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The Hypnotist

by xxx3135

The Hypnotist

Pamela Clements woke with a start. She was in complete darkness. Without thinking, she cried out, "Courtney!" to her surprise, the words came out as she thought them and not "Ma-Ma."

The door flung open and in hurried Courtney.

"What's wrong, Mom?" she asked.

The light from the hall spilled into the darken bedroom. Gone were the side rails of the crib. Gone was the nursery room furniture. It was replaced now with her bedroom furniture. She was in her bedroom, the master bedroom. She was once again the adult and Courtney was her daughter.

Feeling embarrassed, Pam quickly said, "Er...nothing. I had a bad dream, that's all. Sorry to wake you."

Courtney said "Good night" and left. Pam sat up in bed. She did not tell Courtney, but she felt a cold dampness at the crotch of her boxer shorts. Pam peed herself in her sleep. Getting up, Pam found that not only was her crotch soaked, but also it had spread and soaked her bottom and the inside of her boxer shorts. Stripping off her shorts, she walked into the bathroom to clean herself up. Looking into the mirror, Pam noticed that the baby curls that her hair once had, was replaced with her natural wavy blonde hair. Messy, but the baby curls were gone.

Slipping on clean, dry pajamas, Pam stripped her bed, cleaning the wet area, then using her hair dryer, dried the spot. Satisfied that the wet spot was dried, Pam put clean sheets on and crawled back into bed.

It took a while, but Pam finally settled into a deep sleep. And started dreaming. She found herself at the beautiful lake once again. She was sitting at the water's edge, with the water lapping over her bare feet. Like all the other times, Pam sat there naked.

Once again, Pam felt Bob walk out of the woods. He was dressed in his three-piece suit.

"How did you like your dream?" he inquired.

Turning around, Pam quietly said, "I wasn't sure if it was a dream or not. I wasn't sure if I was an adult dreaming that I was a baby or a baby who had dreamt that I was an adult. It felt so strange."

Bob smiled and Pam scenery started to quiver and fade. The scene changed. Once more, Pam was lying in her crib, sucking her thumb. Looking through the crib's rails, the door to the nursery opened and in walked Courtney. In her hand was a nipple baby bottle filled with Nutramigen baby formula.

Pam knelt up, holding onto the rail for balance. Not wanting to be fed a bottle, Pam's mind cried out, "Courtney, please don't fed me a baby bottle!" but the word that crossed her lips said, "Ma-Ma, blaa, gaa goo daa baba!" Pam was speaking baby talk again.

"Ah," cooed Courtney, "is Baby Pammie hungry?" laying Pam down in her crib, Courtney inserted the nipple of the baby bottle into Pam's mouth. Tilting up, the baby formula flowed quicker, causing Pam to wallow the warm liquid. When Pam finished the bottle, Courtney lifted her out of the crib and carried her over to the rocking chair. Sitting Pam on her lap, Courtney held her head over her shoulder and began patting her back. As before, Pam let out a burp and spit up some of the formula, much to her embarrassment.

Picking Pam up, Courtney carried her mother over to the changing table. Pam had wet her diaper while she was asleep. Courtney pulled the damp plastic pants off and deposited them into a diaper pail marked 'BABY PAMMIES' DIDEE PAIL". Unpinning the diaper pins, she yanked off the wet diapers and threw them into the diaper pail too. Pam felt the cool air circulate around her damp diaper area.

Taking diaperine, Courtney rubbed it all over Pam's virgina and then lifting her bottom, rubbed the white ointment over her bottom. Courtney made sure that the ointment was also rubbed in between her legs. Then using baby powder covered Pam's body.

Lifting her bottom off the table, Courtney slid four thick diapers under her. Spreading Pam's legs apart, Courtney pulled the clothes up and pinned them. Next came the plastic pants, covering the diapers. Pam hated the plastic pants, for it contained her body heat.

Making sure that Pam was safely trapped down, Courtney walked over to the dresser and pull out a bib-overall shorts. She put Pam into the yellow outfit. Looking at the bib, Pam noticed that a yellow duck was sewed to it. White ruffles outlined the bib. Pam was embarrassed. The bib covered only half of her exposed breasts. A pair of white anklets followed by adult size baby shoes. The finishing touch was 2 plastic baby bows clipped to the side of her head.

"Mommy and Baby Pammie are going shopping." Cooed Courtney.

Picking Pam up, Courtney carried her out of the house and to her car. Looking at the car, Pam realized that it was her car. Opening the rear door, Courtney sat Pam in the baby car seat. Courtney quickly snapped the shoulder restrains, the waist strap and the strap between her legs in place. Pam was locked in. getting behind the wheel, Courtney drove to the supermarket.

Parking, Courtney took Pam out of the baby car seat and took her over to a cart. Pam was sure that she would not fit in the cart's child seat, but she was wrong. Courtney easily sat her "baby" in the seat. Pam held onto the handrail while her feet dangled.

