Health and Social Care at the local college while working part time at a local retirement home doing nights on the weekend. The council has been nice enough to give me a one bedroom apartment, but I still have bills and such to pay. Life's quite stressful for me at the moment. Although this this is a two year course, this is my fourth year, since I studied Veterinary Sciences the two years before that. I'm somewhat a workaholic and try to really push myself for that rich, cosy life everyone dreams of. My confidence is fairly low and I like to keep myself to myself, other than the few friends that I hold dear. I'm also a tightwad with money, refusing to spend it on anything that isn't completely required. But, hey-ho, that's how I was brought up.

I click save on my coursework and sigh heavily, laying in my bed with my laptop practically melting my thighs. I look to my left and pout as I see another three assignments left to do. Suddenly, my phone starts ringing. I sluggishly reach next to the pile of coursework where it lays and answer it. It's a friend of mine, asking if I want to come out. I sit and ponder for a second, then look at the few assignments I've got left to do. Taking a deep breath in, I decline. She asks if I'll come out next time, and I give an unsure maybe and hang up with a quick goodbye. This is a typical Monday for me, the joys.

Night draws in slowly. The sun sets in the distance, leaving an orange tone over the land. I reach over to my bedside drawers and flick on my lamp to continue with my work. Once again, my phone rings and once again, it's my friend. She pesters me once more, saying that we've not seen eachother in a while. Reluctantly, I agree to let her and a few other of my friends come over.

I get on with some coursework while I can, but it's not long before they turn up. There's three of them in total; Vikki, Hayley and Charley. Vikki and Charley are both quiet girls, while Hayley's more boisterous. Vikki's your typical video game girl and a huge movie buff. She locks herself in her room, procrastinates to no end and just roams through series after series. She is surprisingly beautiful though. She has a very curvy figure, which I've always been a tad jealous of. But she doesn't seem to take an interest in guys, much like myself. She's the one of the three I connect with the most. Hayley is, again, very curvy too. She's fairly bubbly and fun to be with. She's kinda the leader of our small group. Confidence and energy just oozes from her. She's quite tall, unnaturally blonde and also quite curvy. Recently, she's gotten into fake tan and skimpy clothes too. Not her usual thing, but ohh well. Finally, there's Charley. She's got a kid, and it shows by her being the mother of our group, keeping Hayley in line sometimes and encouraging us to make the best of ourselves. She's a real sweet person. She's quite pretty, and somehow, regardless of having a child, is stick thin and very, very tall. All four of us range between twenty and twenty two.

I sat on my bed and everyone just kinda scattered around the floor. Vikki raises a bag of Chinese food and smiles at me. I smile politely back, but with little honesty. The food's handed out amongst the four of us. Vikki hands mine and I plate up. The greasy mess just lays there, slowly sliding down itself into a flat, browny-white mess. I take a few forkfuls of noodles, then place my plate on the side. Hayley frowns at me and points at my food with her fork.

''Are you not going to eat that?'' I shake my head and she reaches clumsily to grab my plate. In her rush, she knocks over my lamp, shattering the bulb. I tut and roll my eyes, leaving my bed to turn the overhead light on.

''Dammit, Hayley. I barely have enough money for food this month, let alone having to shell out for lightbulbs!'' my answer was short and fierce. The three shared a look, then bowed down to their food to eat. There's silence for a little bit while they finish their meals. I continue pattering away at my assignments. Eventually, Hayley stands up with her plate.

''Right, if you're going to be such a mardy arse, I guess we should leave,'' I shrug and Hayley storms out of the room. Vikki and Charley sheepishly follow. As they leave, I hear Charley trying to reason with Hayley, and Hayley reacting in anger as they all get in her car. So what? My point was valid! I don't live with my parents, like her. Everything costs.

Now in a foul mood, I call it a night on my assignments, the one thing I wanted to do all night, and go to sleep early.

It's now Friday and I still can't afford a new damned lightbulb. It just makes doing my assignments that little bit harder trying to work with the large shadow that looms over my papers thanks to Hayley, the clumsy twit. I'm almost home from college as I see my house. I'm wearing a buttoned up plaid shirt, with a stripey, loose-fitting top and some shorts on, some real summery clothes! I rub my arms as the cool air descends on what has been quite a nice day. Suddenly, up the street, I see some girl walking out of my block of flats. She's dressed like a total tramp. A pair of tiny short shorts, a skimpy black tank top and a pair of tan boot/heel hybrids. This girl's after some serious game, walking around a rough estate like this dressed like that. A local boy, about eighteen, possibly younger, gets stopped by her. She's twisting her long, thick, blonde hair around a finger, with one arm bent and resting by the hand on her cocked out hip. She's flirting with him. She's literally just picked a random person out off the street and has started flirting with them.

