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How i became a whore part 3

by Airman1030

How i became a whore part 3

As the doors closed and we started to taxi for take-off I saw the friends that I brought here running towards the plane and waving their arms. Goddess saw them too and asked if I knew who they were. “They are from my former life before you acquired me Goddess.” I said. Then she asked me “Do they matter to you at all slave?” I just looked at her and said “No Goddess. You are all that matters to me now.” Goddess Kay then just looked at me and smiled.

A few minutes later we were airborne and off to wherever Goddess Kay wanted to take us. This is her world and Princess Nadia and I were just living in it. Goddess Kay looked at us and smiled. “My two little slaves.” Goddess Kay said. “A whore and a slut. I love this lifestyle. You two will be put to good use.”

As the plane leveled off Goddess grabbed the onboard phone and made several phone calls. She said that we will be landing in an hour and to meet us at the airport. When we landed the pilot opened the door to the plane and four ladies came onboard. Goddess greeted them and then introduced us. “Jane, Jackie, Allison and Becky these are my newest slaves. This one is Mark, he’s my little whore and this was his jet before he was sold to me. This one is Nadia and she is the one who put Mark up for sale. She’s now my little slut.”

Jane then asked “Is she a lesbian slut?” and Goddess Kay responded “She’s whatever I tell her she is.” Goddess then looked at Princess Nadia and said “Isn’t that true you little slut?” and Princess Nadia responded with “Yes Goddess.” All of the women smiled and Goddess told them that they would all get to use each of us on the way to her new home in Boston. That new home of her’s by the way was once my home. She was telling her friends that she wanted to see the house so that she could decide whether to sell it or keep it as a second home.

The ladies took their seats and we taxied to the runway to take off again. With in minutes we were airborne once again and on our way to Boston’s Logan Airport. Once the plane leveled off I heard Goddess say “Slut, whore, come here.” and we both got out of our seats and walked over to Goddess Kay and knelt at her feet. “How can I be of service to you Goddess” we both said in unison. “I’m going to let my friends make use of you.” Goddess stated. “You will serve them as you would me. Is that clear?” Again we both in unison said “Yes Goddess.”

Jane spoke up quickly “I want to see how your slut is. Can I use her first?” Goddess Kay said that she could and Nadia was told to crawl over to her and do as she’s told. “Listen up whore and slut, you will address my friends Ma’am” Goddess Kay instructed us. Nadia was put to work licking Jane’s pussy. Jane seemed to be enjoying it too.

Allison, Jackie and Becky decided that they would take advantage of me together. I was instructed to crawl over to them and do as I was told. “Now you little whore, what we are going to do is this, you are going to remain on all fours and lick my pussy.” said Allison. “While you are doing that, Becky is going to suck that cock of yours and Jackie is going to fuck that ass with her strap-on.” Goddess then informed them that I wouldn’t be allowed to cum unless given permission and the woman laughed. “Let’s get started whore” said Allison.

I started to lick her pussy and felt my ass being filled and then my cock being sucked. Jackie wasn’t being gentle with my ass either. I heard her laughing and talking to Allison but I was too busy licking to pay attention to the conversation. They each took turns in different positions. “This is arousing you so much, isn’t it you little whore.” I heard my Goddess say. “You’re feeling the need to cum but you aren’t allowed to.”

That’s all it took to add to my arousal and I began moaning into the pussy that I was licking. I had lost track by this point of who was where. Goddess had to put a stop to the fun however because we getting ready to land in Boston. Princess Nadia and I took our seats and awaited further instructions. After we landed Goddess Kay gave me a latex jumpsuit to wear and we exited the aircraft. She had a limousine waiting for us and we headed off to what was once my house.

She left Princess Nadia on the plane with orders to pleasure the pilot and the women on bored nonstop until she returned. As we exited the airport Goddess put me into a trance and started questioning about the house. I had to answer her all of her questions honestly. The car ride from Logan Airport to my house is usually forty five minutes to hour depending on traffic. She brought me out of trance as we approached the house. “You did really good for yourself slave” she said. If the inside is as you have described I keep it as second home or rent it out.”