Pam was sure that people were going to point and laugh at her for being treated like a baby. To her amazement, no one stared, pointed or laughed. She was just another baby being pushed around the store by her "mommy". One woman, a little older than Pam, said to Courtney "What a cute baby Pam was." This caused to be an embarrassment to Pam.

Courtney pushed the cart up and down the aisles, putting the groceries that she needed into the cart. As they were going down one aisle, Pam could feel her crotch growing warmer. And it spread to her bottom. Pam was wetting herself. Her bottom lip began to quiver as tears began to fall.

Seeing this, Courtney pulled Pam forward, and then pulled her elastic pants away, exposing the crack in her bottom. Taking her finger, Courtney inserted it into Pam's diapers.

"Ah," cooed Courtney, "you poor baby. Pammie went pee-pee in her didees."

Pushing the cart, Courtney headed for the rest rooms. Pam continued her sobbing, she felt so uncomfortable. When they arrived, Courtney lifted Pam under the arms, grabbed the diaper bag and carried her into the Ladies Room. Inside, Courtney pulled down the baby's changing table, and from the diaper bag, put a diaper pad on it. Then laid Pam down on it.

Pam remembered when she would do this to Courtney when she was a baby. Or did she dream that? She was considered the baby now. Pam was not sure that she dreamt that and she was an adult or this was reality and she was really Courtney's baby.

Courtney removed Pam's outfit so all that she had on was her plastic pants and diapers. Retrieving a plastic bag, Courtney threw the outfit into it. A few women came in, looked at Pam having her diaper change and smiled. Courtney, baby-talking to Pam, continued the diaper change. Pulling off the plastic pants, she deposited them into the plastic bag along with the outfit. The diaper Pam could see was stained yellow by her pee. Courtney unpinned the diaper and pulled it away from Pam. The soggy diaper went into the plastic bag too.

With baby wipes, Courtney washed Pam's diaper area thoroughly. Using diaperine and powder, she coated Pam, first making sure that Pam was not developing a diaper rash. Taking an adult size Pampers, Courtney slid it under Pam's bottom. Spreading her legs apart, she pulled it up and taped the ends together.

From the diaper bag, Courtney removed a new outfit. The top was sleeveless, with a round neckline. It had 2 mother of pearl buttons in the back with the opening spreading open. A baby block pattern was printed on the top's material. It looked very infantile. A pair of matching panties covered the bulky Pampers. Lifting her "baby" off the changing table and then closing it, Courtney carried Pam out to the cart, sitting her in the metal seat. Courtney continued her shopping.

Finally, they ended up in the baby food aisle. Pam noticed that Courtney was smiling at someone coming down the aisle. Turning in her seat, Pam saw a woman pushing a cart in her direction. And she had an adult seated in the child's seat, just as she was. Pam knew who the woman was, it was Cyndi Matimer. She had been Pam's friend for the past 20 years. She also worked at the same medical facility as Pam as a technician. Cyndi was pushing the cart with someone Pam knew also, her name was Danielle Diegel. At first Pam did not recognized her. Danielle was not wearing her glasses. Her long brown hair was braided into pigtails. She wore a white and pink checked baby dress with a white peter pan collar and white puffed sleeves. The hem of the dress barely reached her crotch and Pam could see that she was wearing pampers too under her matching panties. She had white anklets and black patent Mary-Jane shoes on too.

"Hi Courtney." Greeted Cyndi. Then tickling Pam under her chin, cooed, "Hi Baby Pammie. Don't you look cute."

Smiling, Courtney said, "Cyndi, hi. How are you?" then patting the top of Danielle's head cooed, "Ah, Baby Dannie looks so sweet too."

The adults started talking. Pam looked over at Danielle and said, "I guess you don't understand me either."

Danielle's mouth dropped.

"I understand every word you just said. It has been so frustrating, talking and no one understanding me."

"Oh my God." Squealed Pam.

"Danielle you understand me. That's great."

To the adults, Pam and Danielle were speaking baby talk.

"Is this a dream?" inquired Danielle, "I think I'm going out of my mind. I mean, I'm suppose to get married in a few months. What am I going to do, crawl down the aisle?"

Smiling, Pam replied, "This must be a dream. I remember being a grownup and Courtney being my daughter."

Danielle face contorted and she started to sob. Cyndi was talking when she heard Danielle start crying. She sniffed and made a face.

"I think somebody went poo-poo." Leaning Danielle forward, Cyndi lifted Danielle's baby dress hem and pulled on the plastic pants.

"Why do babies always wait until they're out to go potty?" she asked Courtney.

"I know what you mean." Said Courtney.

"I had to change Baby Pammie's diaper just a little while ago."

Danielle started to sob. She was so uncomfortable and embarrassed.

