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Bigfoot Mountain

by TheTurretCube

Bigfoot Mountain

April 1997

Billy held his breath as he slid his hands up under Nora's bra. He was in luck! She didn't push him off. Her breasts weren't as big as the girls he looked at online, but they were the first he had touched and he wasn't complaining. In fact, he was in heaven and things were getting better, Nora was fumbling around with his zipper and she had never touched his dick before. They were both virgins and Billy didn't have any hope of fucking her soon. He hadn't even seen her nude yet. She wasn't even the type to give him a blow job, but this was a start. Her hand caressed his dick, seemingly fascinated with it and with a groan Billy shot his load all over her hand.

SPLAT! Something hit the window with enough force to rattle the sill. "My mom's home," screamed the teenage girl.

"No, something hit the window," said Billy jumping off the bed and throwing the curtains open. A huge blob of milky white goo was sliding down the pane outside. Billy threw on his coat and ran outside. Relieved her mom hadn't caught them, Nora wiped Billy's sperm off her hand in disgust. The messy cum made the prissy young girl crinkle her nose, She wouldn't be doing that again anytime soon. When she was clean, Nora followed Billy outside finding him bent over footprints in the snow. The snow had an ice coating and the footprints looked huge where they had broken through the snow. The most surprising thing about them was that they were made by bare feet.

"I think it's sperm," said Billy, staring at the blob on the window.

"What?" she cried. Nora didn't like the idea of someone watching them fool around or of someone jerking off while doing it.

"It smells like cum," Billy said, holding his sleeve over his nose.

Nora had gotten her first whiff of cum just moments earlier with Billy, but this smell was a lot more powerful. She inhaled deeply through her nose. Nothing made sense. The footprints facing her window were several feet from the pane, yet sperm had traveled that far with enough force to rattle the glass. She breathed deeply through her nose again. Billy's sperm had only shot up several inches and would have only filled a spoon, this wad could fill a glass. There was more too, holes covered the snow fanning out from the footprints where hot sperm had melted the ice. Many of the holes alone were bigger then Billy's ejaculate. She breathed again and stepped closer to the glob of sperm.

"You wait inside," ordered Billy, "I'm going to follow it and lock the door."

"Be careful," she said stepping closer to the glass. Her head was already leaning towards her window as she heard Billy jog off. It smelled incredible. Her nipples were hardening from more then the cold as she brought her nose almost to the point it was touching the huge wad of sperm. The wad had slid down to the sill as Nora stuck her tongue out and tasted it. She lapped up a large amount and ran it around her tongue before swallowing the cold goo. She wished it was hot as she licked again... Billy tracked the footprints through several yards before the cold and nervousness drove him back to Nora's house. Something had watched him make out with his girlfriend, something with big feet, a big stride, and huge genetalia.

Nora was laying on the bed completely naked when he got back. "Billy I'm ready to do it. You can fuck me." She had something caked around her lips, but Billy was too excited to care at that point as he quickly stripped.


Agnes released the steering wheel watching the color return to her knuckles. She hated driving on icy roads, but the cupboard was bare and the forecasts called for another storm over the next few days. Plus, she needed her tabloids and soap digests. She popped the hatch open and got out of the car going around to unlock the kitchen door before unloading the groceries.

The first thing the old woman noticed walking back to the car was a grocery bag spilled out on the snow. Something moved out of the corner of her eye and she looked up at an enormous figure moving towards the woods.

Agnes kept a camera in her glove compartment and thinking fast, the woman reached in her car and grabbed it. She snapped a picture just before it disappeared into the woods.

Large bare footprints led into the woods from her driveway. The figure had resembled a bear, but it walked erect like a man. It was dark black, hairy, obese, and it shambled as it walked.

Agnes grinned in triumph. She had captured Bigfoot on film. Now if she could only get the space aliens to come back...


Diane was naked as she sat before the campfire. She shivered in the cool spring air of the Killdeer Mountains, but the fire kept her warm. Larry, her husband, was off in the woods getting some more firewood. She smiled as she heard him noisily marching towards her and looked up, her smile fading at the big hairy thing before her.

The thing had a piggish black face surrounded by hair and a thick black beard. It's fur covered it's torso from the neck down to it's knees, but strangely it's muscular arms and legs were bare. The creature was also enormously fat like a bear. Diane barely had time to take all this in as her eyes were automatically drawn to the large penis emerging from a fold in the fur. The huge cock was as long as her forearm and dark black. She could see the outline of two equally huge testicles underneath the fur. The head of it's penis appeared as large as an orange or her fist. Except for it's size, the penis looked human.

