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How i became a whore part 2

by Airman1030

How i became a whore part 2

While we were sitting there, being driven to fulfill our new purposes, there was soft and calming music being played. This music just put me at ease and I closed my eyes and just listened and relaxed. I have no idea how much time had passed or how many miles we were driven. I guess I was really at peace with the turn that my life had taken. I never even gave my friends a second thought. I had no idea where they were or what they were doing.

All of a sudden I heard the voice of Princess Nadia say “Wake up and follow me slaves.” and we did just that. She led us into a very large and beautiful house where we were met by a woman dressed in a very revealing maid’s uniform. Princess Nadia handed the end of our chain that she was holding to this woman and told her to take us to the “holding room” and get us ready. Princess Nadia then walked into another part of the house as we were lead down a flight of stairs into the basement.

We were lined up along a wall and told to remove the latex suits that we were wearing, fold them and place them on the floor next to us. Luckily the collar I was wearing was loose enough that I could slide the latex hood between it and my neck. After we had all removed our outfits we were told to kneel facing the wall and wait our turns. We followed these instructions and just knelt there awaiting our fait.

“Mark!” I heard shouted by a voice I couldn’t see. All of a sudden the chain connecting me to the other slaves that I arrived with was removed and I was told to stand up. I was the first one taken and I was actually feeling kind of relieved that I was getting this over with. I was led up the same stairs that we went down to get to the basement. Once I got to the top of the stairs I was directed into a room to the right of the stairwell where the ladies were waiting.

Inside the room there were fifteen women sitting in nice wooden chairs and some of them had men or women kneeling next to them. I saw Princess Nadia sitting in the front row smiling. I was ushered up on a platform that was in the room and told to lift my arms above my head and turn around to give the ladies a good view of my body. “Would any of you ladies wish to inspect this slave more closely?” asked the woman that must be the auctioneer. Four women stood up and walked to the platform and I was bent over, prodded and poked. They looked into my mouth and felt my cock. They gave me a thorough look over and then the auction was about to began.

Princess Nadia stood up and handed a folder over to the auctioneer. She opened it and looked it over and smiled. “I may want this one for myself” she said. “Ok, this one’s name is Mark O’Laughlin and he’s very wealthy. According to the contracts that he’s signed, whoever buys him will take over his vast fortune. This one hasn’t been conditioned for too much other then entering trance and following simple instructions. You can program him however you chose.”

She then demonstrated the limited conditioning by saying “Kneel slave” and I did. Then she said “Sleep” and my world went black. She then brought me out of my trance and started the auction. “Since this one is wealthy we will start the bidding at $100,000.” I heard several bids as the price went up to $250,000 and then past it. “I have $450,000 Do I hear $500,000 for this slave? Anyone?? No? SOLD!!! For $450,000 to Kay. Great purchase Kay. Enjoy your new slave.” said the auctioneer.

Kay walked up to me and attached a leash to my collar. She was then handed an envelope with my wallet in it. She grabbed one of my credit cards and paid for her latest purchase with it. She then led me out of that room and into another room down the hall. She look at me and said “You are MINE now slave.” She then put me into trance and I could hear her talking to me. Not only was she deepening my trance but I could her telling me how my life was going to be from now on.

“I am now your owner and you’re my slave. You will address me as Goddess at all times. You will drop to your knees and bow your head anytime I enter a room. You no longer have any say in anything. You will follow all of my orders and following my orders gives you pleasure. You will not cum with my express permission.” she then grabbed my dick and said “Since I own you I own this cock and it will get hard only when I want it to! Do you understand this slave?” she asked. My only response was “Yes Goddess.”

She then brought me out of trance and as soon as I saw her I dropped to my knees and bowed my head. “Good slave.” she said as she patted the top of my head. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with you. I may even keep you forever if I don’t get bored.” She then led me out of that room on my leash and she picked up two drinks, rum and cokes and I saw my Goddess mix something into one of them. I was handed the glasses and told to carry them. We then headed back to the “auction room” where the last woman that I was brought here with was up for auction.

