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Conditioned Part 1

by curiousguy92

Conditioned Part 1

I'd always gotten off on transformation fantasies, ever since the first time I discovered porn. Stories about straight guys being turned gay, average guys growing into huge dumb bodybuilders or shrinking into effeminate twinks, anything that didn't involve animals, blood, or real pain. So when I stumbled across erotic hypnosis and mind control online, I felt like I'd hit the transformation jackpot. Everyone seemed supportive, or at least tolerant, of everyone else's fetishes. It was great.

After looking around the site I started chatting with a few members, exchanging surface info about what we were into, what we wanted to achieve with hypnosis. When pressed, it dawned on me that I didn't really know what I wanted to achieve. There were guys who wanted to be more submissive, guys who wanted to be dumb jocks, guys who wanted to act and feel like women, but all I knew was that I liked the idea of changing into something that I wasn't before.

Eventually I ended up chatting with a guy who happened to live in my city. He'd done his fair share of trancing, but he was more of a hypnotist than a subject. He liked that I was looking for a transformation but hadn't settled on anything in particular, and he seemed nice enough. We talked online for a few weeks, got to know each other, and one day he asked if I'd be interested in meeting for coffee. Completely casual, in public, no pressure to do anything at all related to hypnosis. I agreed.

So I met him at a coffee shop a few miles from my apartment, knowing only that he'd have his laptop with him and there would be a decal of two interlocked male symbols on the back. It turned out he was really hot. Classic features, strong jawline, and a body so built that his shirt could hardly contain it. He smiled as I approached, and the bright white of his teeth almost made me swoon. We drank our coffee and shot the breeze about TV, working out, books, and music. Then that smile again.

"You want to head out? We could talk about...other things."

I knew immediately that he meant my transformation fetish. We'd agreed that we didn't have to discuss it, since this was the first time we met, but I already felt comfortable with him. "Yeah, why not?"

So we started walking, and he asked me if I'd thought at all about what kind of transformation I wanted. Physical? Mental? One that I didn't notice until it was done?

"Honestly? I think the mental aspect always did it more for me. The kind of stuff where a guy would go from completely straight to completely gay, or he'd be made to get turned on by things he'd never considered before."

"Ok. I can work with that. If you wanted to work with me, that is. Hey, you know what? Have you ever thought about regular conditioning instead of full-on hypnosis?"

I hadn't, and wasn't entirely sure what he meant. "Do you mean like changing without actually going into a trance?"

"Yep. Like instilling new habits, ideas, or desires through positive and negative reinforcement. It can be just as strong as hypnosis at creating lasting subconscious changes. Tell you what. My place is just a few blocks from here. I can show you what I mean if you want."

This was all moving a lot faster than I intended it to, but he was really accommodating and wasn't putting any pressure on me, so I figured what the hell. We walked the last few blocks to his place, which was really nice. He lived in an open loft with a great view of the downtown skyline.

"So, what's this demonstration going to be like?" I asked, the suspense turning me on a little.

"Well," he replied coyly, "Sexual pleasure is one of the strongest ways of reinforcing conditioning, whether it's paired with a new sensation, an idea, or both. Are you up for it?"

I responded by stripping down to my briefs. He smirked and followed suit, treating me to all the glory of his ripped torso and unexpectedly full crotch.

"Top or bottom?" he asked.

"Top. Haven't bottomed since my first time."

"Perfect. Do you mind if I work on making you enjoy and want to bottom?"

I had to admit, top-to-bottom transformations on a gay guy were almost as hot as a straight guy turning into a gay bottom boy. I agreed to try it, and he led me over to his bed, where he had me lay down with my ass right on the edge. I pulled my underwear off, and tossed them across the room to where my clothes were. He grabbed a bottle of lube and a dildo, then came back over to me.

"So what I'm going to do is jerk you off while I fuck you with this dildo to start building a link between the sexual pleasure of having your cock stroked and the feeling of having something in your ass."

It wasn't a huge dildo, maybe 6". He set it aside at first though, and lubed up my cock and my ass. He started by stroking me to full mast and then sliding one finger in my ass. I wasn't kidding about the fact that I hadn't bottomed in years, so I was tight and I wasn't used to that kind of pressure. He slid his finger in and out, slowly and gently, and then started talking.

"I want you to just think about the sensations in your ass. Just focus on the feeling of having something in there. Good."

I focused all thought on my ass, which for the longest time hadn't been a sex organ for me. I started to go a little soft, but as he continued fingering me and stroking my cock, I got back to full erection. Then I felt a new pressure against my ass. He had gone for the dildo. After loosening me up with his fingers, the dildo went in with surprisingly little resistance or pain. He started thrusting the dildo in and out at the same rhythm he had fingered me.

"That's it. Just keep focusing on your ass. It feels good being full like this, doesn't it? You haven't been fucked in a long time, but it feels really good."

I had to admit, after that first falter with the fingering, I stayed hard the rest of the time. Maybe bottoming was alright. He started picking up the pace, both with the dildo and with masturbating me. I could feel my orgasm starting to rise, and he did too, because he kept talking me through it, encouraging me to associate pleasure with having my ass filled.

"Yeah, you're going to cum from getting fucked. It feels so good having your ass filled that it's going to make you cum. Focus only on how good it feels to have this dildo thrusting in and out of your ass. You love getting fucked because it feels so good."

I did as he instructed and focused only on my ass. It did feel good. He was fucking me with a dildo and I liked it. It felt really good. And then I came. I shot a huge load of cum all over my chest, from getting fucked with a dildo.

He pulled the silicone cock out of me. "So, how was it?"

"Wow," I panted. "I did not remember it feeling that good the first time."

He smiled, offering me a towel to clean up. "That's conditioning for you. If you like, we can keep working on opening you up to bottoming in the future."

"I'd like that," I admitted as I pulled my pants on. "I really should get going though. It's late and my apartment is across town."

"Shit! I didn't realize. Here, let me give you a few bucks for bus fare."

I tried to turn him down, but he insisted I take the five $1 bills he was offering, and I ended up leaving with a little more than I needed to ride the bus. We agreed to meet up again in a few days to work on more bottom conditioning. Already I had a new appreciation for my ass.


Re: Conditioned Part 1 - darkenedav

Seems a little shaky at the start (wasn't sure if the main character was straight or gay... then realised it didn't matter, then obviously gay) but the concept is deliciously subtle again, enough for a read and it is a very solid start for a story series :D

Kudos :)

Re: Conditioned Part 1 - callmecrazy

I really hope you write more!

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