She and Larry had come to the woods hunting Bigfoot, but she hadn't completely believed the rash of sightings until now. The beast towered over her, not only menacing, but also clearly aroused by her nudity for it's cock was swelling as it stared down at her. Diane was scared it would hurt her, the only way she could think of to protect herself was to make herself useful to it. Without a second thought, she reached up and grabbed it's penis.

Larry dropped the firewood in shock the minute he returned to his campsite. His wife was emptying a bottle of hand lotion along the massive penis of a huge shaggy creature. Diane started rubbing the lotion into the shaft, jerking it with one hand. Firelight glistened off the large amount of precum oozing from the things cock head. Fear, fascination, shock, and a whole host of emotions overwhelmed him at the sight. He wanted to protect his wife, but was powerless to stop what was happening. Bigfoot's presence not only scared him, it made him feel weak and immasculate, his own penis crawled up into his scrotum in shame. When he did move, it wasn't to help his wife, it was to get his video camera. Bigfoot watched him head over to his pack and it seemed aware that he wasn't a threat to it.

Fear had made Diane start to masturbate Bigfoot, but as both her hands started gliding over the shaft, the look of disgust on her face turned to fascination. She was vaguely aware of her husband turning the video camera on her and felt ashamed at the fact that her nipples were now rock hard. Bigfoot's eighteen inch cock was simply magnificent. Each time she watched the head emerge from the foreskin, it seemed to send a jolt of sexual electricity throughout her body. She wanted to make it cum. She no longer cared that her husband could see how turned on this was making her. The only thing that mattered was the giant black cock in her hands. Diane leaned forwards and licked her tongue around the head of the huge unwashed penis.

Diane continued licking around the head of Bigfoot's penis until the thing started getting too close and Bigfoot started bucking his hips. Bigfoot was thrusting his cock through her hands and the big knob hurt her where it hit her. She pulled her head back a safe distance and started stroking her tired arms faster in an attempt to make it cum. It's cock was swelling even bigger, the blue vein running it's length alone seemed as big as Larry's dick.

The pee-slit opened as big as a human eye and stared at her for several thrusts before the first wad hit her. She shut her eyes just as what felt like a glob of hot pudding the size of a snowball hit her in the face with enough force to force her head back.

Diane gasped for air just as the second wad hit her face. Sperm poured into her mouth and she gulped it down needing air. It wasn't unpleasant and her body seemed to want more. Just like she desired to get him off, her body desired more cum. Her tongue flickered out lapping up all the sperm it could reach.

Larry didn't blame his wife. He felt it too, an overwhelmingly masculine presence that had him wanting to lick the head of the beast's cock. The smell of it seemed to insinuate it's way into his head. He moved away from the smell using the zoom on the camera to capture his wife's sperm baptism. The creature seemed to purposely be coating Diane with his sperm like it was marking his territory. It yanked it's cock out of her hands and pointed it down at her breasts as a third wad covered them. Each wad alone had been more then Larry came in his life and he was a chronic masturbator. A fourth wad covered her legs and her pubic hair where she kneeled at it's feet. The creature even jerked more out of it's cock onto Diane's outstretched tongue.

Bigfoot snorted at Larry for a moment, then grabbed a bag of their supplies. Diane wiped the sperm out of her eyes just as it shambled off into the woods. They could still see sperm dripping out of it's cock up until the moment it disappeared into the night.


"I need to leave for a while to take care of some personal business, sir."

Jackson sucked in so deeply he almost swallowed the crack pipe. He didn't like Solomon. The big black man was everything the leader of the Jackals wished he was. The man oozed confidence and leadership. He was well spoken and educated, nor did he do any of the crack the Jackals sold. It didn't even seem to affect him when Jackson had forced Solomon to try some. Snake Jackson knew a threat when he saw one. "Jus get yo black ass back here fo spring break when all them high school and college bitches comes to town. Prime sellin season. I usually gets me several new hoes ta pimps out of that.

"Thank you, sir," said Solomon King, leaving the room.

"Tyrone," yelled Jackson, "gets yo black ass in heres."

Tyrone Jones strolled into the room. He pimped for Snake and the Jackals, mostly black crack whores, but they had nabbed several white girls too. He wasn't really an evil man, but drugs had destroyed his life.

"Ty yous my right hand man. I don'ts trust that Solomon nigga. When he comes back from his little sabbatical.." Snake paused to see if his big word impressed Tyrone. It hadn't. "Kills his black ass."

"Yes boss. Anything you say."

"By the way Ty, yous on 'roids or something? You look huge, younga even."

"No boss, just working out."