I'm totally caught by this scenario. This whole thing just captivates me. How can she just lower herself to flirting with strange, adolescent boys on a council estate? She turns and walks towards me, linking arms with this lad. Now facing me, I get a clear sight of her. It's Hayley! Since when did she become the local slut?!

Not catching sight of me, she leans into the passenger seat of a lowered down car and gets driven off by this young boy. Atleast I know he's seventeen now. I start walking slowly to my flat. Suddenly, my phone vibrates, scaring the life out of me. It's from Hayley;

Hey babe! I've just, like, totally left you a pressie wessie on your doorstep! Hurry and get back before some nasty man pinches it, much like you just saw this nasty man pinch me! Teehee!

Babe? Pressie wessie? Tee-fucking-hee? Amongst all these weird words Hayley sent me, which all make her look like she's back in secondary school again, it's also incredibly unlike someone as strong headed as her to make up for something she didn't think she was in the wrong for, let alone in less than a week. Plus she's a brunette, not a blonde whore. Something's off here. Regardless, I pick up the pace and walk home.

As I approach my front door, low and behold, there it was. Just a small, brown box labelled 'Bimbobulb!' Well, atleast she replaced it. I suppose that's something. I squat down and pick it up, then unlock my front door and walk inside.

I grab some food, just a little, can't over feed myself too much, then head straight into my room. Instantly, my laptop's turned on. As it boots up, I replace the bulb. I take it from it's packaging and notice the dark tint over it. I sigh heavily once more as I think that a tinted bulb's better than an absent bulb and start putting it in. After some fiddling, I pull the chord to my lamp and it shines bright. It dazes me for a second, but slowly my eyes adjusted. It was the deepest colour of pink I think I'd ever seen in my life. Even the smell of the burning tungsten in it was appealing. Instantly, I liked this bulb.

Either way, it was a study aid and nothing more, so I get into my bed and start with my coursework. Almost instantly my eyes seem to get heavier. I feel and overwhelming exhaustion over myself after only typing up a few words. Maybe a bit of chill out time was needed before I crack on with my work? I think I deserve a break. I flick on to Facebook and say hello to a few people. It's pretty much the same 'hello' ritual over and over again with them, with a few shocked statements of 'You've actually pulled yourself away from your work?!'

I begin to browse today's newsfeed. The same old shit, just on a different day. I keep scrolling, and scrolling and scrolling. My finger lays still on the mousepad. something's caught my eye. It's a picture of an acquaintance of mine. It 's a shallow and superficial picture of him posing in the mirror with his shirt off. Normally, I'm disgusted by this sort of thing. But this... This is just amazing. Those pectoral muscles, that abdomen and best of all, those huge arms. I begin to feel a little hot and start panting. I wipe a bead of drool from my mouth.

What the hell am I doing?! I tear my eyes from it, shutting them, and slam my laptop shut, shaking my head. I sigh heavily and look over at my phone. I think of Hayley again. Even if I was mad at her, I should really ring her and check if she was alright. The responsible person in me takes over. I jump from my bed, grab my phone and walk into the lounge, since there's better signal in there.

I walk over to the large sofa and plummet myself into its depths. Quickly, I search for Hayley's number and click the green button. It starts ringing. Once. Twice. Three times. She picks up. There's a breathless hello followed by a chorus of panting. I begin to worry, and think she was running from someone.

''Hayley? It's Sam, are you alright? I saw you get in a strangers car and just wanted to know if you're okay,'' There's some more panting before she answers.

''Yeah I'm... I'm like, totally fabbers babe!'' She lets out a loud moan. Suspect ideas run through my head.

''Erm... Alright then. You sure you're alright? You either sound like you're in a lot of pain or pleasure,'' I let out a fainthearted laugh, trying to use a joke to ease the tension which I thought was there.

There's a little more panting and a few moans. I can hear a man's voice in the background. Finally, she answers, ''I'm fantastic babycakes! I-I've got a thick cock in my cunt and an... another two waiting for me when this one gets bored. Life's great right... Hnnggg... Now!''

I feel a hot fire burn up inbetween my legs. I cross them, but it only makes things worse. The fuck's going on with me tonight?