They said their goodbyes and Cyndi hurried off to the Ladies Room to change Danielle's diaper.

Courtney pushed the cart down the aisle picking out more baby items. Pam was shocked to see a box of Pampers, but made for adults! She took 2 - 24 packs box of Pampers and placed them into the cart. Then they were finished. Courtney pushed the cart to the cashier and paid for the items. Pam remained in the cart's seat. The young female cashier said how cute her baby looked and how she loved Pam's curly hair.

Courtney pushed the cart into the parking lot to her car. Lifting Pam under her arms, Courtney sat her in the baby car seat. In moments, Courtney had strapped Pam in. giving her infantile mother her teddy bear, Courtney put the groceries into the trunk. Then they headed back home.

Courtney pulled the car up the driveway and parked it by the back door. Opening the rear door, Courtney unstrapped Pam. Picking her up, Courtney carried Pam into the kitchen and sat her in her high chair. Taking the feeding tray, she locked it in place, securing Pam into the high chair. Pam watched as Courtney brought the groceries in and put them away.

Smiling at her baby, Courtney cooed, "Time for din-din." Getting a tri-sectional baby bowl, Courtney filled it with an assortment of mush baby foods. There was strained chicken, strained corn, mash potatoes, and what Pam hated the most, strained prunes. Courtney put the bowl on the feeding tray along with a baby bottle filled of baby formula.

Picking up the baby bottle, Courtney cooed, "Here's Baby Pammie's ba-ba." She inserted the nipple of the bottle into Pam's mouth. Pam found herself sucking on the nipple, withdrawaling the warm liquid from the bottle.

Sitting at the table, next to the highchair, Courtney started spoon-feeding Pam.

"Open up, Baby Pammie. Here comes the choo-choo." Cooed Courtney as she shoved the baby spoon full of strained chicken into Pam's mouth. Courtney continued feeding Pam the mush baby foods. When it came to the strain prunes, Pam refused to open her mouth. Courtney had to pinch Pam's nose until she opened up. Then she would shove a spoonful of strained prunes into Pam's mouth. Pam found herself gagging on each mouthful of the dreaded strain prunes. Courtney continued this until it was all gone.

When that was done, Courtney removed the feeding tray and sat Pam on her lap. Taking the baby bottle of Nutramigen baby formula, lean Pam in the crock of her arm and started bottle-feeding her. As she sucked on the nipple, some of the formula leaked from the corner of Pam's mouth. Using a cloth, Courtney motherly wiped the formula away. Finishing the bottle, Courtney laid a cloth over her shoulder and laid Pam's head on it. Holding her head, Courtney began patting Pam's back until she burped. Pam hated this. As a matter of fact, she hated being babied, she wanted to be an adult again.

"Time for Baby Pammie's bath." Cooed Courtney.

"Since it's a little late, mommy's gonna bath Baby Pammie in the kitchen sink.

Sitting Pam on the floor, Courtney removed Pam's baby outfit, leaving her dressed only in Pampers. Running water in the double sinks, Courtney waited until it was half full. Testing the water temperature, Courtney found it to be the correct temperature. Returning to Pam, Courtney untapped the Pamper and pulled it off Pam.

Pam started crying. She did not to get a bath in the sink. This was so humiliating. She formed the words in her head, "Courtney, please don't do this to me." But the words came out, "Ma-ma, gaa goo dee gaa blaa."

Courtney smiled at Pam as she lifted her and carried her over to the sink. Sitting Pam's bottom in one sink and her feet into the other, Courtney began washing Pam. Pam sat there as Courtney bathed her. Soon, the ordeal was over. Courtney drain the water from the sink. Taking a large fluffy towel, she stood Pam up, and dried her off. Lifting Pam out of the sink, Courtney sat her on the tile floor.

Patting Pam's bare bottom, Courtney had her crawl back to the nursery room. Once in Pam's nursery room, Courtney lifted her onto the changing table. Taking a Velcro strap, Courtney locked it across Pam's waist. Pam hated this and started to struggle. She hated having diaper changings.

Courtney cooed, saying, "Why do babies hate having their didees put on?"

Using diaperine, she coated Pam's virgina area and then lifting her legs up. Courtney coated Pam's bottom too. Sprinkling baby powder all over Pam's body, Courtney rubbed the powder about. Pam smelled very sweet. Lifting her legs up again, Courtney slid four thick cloth diapers under her. Laying her back on he diapers, Courtney spread Pam's legs apart pulling the cloth up. The diaper ends were pinned with diaper pins. Pulling up a pair of plastic pants, Courtney covered the bulky diapers. Removing a pair of footed pajamas from the drawer, Courtney put them on Pam. Pam was now ready for bed.