Snake Jackson didn't see the sneer on Tyrone's face as he left. Snake would be glad when Solomon and his big dick were dead. He hadn't seen it, but he had yet to meet the ho that wasn't fascinated with the good looking black man and his supposed foot long cock. Snake didn't have a very large penis and the years of drug use seemed to have affected his ability to get an erection. Not that it mattered, sex wasn't half as good as the feeling he got sucking on the crack pipe. He inhaled again.


The chartered helicopter landed in the empty parking lot. "You sure this is where you want to be left off," yelled the pilot. He usually flew tours of the badlands and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, but the big black man had paid well for a lift out in the middle of nowhere North Dakota.

"This is the place," said Solomon, zipping up his parka. He grabbed his backpack filled with camping and survival gear. It had only been four years since the night of his escape, but the extreme weather had already cracked the asphalt of the lot. The large ruined building was a burnt husk of what it had once been. Several walls of the building that had once housed the Gilgamesh Project, still stood. Solomon took a look around and then set off at a jog towards the mountains.

Two days later, a late snow storm forced him to seek shelter in a small cave overlooking the plain and the ruined building. He started a fire and opened a can of beans. He had been worried that he'd forgotten all about mountain survival, but the Navy was pretty thorough training it's elite SEALs. Still, that had been close to thirty years ago, but it had all come back. Solomon was almost seventy, but looked like he was in his mid-thirties thanks to the Xserum nor had he detected any signs of aging in the four years since he'd been injected with it. His body weight didn't even seem to fluctuate beyond five pounds and he didn't need to work out to maintain his muscular physique, though he did his Tai Chi and other exercises regularly to keep his reflexes sharp.

Solomon sat, running the razor across his head and stared away from the fire to keep his vision. There was nothing to fear here, but old habits die hard. He watched the building down below the mountain disappear as the snow fall increased. He thought of the female doctor he had fucked in that building pretending to be her husband until his cock size had given him away, but by then she was too into it to resist. She had been the first of many married white women. His second had been later that same night, a couple returning from their honeymoon, that had rescued him from a snowstorm ten times worse then this one. He couldn't even remember their names there had been so many since.

His cock grew as he thought of them. It became uncomfortable in his pants and the urge to cum made him grab it. He hated jerking off, but he was addicted to cumming. He imagined some big breasted white woman sucking his cock as he stroked it until he came into the fire fifteen minutes later. His sperm crackled as it struck the flames. Afterwards, Solomon unrolled his sleeping bag and went to sleep.

It would be several days until it was safe to travel again so Solomon spent the next day exploring the cave. It was in the farthest recesses that he discovered the corpse.

It appeared to be the desiccated carcass of a bear with no skin, but for flaps that looked crudely hacked off. He grinned at his discovery.

Several days later, Solomon set off across the mountains knowing there was a road shown on his map. He was several hundred miles away from the next sighting and hoped to hitch a ride.


For a moment Diane thought that Bigfoot had returned as she stared at the silhouette in the doorway with the sun shining in behind it. This Bigfoot wasn't fat, it was chiseled. The illusion quickly faded, the fur turning into the lining of a parka as the big black man strolled into the bar.

Everyone stared at him. They would have stared even if he wasn't the first black man to walk in the bar or the county for that matter. The man had a presence that attracted attention. He was well over six feet and as he walked up to the bar, he removed his coat revealing an over-muscled torso. He was very handsome and had a shaved head, with a devilish goatee. Diane felt a shiver run up her spine as she looked at him.

"Your turn," said Larry, nudging her with the pool stick.

Diane was bending over to shoot when a deep voice behind her said, "Can I play the winner?"

"Sure," said Larry, looking at the black man warily, but he seemed friendly enough and was holding two bottles of beer out to them.

Solomon winced as his cock grew in his pants. The woman had a great ass that screamed for him to fuck it as she bent over to shoot the ball. He hadn't had a woman in days and knowing he was coming up on a town he had resisted the urge to masturbate. The girl wasn't hot, but she was a cute little redneck babe. She kept her straight brown hair short, just under her ears and her hair framed a pretty face with full lips. She had a thin wiry figure, with average breasts, though the nipples poking out her thick shirt promised to be big and fat. Her ass was simply perfect and she was wearing tight jeans that hugged her hips and butt cheeks. Solomon hadn't been the only one in the bar staring at it when she bent over.

"I'm Larry, this is my wife Diane." Diane's hands were shaking as she shot sinking both the cue ball and the eight.

"Name's Solomon." Her husband was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. He had a decent build and looked like he worked outdoors with his hands. His fair hair was unkempt and he had a scruffy beard with a stupid looking mustache.

"So Solomon what brings you to our neck of the woods?" Larry asked as Solomon racked.