I consider hanging up. I try to say a quick goodbye, but she keeps talking, ''Bee Tee Double-you babe, have you replaced that bulb with the pretty one I gave you?'' I tell her that I have, and that I like it, ''Fabbers! Me an' tha girlies will come over tomorrow. Now, I've got a thick cumload waiting for me. Speak to you in a bit, sexy, yeah?'' The mention of cum only makes things worse for me. My breath becomes heavier. I try and mask it over the phone.

''Erm... Sure. Bye,'' I hear some moans and Hayley screaming 'All over my bouncy boobies and face!' before we disconnect. A little stunned, I sit and breath deeply for a few moments, calming myself down, before I adjourn back to my room.

After a few hours, the pink in the corner of my eye just seems so natural, I'd gotten used to it. I'm feeling a tad light headed though. Maybe it's the lack of food I've eaten? No, it can't be that. I don't feel uncomfortably light headed, nor sick. I just feel kinda high. Yes, high, that's accurate. I stop typing up my coursework and just look at the ceiling for a minute. I gaze at the pink from the bulb reflect and shine on everything. For a moment, I just sit there, completely relaxed with a goofy grin on my face.

I snap out of my weird moment to myself and focus, a determined expression enveloping my face. But everytime I tried to type, everything gets swarmed in a pink haze. I just can't seem to finish my sentences. I'm beginning to type slower and slower, really fighting to work.

I rub my eyes and grab my rubbish from my food previously, then walk to the kitchen. I run the tap to let the water cool and look around for some food. Opening the fridge, I find a few chocolate bars amongst a lot of greenery. I reach for a bag of lettuce, but begin to hesitate as the chocolate stares at me. I should be watching my weight. But hey ho, I guess you only live once? Plus maybe I was light headed due to low blood sugars. I walk back over to the tap, my Dairy Milk in hand, and grab a mug. The water pours into fast and hard, soaking my hand. I go to dry my hand on a tea towel, when I look down myself, then stare at my hand. Smiling contently, I begin to run the palm of my hand over my warm body, lifting my shirts with the gap between my thumb and finger. My stomach becomes all shiny and moist, I can't help but start giggling to myself! Maybe a bit of down time's needed...

I skip back into my room, welcomed and covered in that beautiful pink light. I just stand and gaze at it for a few seconds, grinning amusingly to myself. Thoughts, unusual ones, leap into my head. I think of having a boyfriend, and not in the cute way. I begin to think of having a huge stallion of a man with a raging cock who can ravage and satisfy me to my heart's content. I begin to think of having even a girlfriend, and using her delicious little mouth to my advantage. I begin to think of ways to get both of these things. I should go shopping! I should dress more provoc... Provac... Erm, slutty! Yes, this all sounds, like, totally great! My mirror catches my eye. I look at it and get an idea into my head. I should totally take some slutty pictures of myself. Just like that, I tear open my shirt, buttons flying in every direction. I take my loose fitting shirt and tie it into a knot, showing my fab abs! I suddenly feel so much more confident. So much more... Horny. I grab my phone and start posing, taking snap after snap. I bend over, taking a shot through my legs. I take another bent forwards to show a little cleavage, biting my lip. Picture after picture, snap after snap.

I slide a hand down the back of my shorts and turn, revealing a pair of boyshorts. I pout childishly and hoist them up, wedgying myself to show off my arse. I, like, totally need some sluttier clothes! Another devilish idea jumps into my head. I start pulling my shorts down to take them off, then sit infront of the mirror, giggling as my legs spread apart. The shorts dangle off one foot as I raise my leg into the air. I pull my panties up at the front, camel-toeing myself. I then lift my shirt up, exposing my bra, then take a few free handed snaps of my self, pulling faces in the same pose over and over. Each one makes me feel so happy and warm.

I lay onto my back and stare at the ceiling for a bit longer. I coo to myself as my hands start to wander over my suddenly sensitive body. I whimper as they draw closer to my gradually moistening cunt. Closer and closer they get. The tension builds in me. I feel like the slightest brush or stroke of my hand will make me explode!

But I stay my hand and string my thumb into the waistband of my pants. I peel them off me, a thick bead of my female juices stringing from the crotch area. The cool air hits my cunt, causing me to moan once more. I completely take off my pants and shorts and address my top half. I undo the front clasps of my bra and let the cups fall either side of my chest. The bare pars of my body begin to pull and tingle at the feel of the carpet around me. I writhe and roll around in delight, smiling and humming soft tones of pleasure.