“Slave, give Princess Nadia this drink and thank her for selling you to me.” said my Goddess. I did as I was told and handed Princess Nadia the drink that I saw my Goddess mix something into and then said “Thank you Princess Nadia for giving me honor of being sold to this Goddess.” She smiled at me and took a sip of her drink and then said “You’re very welcome.” she said and my Goddess just stood there and smiled. We then headed back to where Goddess was sitting prior to buying me and she sat back down. I dropped to my knees and watched as my Goddess bid on the young lady that was up for bid but stopped at $20,000 and the auction closed with her being sold to another one of the ladies there for $22,000.

As everyone was clearing out of the room I heard my Goddess ask Princess Nadia if she was ok. “I don’t think so.” she said and Goddess had me help Princess Nadia to the room we were just in. I sat Princess Nadia on the bed and then my Goddess walked in and then closed and locked the door. “What’s wrong Nadia?” asked Goddess Kay. “I’m feeling dizzy and weak” answered Princess Nadia. “I have no idea why. It just came on all of a sudden.” “You should just lay down on the bed here and relax for a bit.” said Goddess Kay and Princess Nadia did.
As soon as Princess Nadia laid down Goddess told me to kneel in the corner and be quiet so that she could relax. I did exactly what I was told and saw my Goddess leaning over Princess Nadia talking to her. I couldn’t make out what was being said but I see that it was mostly a one way conversation. After several minutes Goddess Kay then started to remove the clothes that Princess Nadia was wearing and the room filled with an aroma of arousal. I then heard my Goddess say “Crawl over here slave.” and I did.

“You are going to lick Nadia’s pussy slave” my Goddess instructed. “You’re going to bring her to five orgasms in a row. You will not stop until she reaches the fifth orgasm. Is that clear slave.” My only allowable response was “Yes Goddess” and I started in on my task. “Now Nadia.” said Goddess Kay. “Every time you orgasm you will go one thousand times deeper into trance then your are at that time and one quarter of your will, will be lost from you forever. Upon the reaching your forth orgasm all of your will, will be gone and you will be four thousand time deeper in trance then you are now. Upon reaching the fifth orgasm your mind will go completely blank and you will be a blank canvas for to program however I wish.” Goddess Kay smiled as I licked Princess Nadia’s pussy with a hopeless abandon.

Princess Nadia hit her first orgasm rather quickly and was moaning loudly. This started her trek into a life of slavery just like she‘s sold many others into. I was careful to lick up all of the juices released from her pussy and to keep up my task. Her second orgasm took much long but I wasn’t aloud to stop. It must have taken about two hours before Princess Nadia had her second orgasm and her moans got even louder. Just as Princess Nadia has coming down from her second orgasm Goddess Kay walked over and patted my head.

“You’re doing such a great job slave.” Goddess Kay said to me. She then addressed Princess Nadia “You’re being such a good little slut.” Then she addressed both of us “I’m so proud of both of you. You will make a great addition to my life. I am going to have to change your names though because I can‘t have your family or friends finding you.”

I could feel Princess Nadia get even hornier then she was before Goddess spoke to us. I was feeling a lot of pleasure from knowing that I was pleasing her but I couldn’t get aroused or cum without her permission. I knew this to be the truth but in my mind I want to cum so bad. I felt that at the pace things were going I was going to be here all night.

Four more hours of licking Princess Nadia’s pussy and she achieved her third orgasm. By this point she was screaming in pleasure and my face was covered in her cum. I needed to give her two more orgasms before my task was completed and even if I could stop on my own I wouldn’t this was just fun. I was growing to love the taste of pussy at this point. I kept at my task working even harder to bring Princess Nadia off for a fourth time.

I don’t know how long Goddess Kay was talking to me but I just noticed what she was saying. “You love eating pussy…..You’re addicted to eating pussy now…….You’re just a little whore now. You love being a whore. Being a whore is what you now live for.” She was right too. I was enjoying being a little whore. I could actually see my life of serving my Goddess as being a whore for her. Then Goddess continued “When Nadia reaches her fifth orgasm, you will become my little whore forever. You will love being on the streets turning tricks for me. You will love being pimped out by me.”