"I'm Bigfoot hunting," said Solomon. Diane flushed and gasped. Solomon stared deep into her eyes, she gulped and looked away. "I was looking for you two. I was hoping you could show me where you saw it."

"I don't know," said Larry breaking and sinking two balls. "We got a Lot pf ridicule for that video."

"Video? I thought it was just pictures."

"Naw, the rag just posted some stills."

I can pay you," said Solomon. "One hundred bucks just to show me the spot." "Shit yeah," said Larry, winning the game. "I'll show you tomorrow then."

"I need to find a place to stay."

"You can stay with us. In fact if you clear up the tab, we can play some more at our place." Larry had bought a pool table with the money he had got selling the video pictures to the tabloids.

"Larry, I don't know if having a strange man sleep in our house is such a good idea," said Diane as Solomon left to pay the tab.

"Don't worry honey, I'll protect you. Besides, he's got plenty of cash, so he's not gonna rob us. Don't let the fact that he's black bother you, they're not all crooks."

"Ok dear," she replied. Diane wasn't worried about being robbed, she was feeling a strong attraction to the man. She knew she'd be thinking about him all night as she lay in bed beside Larry. She felt guilty for harboring impure thoughts. She still felt she had betrayed him for the way her body reacted while masturbating Bigfoot.

"We're paid up," said Solomon, coming back.

"Alright, our car's out back." Larry drove back to his place, Diane was silent in the passenger seat and Larry noticed her squirming uncomfortably while he talked to Solomon. "Honey," he said as he pulled into his driveway, "why don't you go buy us a case of brews while I show Solomon the house."

"Ok," said Diane meekly as she slid over into the drivers seat.

Larry watched her go. "Come on inside, she'll be gone at least twenty minutes and I can show you the video real quick."

"Your wife wouldn't approve?"

"No, she's embarrassed as hell by what happened."

Larry popped the video in and Solomon grinned as he saw the massive black cock on the screen being jerked off by the young woman. He had only seen that cock once, but it was hard to forget as it was half again as big as his own foot long dick. "Did you get any face shots of the creature?" The dumb redneck had kept the camera on the thing's cock.

"No," said Larry embarrassed. "I couldn't take my eyes off the thing’s prick."

"Aren't you embarrassed by what your wife is doing? She's clearly aroused."

Larry flushed a little. Unbeknownst to Diane, he had shown all his friends the video. She was the prettiest girl in the county and he liked showing off the occasional glimpses of her nude body that appeared on the tape from time to time. She had a sweet innocence about her that gave the video a real "beauty and the beast" feel. "At first, I was ashamed, but there was something about that prick that made her do it and enjoy it. I felt it too. I couldn't interfere." Larry fast forwarded the video to where the cock exploded sperm onto Diane's face just as Diane pulled in the driveway. Larry quickly ejected the tape and sat looking guilty as his wife lugged the beer in. "Great," he said, "How about another game of pool?"

"Sure, but would you mind if I showered first? I've been camping for days now."

"No problem," said Larry, taking the case from Diane. "What took you so long honey?"

"Nothing really," she replied. "I'll show Solomon the shower and get him a pillow and blankets for the couch." She couldn’t get the black man out of her mind as she drove to get the beer. She had been daydreaming she was licking and stroking Bigfoot's cock again, but instead on the fat man-beast, it had been the handsome black man whose cock she was kissing. Her fantasy had caused her to drive right past the beer store. Something had happened to her that day last year. A week didn't go by without her dreaming about jerking off Bigfoot and sometimes it was fucking her, though outside of a dream, it’s sheer size would make that act impossible. She had even developed a craving for sperm since the incident and had turned into quite the cocksucker, but Larry's ejaculate was never enough to satisfy her.

Solomon followed her up the stairs and she said, "There's the shower, I'll get you some towels."

Diane returned with some towels. The door was open and Diane walked in. Solomon was naked facing her. "Dear god," she cried her eyes zooming in straight on his cock. It was big and hard, so huge in fact that it's weight held it down. She didn't take her eyes off it as Solomon took the towel from her hand unconcerned with his nudity. His cock jerked and her mouth fell open as it grew another inch and rose a little. "Dear god," she repeated. It wasn't hanging down from the weight, it was hanging down because he wasn't fully erect and already be was twice as big as Larry. Diane backed up out of the bathroom as it grew another inch and rose so that it was parallel to the floor. She was fighting an urge to kneel at his feet and take his cock in her mouth. She backed up into the hall.

"Sorry," said Solomon, as she fled.