Finally, I sit up, moving to a standing position. I skip and bounce giddily into my dining room and take a chair from the table, dragging it into my room. Slowly, I lower my dripping bottom half onto the chair. The fabric's more coarse on this and tugs at the bottom of my cunt a little more than the floor. I grind gently on it as I continue to take open-legged snaps of myself as I pull dirty, sordid faces. I, like, totally can get used to this kinda fun! Why was I such a total bitch before?! I'm never gonna do anything, like, become a prude ever again.

Back and forth I rock, picture after picture. Finally, I feel myself start to spasm. I roll onto the floor and hold my camera up in the air, taking snaps as I lower my hand and bring myself to a glorious climax.

I lay, panting. Giggiling to myself, I decide to skip work tomorrow. Maybe even the day after that too. I don't think I need to go back to college ever again. Who needs a brain when you can, like, fuck all day and night? It's totally not needed! I think I'll spend my day at the shopping centre and totally hit on some cute guys. Infact, any guys. I just want a totally tasty cock in my mouth or cunt. I could even buy some, like, sluttier clothes and some toys while I'm there. Ooo, and some blonde dye! Defo need some slutty, blonde dye! Teehee!

After I catch my breath, i sit up and jiggle giddily over to my bed, camera in hand. I link it together with my laptop. A folder pops open with all the files on the camera contained in it. I browse through the pictures. I feel my heart leap and my sex moisten as I roam through image after delightfully slutty image. I lower my hand to my thobbing cunt and instantly stick my ring and index fingers in. My hand rocks back and forth, in and out. A wet schilicking noise echoes through the room. I peer down and see my bedsheets, now a dark, sexy pink colour, gain an increasingly spreading damp patch. My hand glistens in the light of my awesome lamp. My head looks around and starts taking notice of a few things, a content smile spreading over my mouth as it hangs open slightly, panting. The white boxes of the folders, the cream coloured walls and even my ceiling have all taken a deep, totally fab bubblegum pink shade to them!

I giggle, gripping my newly coloured sheets before continuing with the idea in my mind. The hand that was previously in my damp mound slides over the touch pad, smearing my laptop with my juices. I load Facebook up and begin to upload the photos. I bite the corner of my sheets anxiously as, one by one, they pop up on people's news feeds. My body rewards myself for being such a slutty girl by causing a huge, sudden climax. My quilt still wedged between my teeth, I bite down and stretch my body into and arch, knocking my laptop off my bed and convulsing wildly. My muscles cramp and seize in ecstasy.

My body relaxes and it falls limp. My eyes become so incredibly heavy, as does the rest of me. Slowly, everything goes black, but with a tint of pink. Even with closed eyes, I see pink. But a nap's totally what I need. Then I can be slutty tomorrow and feel it all over again. Yes.. I need... To sleep.

A few days of being totally fabulous pass at, like, total lightspeed! I invite the girly wirlys over for some fatty foods and naughty drinks. Ofcourse, Hayley was defo invited! I dress myself all up and dyed my hair blonde for the occasion. There's a knock at the door and I skip towards it. I squeal shrilly and hug Hayley, welcoming them all in. They all comment on my totally fab hair which, ofcourse, makes me look like a total sex bomb! I link my arm with Hayley and we both skip into my room with Charley and Vikki following sheepishly behind. I look back over my shoulder and totally see them looking confused. I remember those days when I was totally fretting about unimportant shit.

I turned to Hayley and covered my mouth with a hand as I saw her totally huge boobs! They'd, like, gotten o much bigger!

''Ohh-Emm-Gee! Hayley, these are, like huge now!'' She totally returned the favour by copping a quick feel of mine too.

''Your's are getting quite big too, Sammy wammy!'' Vikki and Charley just stand and stare, totally stunned by our incredible sexiness. Mine and Hayley's eyes meet and we lean in, teasing eachother's mouths. Her hands totally run down and around my sides and feel my gorgeous, firm bum. Mine run around her body and up to her dishy, thick locks, gripping fibres in each hand softly.

Charley and Vikki continue to give eachother freaked out looks and start to leave. Me and Hayley break from our sexy embrace. Hayley goes to lock the door, putting the key down her pants. I turn on my lamp.

''You both need to, like, totally take a chill pill! Just look at my lamp. It makes you so totally calm!''

A PaperWeight production. Please leave some comments about your genuine opinion! I won't write the next story until I've gotten enough feedback.


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