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The Appointment

by camo1994

The Appointment

You are seated and fully dressed, ready to begin.

You have your materials with you.

The photos of the woman I am forcing you to become are in front of you.

You do not have a choice, nor do you have any control. All you hear is my voice.

You will not be able to stop this transformation.

Breathe deeply.

You feel your entire body relax and get extremely tingly.

The muscle groups and each part of your body.



You feel a stirring in your crotch.

It slowly rolls up to your stomach where you feel your stomach slowly being permanently sucked in. It is slightly painful, but incredibly erotic. You cannot stop this. Listen to my voice.

With each breath, your stomach draws tighter and tighter. You cannot stop this. You would like to, but each breath feels so good and with each breath your stomach becomes flatter and flatter. Tight and taut. Smooth and silky.

As your stomach draws in flatter and flatter, you begin to sense all of your skin feeling softer and softer. Smoother and smoother. Lighter and lighter. Your stomach continues to get flatter and flatter, to the point where even if you exhale, your stomach feels as flat as a board. The hair on your skin feels like it is being sucked back into your body. Feel the hairs reenter your body while your stomach is flat as a board.

You are no longer in control. Focus only on your breathing, the sound of my voice and the pictures. You body is mine to mold and manipulate. You can try to control it, but it doesn't work for you. You can try to think of other things, but you cannot. You feel your entire body changing and you cannot do anything about it.

As you breathe, your skin becomes softer and softer and you can feel a sharp sensuous tug above the front of your hips. You want to stop it, you need it stop it. But you cannot. The more you try to struggle, the more wonderful it feels.

With each breathe now, you feel your waist begin to slowly draw in on itself. It hurts as you feel your bones rearrange themselves, but the moderate pain is offset by wonderful feelings in your nipples, ass, and your cock and balls.

Your waist is getting smaller and smaller. You want to stop it, but it is impossible. The more you feel you need to stop it, the more sensuous it becomes. Your waist is getting smaller and smaller. You can't stop it from being drawn in on itself. Breathe.

You want to stop it but your body isn't yours. It is mine.

With each breathe, your waist gets smaller and smaller. Smaller and smaller. It feels like it is a 24 inch waist. Smaller and smaller. Tight and taut.

As the pain quickly fades away from your waist, you feel a very odd tingling in your nipples. It feels like something is pushing at them from the inside.

As you breathe, you feel your feet folding in on themseleves. They too are getting smaller. More feminine. You want to stop this, but you do not control your body. I do. Breathe. Feel your nipples get slightly heavier. Your feet are shrinking. Your stomach is flat as a board and your waist is that of a 21-year old girl.

As you feel your feet stop shrinking, your hips suddenly begin to expand, changing the positioning of your pelvis. It is surprisingly pleasurable. You feel your hips push out and away from your body while feeling your balls begin to pulsate.

Breathe deeply.

You feel your legs become tingly and begin to reshape themselves by reallocating muscle. Your legs are become increasingly feminine while your thighs are reforming to match the picture. You can no longer close your eyes, you must focus on the pictures.

Your entire body begins to tingle and pulse. You are very aroused by cannot do move to do anything about it. Your hips continue to expand and shape themselves like a woman's hips. It is pleasure and pain at the same time. You have no control over you body.

As your hips continue to expand, you notice your stomach is incredibly taut and your nipples are pulsing. You feel a pressure behind each nipple and can feel the pressure slowly and sensuously pushing out. It feels so amazingly good. You know it shouldn't be happening. You want it to stop, even though it feels so wonderful. You cannot make it stop since you do not control your body.

The pressure and pleasure behind each nipple increases. You feel the pressure build and your breasts begin to expand outward. Your waist pulls itself in a bit more and your penis begins to tingle. The pleasure is becoming more intense, focused on your expanding breasts. You can't stop them from getting bigger and pushing out farther from your chest.

Your nipples tingle some more and you begin to feel the weight of your breasts on your chest. It is gradual, but you feel your breasts expand even more. Your cock and balls tingle even more.

If you could see yourself you would notice that your breasts are passing an A cup right now. Your penis feels very strange. Feel your breasts get heavier on your chest. Breathe deeply.

Yoy feel your ass begin to inflate as your hips stop expanding. You feel like pillows are being inserted. It feels wonderful. You want it to stop, but you cannot. You do not control your body, I do.

Your nipples begin to throb and your breasts are expanding continually. Feel them push out farther. Feel the weight grown on your chest. Your breasts are passing a B cup now. It feels so good. Your ass has expanded all it will. Your stomach is as flat as a board.

As the weight of your breasts grows slowly, you are nearing a C cup. You feel the gentle pulling and tugging as your chest takes on this additional weight. Your balls being to throb, very pleasurably.

The throbbing in your balls is getting stronger and sharper, yet still very pleasurable. You feel additional weight on your chest and your left testicle suddenly gives a burst of pleasure. It is wonderful. You can no longer feel your left testicle. It is gone. As far as you are concerned, your left testiscle doesn't exist.

You feel another surge of pleasure through your breasts and your right testicle gives a burst of pleasure. It feels excellent. Your right testicle no longer feels, becuase as far as you are concerned, your right testicle is no longer there.

The weight on your chest continues to grow. You feel pure pleasure from the expansion. Your nipples begin to tingle strongly and you feel a sudden, quick tug where your cock meets your body.

Your breasts are growning larger and with each breath they feel a little bit heavier. With each breath you also feel your cock being pulled inside your body. You want it to stop, but cannot do a thing. Feel your cock being drawn inside with each breath. Feel your breasts get a little heavier and a little more round with each breath.

Your cock is slowly and unstoppably being drawn inside your body. You cannot stop it. You can only feel the strange pleasure coming from your nipples and your cock. Each breath draws your cock farther into your body.

You can't stop it. You want to stop it. You need to stop it. The more you need to, the more you cannot. The more you fight, the better it feels. Each breath pushes your breasts out farther.

The weight on your chest is amazing. You can feel your breasts moving around. A simple touch of your nipple is intensely pleasurable. The pushing is subsiding. You are a full C cup. You still feel the pulsing within your breasts.

Each breath draws you cock deep into your body. Breathe. Your cock is almost gone. You can try to grab for it and hold it, but it won't matter. It begins to lose feeling. Try to grab for your cock. It doesn't matter. Each breath brings it deeper inside your body. You can feel your scrotum being pulled in.

You can't look away from the pictures. You feel the weight of your chest, the flatness of your stomach, the swell of your hips and ass. Breathe. You don't feel your cock at all. As far as you are concerned, it is gone. There is nothing between your legs that you can feel. You feel your breasts, but no cock. It is gone. It is hidden away deep inside your body.

You begin to feel your scrotum twist around. Part of it is being forced outward, part is being pulled deep within your body. You sense a vagina forming. You can feel your scrotum change into lips and get pulled in further. You can feel the emptiness of where your cock used to be.

Something that feels like a tiny cock begins to fall slowly from your body. It is your clitoris. It feels better than your cock ever felt. You can feel the amazing sensations from it just by rubbing your legs together.

As your arms are free to move, you feel your entire new body - which looks exactly like the picture you are looking at.

You feel your breasts on your chest, you feel your tiny waist, you feel your small feet, you feel you padded ass, you feel the swell of your hips and you feel your vagnia between your legs. You are a woman and you can have a orgasm now.


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