Diane's heart was beating and her hands were shaking as she returned to her bedroom to get a pillow and blankets. She had to pass the bathroom again to get downstairs. The door was still open and she could hear the shower running. She paused at the entrance staring in. The clear shower door hadn't steamed up yet and she could see Solomon's ass and back as he bent down so that the water ran over his bald head. His ass appeared hard as a rock and his back was as chiseled with muscles as the rest of him. It was as if he had developed a workout regimen that involved using every muscle of his body to develop to it's maximum potential. He moved his head up standing erect. TURN AROUND, she screamed silently. He did. This time her eyes took in his magnificent chest before moving down to his cock. It was fully erect now and angled upwards. It was around a foot long and as thick as her wrist. His hand came down and soaped the length. She could see huge testicles that promised to hold loads of sperm. The shower door steamed over covering his cock and her eyes raced the steam up taking in his chest once again, then staring directly in his eyes until his head too became blurry.

Diane raced downstairs further embarrassed that the black man had caught her staring at him again. But then, why did he leave the door open? Was he showing off his body to her like some animals do to attract a mate? Larry was downstairs looking impatient as he killed a beer by their pool table. She should tell him immediately what had just happened, have him throw Solomon out. The black man came downstairs before she had made up her mind whether or not to say anything.

Solomon was wearing a tight tee shirt that hugged every muscular contour of his body. His pants were baggy sweats and Diane could see his cock flopping around loose, the big head bulging out the sweat pants further down his leg then should be possible.

"Great, lets play pool," said Larry as Solomon grabbed his own beer.

"Lets make it interesting," said Solomon. "How about each time we sink a ball, the other person has to drink, sink one of your own balls you drink, and the game loser pounds a beer?"

"Sounds fun," said Larry. "I haven't played any drinking games since high school."

Diane bowed out after two games. The drinking was too much for her and simply being around Solomon had her climbing the walls with horniness. Larry was going to get fucked tonight! "I'm gonna go watch TV in the living room," she said. "Try not to be too much longer." She winked at Larry, but he wasn't paying attention to get her hint. Larry was really drunk, slurring his words and swaying as he watched Solomon shoot. Solomon was actually the worse pool player, but seemed unaffected by the beer he had drunk. She was quite tipsy herself.

Larry got worse after several more games. He sank down in the comfy chair and felt his eyes closing.

"Hey, no falling asleep," said Solomon poking Larry with the stick and leaving a blue mark on his shirt. "We're almost done this game."

"I've had enough big guy. Get Diane to finish then we'll call it a night."

"I don't think Diane can beat me," said Solomon

"She's better then me. She can beat you."


Diane was half asleep on the couch when she heard Larry enter the room. "Thank god you’re done," she opened her eyes and found herself staring down Solomon's huge black cock. He had removed his shirt and pulled the sweats down under his balls. "What the hell..."

"Larry bet that if he lost the game, you would beat me off like you did Bigfoot. He lost."

"I don't believe you."

"Ask him," said the black man.

Diane was trapped on the couch by Solomon's body standing over her so she yelled from where she sat." Larry, is it true? What do you want me to do?"

"Finish him off Diane, you can beat him, just get it over with," yelled Larry from the pool room.

"That bastard," she spat, but then again he had given her permission to touch it and she really wanted to touch the big black monster swaying hypnotically under her nose.

Diane reached up with both hands and grabbed the shaft. She ran her fingers over every square inch of his shaft, pausing to squeeze the tip. His plum-sized cock head was as hard as a rubber superball. She had to exert a lot of pressure to get it to indent. Diane found his balls of particular interest since Bigfoot's had been concealed by it's fur. Although not as large as Bigfoot's, Solomon's cock had the same magnetism about it. She stroked it, hesitantly at first, but with increasing vigor.

"Is this how you did Bigfoot? Did you lick it at all?" Solomon knew the answer, having watched her lick the head in the video.

Diane didn't answer, she had been wishing she had some lubricant to coat it with, but had been reluctant to release it from her grip. She leaned forward and licked the head figuring she could lubricate it with her tongue. Solomon was making it easier for her, holding his cock close to her face. Diane twirled her tongue around his cock head and then down his shaft, even licking his balls when he lifted the shaft up and thrust them in her face.

Diane moved back up to the tip, but didn't want to take her mouth off it. Solomon pushed his cock against her lips until she opened her mouth and swallowed the hard mushroom head. Larry hadn't given permission to suck him, but there wasn't much difference, she was just using her mouth instead of her hands. Bigfoot was impossible, Larry was too easy, but Solomon's long, thick shaft presented a challenge. She stretched her jaw out choking when the head pushed into her throat. Diane's husband's penis just teased the back of her throat when her lips hit his pubic hair, but more then half Solomon's cock still extended from her mouth.