When we pulled up to the gate the driver entered the access code that I must have given up while in trance and the gates opened. We drove up to the door and the driver parked the limousine close to the walk way and opened Goddess’ door for her. She exited followed closely by me. We walked to the front door and she handed me my keys. “Open the door and deactivate the alarm” she said. I did as I was told and she started looking around.

She took a survey of the house and fell in love with it. “I’m going to keep this house.” She stated. “It’s all paid for and I can use it for functions and as a vacation home. I think that we were at the house for a few hours before we got back into the limousine and headed back to the airport. Goddess told me that I would be going back to her house with her and that is where I was going to live from now on. The ride back to the airport was quick because there was no traffic.

As we arrived entered the aircraft I saw Princess Nadia on her back with the pilot’s cock in her mouth, Becky and Allison were sucking on her nipples while Jackie was fucking her with a strap-on. The whole aircraft smelt of sex and then I heard Goddess Kay say “WOW!! She really is such a slut. Ok everyone we need to leave and head back home.” As soon as she said that the pilot pulled is cock out of Princess Nadia’s mouth and was about to walk away. Then Goddess said “I want my little fly boy to cum on this slut’s face” and he did just that. There were gobs of cum all over Princess Nadia’s face. The ladies stopped having their fun with her and took their seat.

I was ordered to remove the latex outfit that I was wearing and give it back to my Goddess and I did. I was then told to take my seat right next to Princess Nadia. She still had the cum all over face and it looked like she either didn’t realize it or didn’t care. In reality it was because our Goddess hadn’t told her to clean it off. She was content to just sit there and enjoy the ride to our final destination. Goddess still hasn’t told us where we were going. It’s not like it really mattered to us at all either. We weren’t going to refuse because we couldn’t.

Once we were airborne again Goddess told us that we were going to put on a show for them. I was to lick Princess Nadia’s pussy until told to stop. I did this for about twenty minutes before I was told to stop. I was then told to fuck her but to do it in the ass. I did exactly as I was told and I heard my Goddess say “My little whore is going to want to cum…It’s building up but you’re not allowed to cum yet. Fuck that slut harder!!! Harder!!!” and I did. After about forty minutes of this and the building need to cum I was ordered to stop fucking her and to sit down in my chair.

“Now my little slut” Goddess said. “My little cum addicted slut. Suck that cock like a good little slut.” She followed those orders as if she’d been doing it her whole life. “Your need to cum is building still my little whore” my Goddess said to me. Princess Nadia was sucking my cock for until we were about to land when Goddess told her to stop. By this point I needed to cum so bad that it literally hurt. I was feeling let down that I was going to be allowed to cum but I knew that my Goddess was in control. Just then I heard Goddess’ voice “My little whore must be feeling the intense need to cum and my little slut already has some on her face. I think we can add more to that. I want to see my little whore cum on this slut’s face. CUM WHORE!!!!” and I did. I came all over her face just like the pilot did.

We were then told to take our seats and wait until we landed. As soon as we touched down and taxied to our spot, Goddess handed both latex jumpsuits but we weren’t allowed to put them on yet. “Slut” said Goddess. “You need to clean off your face. Wipe your face with your hand and lick the cum off of them. Do this until your face is clean.” and she did. It took her several minutes to complete the task. We were then allowed to get dressed.

As we exited the plane Goddess said “Welcome to Canada.” and we got into a limousine that was waiting and drove back to her house. This is where we will now live and where my work will be done. On the way to her house she pointed to a corner and said “That’s going to be your office at least three nights a week whore.” Just the thought of it aroused me and I couldn’t wait to start my life as a street working whore for my Goddess. My life was now complete and perfect. Who could ask for more then this?


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