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The Day the Earth Wet the Bed.

by parrot999

The Day the Earth Wet the Bed.

"Frank, I'm going out for groceries.". "Pfft, sure." said Frank in a mildly frustrated tone. "Frank, I know you have been cheating on me.". Frank, now enraged by his wife's behavior responds "Me?! You're the one going to the 'grocery store' at 3:00AM Julie! What grocery store is open at 3:00AM? Huh! You have the nerve to accuse ME of cheating! Well, I'm not, but you're not making it easy!". "Then maybe we should get a divorce!". "Maybe we should!... What IS that high pitched noise!". Julie then collapses on the ground, followed shortly by Frank.
Meanwhile at NASA headquarters, a scientist named Tina Cummings just made a significant discovery. "Unbelievable. Simply astounding!". "Keep it down Tina! It's 5:00AM, and some of us are trying to get some rest!". "Go home if you want to rest, Brock! No one's forcing you to stay this late after hours. But I highly suggest you come over here before you do so.".
Brock stumbles to his feet in an exhausted sort of way, and walks over to Tina. "What now Tina?!" he asks expecting it to be some rock debris, or a solar flare. "You see that over there?". "Yeah? It's probably an old satellite.". "I don't know of any manned satellites. There is someone, or something inside that pod that's giving off a human-like heat signature, we may have just discovered the first extraterrestrial life known to exist!".
Just then, the power gets knocked out. "Why aren't the backup generators working?" asks a frightened Tina. "I'll go check, you stay here, we need to try and communicate as soon as possible!". "What if it was them? If they think they can overpower us with a single vessel with one life-form inside, they have another thing coming. I'll be back.".
Shortly after he left, Tina heard a high pitched noise, and collapsed on the floor. About five minutes later Brock returned after an unsuccessful attempt to start the generators. "I just don't understand it! They should function. It's like there is a giant electr- Tina!". He rushes over to Tina, and tries to wake her up.
After slapping her awake a couple times, he is greeted with "Fuck, I feel good!". "Are you okay Tina, you collapsed.". "Good, but I'm feeling extremely horny right now... I never noticed how handsome you are!". "Stop it! I have a wife, and you're clearly under some kind of influence right now!". "The only influence I'm under is you, and my own body.". Tina then tries to unbutton his pants, only to be swatted away. "Look Tina, we've got bigger problems than your crotch... speaking of your crotch... are you wetting yourself!".
"That feels soooo good!". "Wha... never mind, I shouldn't be surprised at this point... I have some adult diapers in the cupboard.". There's also an old two way radio, doubt it works, but we can give it a try.". He changes Tina into diapers with the skill and efficiency of a nurse. "There Tina. That must be better than being in wet pants.". "I like the fluffiness!". She then proceeds to hug Brock, while grabbing at his pouch.
"You can't tell me you don't want to. I can tell.". "Of course I want to! But I can't. The whole world may be at stake for all we know.". "Shhh" Tina says with her finger over his lips, "You seem so tense! Just relax! Everything will be fine!".
They started to makeout, and then she proceeded to take his pants off. "Tina?", "Yeah?", "I don't have a wife, I lied.". He then slipped his hand down her diaper and stroked her clit. "Ohhh! yes!" screamed Tina in orgasm. He then took off her diaper, and licked her while she gave him a blow-job. This went on for what felt like hours, until he collapsed asleep, and woke up the next morning.
"Shit!" said Brock. He turns on the radio, which surprisingly works. He notices all the frequencies send the same message. "We have basic language knowledge. Help! Vessel no fuel, need assistance.". After a couple of loops, Brock decides to answer. "This is NASA. We have received your distress signal. What do you need.". "Water. Many water gallons. Already pay.".
"What do you mean you already payed?". "Give pleasure to Earth, everyone have fun.". "Why wasn't I effected?". "You probably under surface. We give pleasure.". "You give us grief.". "How. We give pleasure.". "Most Humans are conservative with sex.". "I sorry. We need learn Earth people...". "That said, we do have lots of water down here, you will need to come get it of course, but we will provide you the assistance you need. Within reason of course.". "We gracious. We need 42 gallons get home.". "You will get your water.". Brock looks over to the sleeping Tina, and shakes his head. "Never thought first contact would be like this...
"Frank. I'm sorry I cheated on you, I love you.". "Julie, I love you too. Even though you cheated on me.". Oh Frank!". "Theres just one major problem to sort out now.". "What, Honey?". "We need a new mattress now."


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