Diane relaxed her throat, knowing that she would never kiss Solomon's pubic hair, but vowing to get as close as she could. She began bobbing her head taking more into her throat with each downward thrust. Nothing mattered to her anymore except for making him cum. His huge balls promised to satisfy her lust for sperm. She wasn't disappointed.

Solomon's cock started swelling even bigger when she had managed to swallow the ten inch mark. Diane feared she would choke as it grew bigger, so she pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. She used her hands to stroke his shaft until with little warning, sperm exploded from the sides of her mouth.

The amount had caught her off guard. one minute her mouth was empty except for his cock head, the next hot sperm had appeared in every nook and cranny of her mouth, dribbling down her chin as the second load displaced the first. Diane was missing her chance and she began swallowing... no gulping his sperm as soon as she came to her senses. She didn't want to waste a drop of the precious fluid. Diane's mouth filed up five times and when she had swallowed that she milked his shaft for more.

It was one of Solomon's best orgasms since becoming enhanced. It really paid to hold off masturbating as long as one could to experience a super orgasm like this. The only problem was his balls got so big and heavy they became uncomfortable.

Diane's frantic stroking drained his cock of every last drop and it grew limp for two strokes until thickening up again. "Oh my god, your getting hard again!" Diane instantly craved more sperm, but her belly felt full.

"Diane, just think how good it would feel to have this big thing buried in your pussy."

"Yes, that would be nice," she replied, still stroking it, "but that would be cheating, though maybe Larry will give me permission?" Diane gave Solomon's cock head a quick kiss and got up, walking into the pool room. Larry was snoring in his chair. Diane shook her husband awake. "Larry, I beat him like you said, but...I...don't want to quit just yet." Diane looked at her husband hopefully. Larry was drunk and could barely keep his eyes open.

"Come on Diane, lets go to bed, I'm tired and I haven't drunk this much since high school."

"Larry," said Solomon, he had pulled up his sweats and put his shirt back on. Diane felt it was a crime to cover his incredible body. "Diane wants to keep playing. Just let me sink my balls into a few more holes and you can have her back."

"Fuck it, do whatever you want just, let me sleep." Larry closed his eyes and slid down in the chair.

"Solomon, he gave me his permission to fuck you. I don't believe it. He‘s normally very jealous and not to fond of blacks, I‘m sorry to say."

Solomon walked up to her and began removing her top. "That make you feel better."

"Yeah," she replied moaning as Solomon slid his hands under her bra and cupped her breasts, "but I would have snuck down later if he had said no. There's something about you that makes me so horny. I've never wanted to fuck anything this bad in my life."

"You've never been around a real man before. Once my black cock is in you, you'll be ruined for all other men." Solomon unhooked her bra and ran his hands down her waist to her jeans, quickly unbuttoning them. He kneeled, pulled her jeans down, and was pulling her panties off as she stepped out of her jeans.

Solomon kissed her belly button and then stood taking in the nude body he had caught glimpses of on the video. He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her onto the pool table. He pushed some balls out of the way and pushed her down so that she was laying on her back with her legs dangling down the sides.

Solomon grabbed her ankles and spread them wide as he stepped between them. "Put it in," he growled and Diane leaned up placing his cock head against her slit moving it around to coat it with her juices. She gasped as he bucked his hips pushing his shaft through her hands, the head entering her pussy. Just the head felt incredible as it stretched her wider then she had ever been.

Solomon began rotating his hips lubricating his cock and sliding more in with each little thrust. Diane was panting like a woman in labor, staring in awe at the muscular chest of the man slowly working his penis into her. It felt good...real good, better then she had ever imagined as Solomon passed Larry's length. She looked up to see there was still half of Solomon's cock protruding from her legs. She let her head fall back on the pool table as Solomon continued penetrating her. Dormant nerves began awakening deep in places she didn't know she had. Diane started raising her hips into his cock, trying to fuck it back, gritting her teeth as an orgasm exploded from her pussy. "Oh my god, I love your big cock," she cried before the powerful orgasm took hold of her thrashing body.

"Only black cocks get this big, slut," said Solomon as he buried his long shaft in her pussy. He held it there so that she could truly appreciate it's size. Then he began fucking her with the entire length.

"I love your black cock. I've never been fucked like this." Solomon's thrusts had turned so powerful her back was sliding along the pool table top, but Solomon kept pulling her back onto his cock with his hands on her ankles. "Fuck me with your black cock, Solomon. I love black cock." Even Bigfoot's big penis was black. Diane suddenly wished there was another black man in this county to keep her satisfied when Solomon left. Another orgasm exploded from her pussy. That orgasm opened a floodgate and she began cumming every third thrust or so. Her cum squirted out every time Solomon buried his cock in her. Her thighs became soaked, cum ran down the crack of her ass, soaking her butt cheeks and staining the pool table.