Lifting Pam off the changing table, Courtney carried her over to the rocking chair. Sitting Pam on her lap, Courtney began reading a nursery story to her. Courtney patted Pam's diapered bottom as she read the story. Soon, Pam's eyelids began to flutter. Lifting her up, Courtney carried Pam over to the crib. Laying her down, Courtney gave Pam her teddy bear. Pulling the covers up, Courtney pulled the side rail after kissing Pam's forehead. Pam stuck her thumb in her mouth and began sucking on it.

Pam heard Courtney turn on the baby monitor and then a music box softly playing nursery songs. Pam felt sleep creeping up on her and soon sleep found her.

A buzzing sound woke Pam. Slamming the alarm off, Pam realized that she had another baby dream. And she realized something else, she had wet the bed again. Her pajama pants were soaked. Her pajama top was still dry, for it was bunched up around her chest.

Quickly getting out of be, Pam stripped off the wet pajama pants and her panties. Going into the bathroom, Pam cleaned herself after throwing the wet clothes into the hamper. Returning to her bedroom, Pam put on a pair of pink panties. Usually, she would dress before going downstairs for breakfast. Today, Pam changed her routine and walk to the kitchen dressed only in her pajama top and barefooted.

As she walked to the kitchen, Pam started feeling younger with every step. By the time she reached the kitchen, Pam was sucking her thumb. Pam made coffee and instant oatmeal. Taking the bowl of oatmeal from the microwave, she sat it on the table. Then she poured herself a mug of coffee and placed that next to the bowl of oatmeal. It was then hat she wanted her sippy cup. Last Halloween, Pam dressed as a baby and carried a baby's sippy cup, which she stored in the cupboard with the other glasses.

Halfway across the kitchen, Pam sat down on the tile floor. She could no longer walk and started to crawl to the cupboard. Pam started to cry when she figured out that she was unable to stand and get her sippy cup. Pam sat on he floor, kicking her feet and rubbing her eyes.

Pam's crying caused Courtney to come into the kitchen. She saw her mother sitting on the floor crying.

"What's wrong?"

Sniffling, Pam cried, "Me can't get my sippy cup. Me want it."

"Ok," said Courtney, "Courtney will get your sippy cup." She went to he cupboard and retrieved the cup. Walking over to the coffee mug, Courtney deposited the dark liquid into the sippy cup. Courtney went over to one of the kitchen drawers and removed a plastic baby bib that Pam had use with her Halloween outfit. Sitting down in a chair, Courtney had Pam crawl over where she sat her mother on her lap. Taking the bib, Courtney tied it on Pam. Giving Pam the sippy cup, Courtney told her to hold it with both hands.

As Pam was drinking from her sippy cup, Courtney said, "I don't think you should go to work today."

Picking up the portable phone, she called Pam's work saying that she would not be in toady. Then, sitting Pam on the floor, Courtney went into the living room and made another call.

About tem minutes later, the doorbell rang. It was a delivery from the local drugs store. Since it was still early in the morning, the drug store was able to deliver right a way. Courtney took the package and brought it into the kitchen where Pam was still sitting on the floor, drinking. Pam looked up as Courtney sat the package on the table. Pam crawled over to the table where she tried to stand, only to fall backward onto her bottom.

Smiling at her mother, Courtney cooed, "Since you're acting like a baby, you need to dress like one."

Getting the box of Attends out, Courtney continue, "I went into your bedroom and found that you wet your bed. Stripping the cover off your bed, I found another set of wet sheets in the hamper. Imagine my surprise. So, since you have regressed in your potty training you'll need to wear these."

Pam started to cry. She wasn't dreaming, she was really behaving like a baby! Courtney pulled up her pajama top and pulled off her panties. Taking baby powder, she sprinkled it all over Pam's virgina and her bottom. Seizing a Pamper, Courtney laid it under Pam. Spreading her legs apart, pulled the Pamper up and taped it. It felt hot and uncomfortable to Pam.

Shaking her finger in her mother's face, Courtney said in an authoritive voice, "You wear these until I decide that you are potty trained again."

Pam started crying, kicking her feet on the tile floor. Balling her hands into fists, she tried unsuccessfully to curb her tears.

Also from the bag, Courtney removed pacifiers, baby bottles, a can of baby formula and jars of baby food.

"And since you are a baby," stated Courtney, "you'll only eat baby food. No more big girl food for you."

BUZZZZZZZ! The noise woke Pam up. Leaning over, she shut off her alarm.

"What a strange dream. I dreamt that I dreamed that I was a baby." Sitting up, Pam realized that her pajama bottoms were soaked, just like in her dream. Looking at the clock, she saw that she had to hurry. Quickly stripping, she got into the shower. As the warm steamy water flowed down her body, Pam wondered why she was dreaming that she was a baby, with Courtney as her mommy? And why was she wetting her bed like a baby? Not just once that night, but twice. She had a feeling it had to do with Bob Charleson. Perhaps she would find out soon.


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