I just listened to Goddess Kay as I continued to lick Princess Nadia’s pussy. I lost track of time because I was so into my task but she finally reached her fourth orgasm and once again I made sure to drink up all of the juices that her pussy gave me. I could hear Princess Nadia screaming in orgasm and Goddess Kay laughing but I still had to bring her to one last orgasm before our fate was sealed and my task was completed.

I started working even harder now. One last orgasm and I my job would be done. “Now Nadia” I heard Goddess Kay say, “One last orgasm before your mind is wiped clean. One last orgasm before I will turn you into whatever I want you to be. You are approaching this last orgasm right now. You crave this last orgasm…..You want this little whore between your legs to give you this last orgasm……..So why don’t you CUM for me NOW!!!!!” and Princess Nadia sealed both of our fates. After I made sure that all of her cum was cleaned up I slid off the bed and fell to my knees at the foot of the bed.

Goddess Kay then walked over to and took off the collar that I had on and replaced it by a shiny silver collar which locks in the back. On the front of the collar in black letters it said “WHORE” which was my new role in life. I then saw Goddess place a collar around Princess Nadia’s neck that said “SLUT”. I then saw Goddess talking with Princess Nadia but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Goddess Kay now owned both of us and I can’t speak for Princess Nadia but I know I couldn’t be happier.

Goddess Kay then looked over to me and said “This slut wants to suck your cock. Crawl up here and feed it to her.” As I got on the bed on all fours and stuck my cock in Princess Nadia’s mouth my Goddess ordered me to keep my ass in the air for her to use. I then felt her inserting something into my ass. She then started moving it back and forth slowly. “You’re going to learn to enjoy having a strap-on used on you.” Goddess Kay said to me. “Now you little slut” Goddess Kay said to Princess Nadia, “you need to make this whore cum.” I don’t know if Princess Nadia knew that my orgasms were now under the control of Goddess Kay but she was working hard to make me cum. She then started fluctuating the speed of movement from slow to fast and back again.

“Now listen to your Goddess you little whore” I heard. “When you finally have an orgasm and cum you will be addicted to strap-ons and dildos. Every time you see one you will want to suck on it or be fucked by it. Isn’t that right you little whore?” I responded with “Yes Goddess.” She then said “Now you little slut, you’re going to swallow every drop of this whore’s cum. Once you swallow this cum you will start craving more cum. You’ll become addicted to it. Isn’t that right you little slut?” Princess Nadia tried to respond but her mouth was full so her response sounded like gibberish and Goddess laughed. “Just like a slut” Goddess said. “Trying to talk with her mouth full.”

I was waiting for my permission to cum when all of a sudden I heard the voice of my Goddess say “Ok my little whore, it’s time to give this slut what she craves. CUM NOW!!!” As soon as she said that I exploded into Princess Nadia’s mouth and she drank it all. As soon as I cam I felt Goddess remove whatever she had been fucking my ass with and I slipped my cock out of Princess Nadia’s mouth.

“Off the bed whore and back on your knees” Goddess Kay said.

“Now my little slut, you are going to eat my pussy” Goddess told Princess Nadia. She then lowered herself onto Princess Nadia’s face and within moments I could hear my Goddess moaning. She started grinding on Princess Nadia’s face too. Princess Nadia must have been good at eating pussy because Goddess came quickly. After that was done Goddess then dismounted the bed and clipped a leash to Princess Nadia’s collar and my collar and we were both led out of this room and out of the house. We were both sat in the back seat of Goddess Kay’s car and headed to the airport.

“According to your file Mark, you have a private jet that should be parked at the airport. Right? Goddess asked me. “No Goddess, the jet is your jet now” was my response. “Yes, yes it is.” she said. “It should still be there right?” she asked. “Yes Goddess” was my response. “Good because I hate flying on commercial flights” said my Goddess.

We pulled up to the airport and headed to my…..I mean Goddess’ jet and Goddess Kay went on board while Princess Nadia and I waited in the car. She then explained that she now owned this plane and fired my pilot. She had a pilot of her own waiting at the airport who then boarded the plane while Goddess brought us onboard. I had no idea where we were going and I couldn’t care less. Goddess was in control and she knows what’s best for me.


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