Diane had know idea how long he fucked her like that, but it seemed to last forever. Toward the end they both quit talking, the only noise coming from their throats were grunts and little cries of pleasure. Solomon's chest was glistening with sweat and his cock seemed to be pushing deeper, stretching her wider, pushing deep into her womb. He bellowed like a bull and Diane felt her pussy balloon up around his cock as his sperm assaulted her unprotected womb. His cum triggered her own orgasm, her biggest yet, one that curled her toes and rolled her eyes up in the back of her head until she passed out from the pleasure.

When Diane woke up, she was still lying on the pool table, but she felt empty inside as Solomon was no longer inside her. The big black man came out of the bathroom still nude, his huge cock swinging before him. "Lets move upstairs," said Solomon.

"Alright, it looks like Larry is out of it. Help me get him to the couch."

Diane watched in awe as Solomon effortlessly lifted her husband and carried him to the couch originally planned to be Solomon's bed. Solomon then followed her upstairs, smacking her ass several times to get her moving. When they arrived at her bedroom, Diane turned and saw that Solomon was sporting another erection. "My god, what are you?"

Solomon laughed. "It has a mind of its own. Watching your sexy ass walk up the stairs was too much for it."

"Let me go to the bathroom first, ok."

Solomon nodded as she entered the bathroom. He looked around the room, his eyes falling on a video camera sitting on the bureau. 'Lets give Larry another tape to watch,' thought Solomon. He aimed the video camera at the bed and pressed play.

Diane came back from the bathroom and walked into Solomon's arms. She ran one hand across his chest and said, "Ready to take care of this," as she caressed his erection.

"Get your ass on the bed and get on all fours."

Diane obeyed moaning in pleasure as Solomon kneeled behind her and pushed his cock back inside, though her pussy was sore from the pounding he had given her earlier, soon she was pushing back into his thrusts. "Gimme that big black cock. I fucking love it. You’re so much better then Larry. I'm going to cum again."

Solomon looked over his shoulder and grinned at the camera which was aimed right at Diane's ass capturing his long shaft pumping her and the juices running down her thighs. "Your wimp husband ever shove that pencil-dick of his in your ass, Diane?" asked Solomon, after she had calmed down from her orgasm.

"God no."

"Then I get to be the first." Solomon withdrew his cock from her pussy.

"Solomon no, keep it in my pussy. You'll split me in two with that thing. Besides, anal sex is disgusting."

SMACK, Solomon brought his hand down on her left ass cheek causing Diane to yelp more in surprise then pain. "Don't back talk me, slut. Your ass is so perfect, I gotta fuck it. You'll learn to love it."

Diane was scared, but had little doubt he was right. She had learned to accept, then love having a large cock shoved down her throat, she now craved the taste of sperm, she loved being used and treated like a slut. It was as if Solomon had a need to cum in every hole in her body like he was marking his territory. Even if it hurt, she would love it as pleasing him made her happy.

Diane winced as Solomon pushed the head into her ass. Her sphincter seemed to stretch wide around the big knob. It did feel like it was ripping her in two, but for such a dominant male, Solomon was patient, taking it slow, letting her grow used to it before pushing more in. He did this inch by inch until he couldn't push any more in at nine or ten inches. Once the thick part of his shaft had entered her, the pain faded, her ass just felt stuffed. When Solomon began sliding his cock in and out, it stimulated certain unknown nerve endings and Diane began thrusting back. "That's it, fuck my ass. Harder, fuck me harder."

Solomon grinned at the camera. He never knew why he enjoyed destroying white marriages like this, especially of nice couples. He vaguely connected the fact that it had something to do with his drug addicted mother, abusive aunt, his whore of an ex-wife, and how white society had screwed him over. Those were all root causes, but basically, as an alpha male he had the right to any female he wanted.

He fucked her ass so hard, her arms collapsed and her face fell onto the bed leaving just her ass up thrust for him. His thrusts kept pushing her into the bed. Being taken in such a way, had her pussy screaming for attention. Diane brought her hand up between her legs and diddled her clit until an orgasm exploded from her womb. Her own orgasm coincided with his, Solomon's cock bucked in her ass, filling her with another of his abnormally large loads of cum.

Afterwards, the two cleaned up, Solomon went first. Diane took longer as it seemed like the cum pouring out her ass would never stop. Eventually she gave up, her ass squishing as she left her bathroom. Solomon was asleep on the bed. She snuggled up next to him, loving the feeling of safety and submission she got laying beside him. The two slept, but not for long. Diane awoke to Solomon climbing on her, his huge, muscular body enveloping hers as his probing cock found it's way between her legs.

Larry opened his eyes late the next morning when the sun shined through his curtains right on the couch. He had a horrible headache and stumbled towards the bathroom to get some aspirin. As he passed through the pool room, he noticed the stains on his brand new pool table. A memory flashed into his brain, that of the muscular black man slamming his hips into a nude Diane thrashing on the pool table. Someone had probably just spilled a beer. He shook his head to clear it of the strange thoughts, but more came unbidden. He remembered being deposited on the couch and opening is eyes to see a nude woman and a black man walking up his stairs. He remembered waking to loud noises coming from his bedroom. Larry raced up the stairs to find his bed in disarray. The pillows were askew and the sheets were caked with something. A video cassette sat on the bed. There was no sign of the black man nor was there any sign of Diane or his truck. His wife didn't show up again until several days later and she had changed. After watching the video, he knew why.


Solomon pulled his cock out of Diane's pussy and quickly yanked his pants up in the cold mountain air. The woman was bent over a fallen tree, elevated enough that it had been perfect for fucking. She shivered, her bare feet touching the remnants of a late snowfall, but she hadn't recovered enough to dress.

This was the spot where she had masturbated Bigfoot. It had taken a day to drive and hike up to this spot. They had fucked and sucked the whole way. The big black man marked the spot off on his map, packed it up and began jogging up the mountain.

"Where you going?" yelled Diane. "Wait for me."

"Time to move on," yelled back Solomon without turning.

"Take me with you." Diane was crying as Solomon disappeared into the wooded mountain.

Diane dressed and headed back towards Larry's truck. She had known the black man for less then two days, but was already addicted to him. She decided to leave the state and move to a city somewhere, one with a large black population.


Solomon lucked out and caught a ride shortly after reaching a road. He went to the public library in the next town and checked on the latest fat bigfoot sightings on the tabloid websites. He marked the locations on his map and looked at the dots, they were heading South-Southeast and the last had been just days ago in South Dakota.

Several days later, Solomon was following the stream for the thirteenth time when he saw them. Bare footprints marked the banks and he judged they had been made within several hours. Not far along the trail he found a spot where Bigfoot had masturbated. It was heading towards a town, probably looking for food. If he hurried he could get ahead of it.


"What took you so long?"

Bigfoot looked up at the black man sitting on a stump before a cabin. He had been heading towards town to scrounge up some food when he smelled something good cooking from this cabin. "Who you?"

"I go by the name Solomon now, Benny..Bull that is, but you knew me as Sam."

Bull remembered Sam, though he hadn't had the shaved head and goatee then. "What you doing here?" Bull sounded unused to speaking.

"Looking for you, of course. You saved my life and I never forget a friend." Bull had been the second recipient of the Xserum and the prototype had increased his penis to beyond anything a woman could handle. It had also made him grossly obese.

"How'd you finds me?"

Solomon pulled the tabloids out of his backpack. "Bigfoot Masturbated on my Window" read one headline with an artists conception looking nothing like Bull. "Bigfoot Stole My Groceries" and "Bigfoot Made My Wife Masturbate Him." There was a photo of Diane holding onto something blackened out for public consumption. Solomon hadn't really needed to see the spot, but had decided to fuck Diane after seeing her picture. "Come on in and you can eat, then tell me what took you so long. You've been in these mountains four years."

Later after stuffing himself, Bull told his story. "That bullet really fucked me up. I crawled ten miles in da snow storm and found a bear cave. The wound sealed up with the bullet still inside my gut before I could gets it out. A bear was sleeping in da cave, so I curled up by it for warmth. Jus my luck, it woke befo me and I had to shove my fist down it's throat until it choked to dath. It's jaw nearly bits my wrist off. I'm wearing it's skin and I ate its meat the rest of the winter. I finally dug the bullet out of my gut with a rib bone. I slept a long time and when I awoke my gut wound had closed and my wrist was almost all betta."

"We heal faster then normal men." Solomon had discovered this on his own after several injuries. In the three years since taking the drug, he hadn't been sick in addition to the anti-aging effects.

"I was scared too, I didn't wants to go back to being locked up, so I hided in the mountains all this time."

"I believe we are safe. I've checked and found no evidence the Gilgamesh project was rebuilt after the fire. The parent companies probably went with the insurance money and got out. Let's head back to town and get you some clothes and a real meal."

"Did I mention stepping in the nest of rattlers?" asked Bull, as the two started walking down the mountain.

Solomon laughed. "Come on bro, you're coming with me to New York."

"Why? What's there?" asked Bull.

"The future, my friend, but first I have a gang to take over."


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