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Wrestling with Change Chapter 11

by outkast1728

Wrestling with Change Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Old Dog, New Tricks

For Max, the day at school had already begun. He left home early so he would have time to work-out at the gym before anybody else had arrived. It also gave him more time to admire his tail. It was still odd to think of it as his tail but becoming more natural the more he experienced it. His family had been just as oblivious to the change as the rest of the school had been the day before. His parents, ever his biggest fans were quick to watch the dvd the moment he had brought it home. The lone holdout was his younger brother. When Max arrived home Jeremy was quick to point out to anybody that would listen how “Max has a tail!” After he was told to be quiet or go to his room he had convinced himself it was all a big joke. Max laughed as he pulled his little bro aside and wagged his long steel grey tail for him. Jeremy was still not buying even after Max had him tug on it until it hurt. He was only convinced when after dinner he followed Max up to his room and watched as he dropped his pants and showed him how his new appendage was firmly attached to his backside. That of course only prompted questions of “How do I get one?”
Working out before school had its advantages. Most of the other athletes in the school would rather sleep in than put in an extra hour in the weight room. As such he had the place all to himself. This being the case he opted to work out in nothing but his jockstrap, since this allowed his new tail to wag about unrestricted. He was well into his routine and had worked up quite a sweat before he realized he had sprouted an impressively bulging erection as well. Working out had always gotten him excited before but never quite like this. Of course it might have had more to do with his thoughts constantly wandering back to a select few of his teammates and their post practice activities the night before. He was so lost in those thoughts as he lay back on the bench press that he never hear the door open as another individual entered the room. Max nearly jumped out of his skin though when he heard a duffle bag hit the floor and the slight clearing of a throat.
“Morning Max.”
“Jesus Christ, Trick! You ‘bout scared the shit outta me!” Max exclaimed as he sat up quickly, nearly bashing his head on the barbell as he did so.
“Sorry about that, I wasn’t trying to startle you, guess I didn’t realize you got so into your workouts.” Trick said with a smile on his wolfish muzzle.
Max was suddenly aware he was just sitting there in his jock, his cock plainly visible as it jutted out, an expanding circle of dampness growing in the fabric over its tip. He scrambled to find a towel and at least cover himself up a bit.
“Oh, I usually don’t. Guess I just had a lot on my mind this mornin. What are you doing here so early anyway? I don’t recall ever seein you or Cam in here for a mornin workout.”
“It’s just me this morning, I didn’t meet up with Cam. I think he’ll probably come to school with Stetson this morning.” He said, the note of sadness in his voice barely disguised. “Just figured I hit the weights a bit more often, try and bulk up a bit.”
“Well that’s not a bad idea. Just don’t overdo it. I don’t wanna loose you for your weight class.”
Trick shook his head, “I know. I just thought it might help if I got some more definition maybe. You know, got really ripped?” He said as he pulled of his shirt and stripped down to his own boxers.
Max looked over the smaller boy and thought he had an idea of what this was all about. As it was Trick was already very well built for his size - lean and wiry, the perfect combination for a good 112 pounder. All the musculature was there, just not the mass. He had a strong chest and nice six pack to his abs and his arms and legs were clearly solid just not bulging. His pale skin was still perfectly smooth, not that you would have noticed any body hair, as light blond as his hair already was. Max suddenly realized he was staring a little as Trick looked back at him and he shook his head to clear his train of thought.
“I reckon I could give you hand with your workouts if yer really interested in makin a go of it.” Max offered as he sat back down on the weight bench to push out a few more reps of presses.
Trick’s responding tone was much more hopeful at this and even his sleepy demeanor seemed to brighten a bit. “That’d be great! I really don’t know what I’d be doing in here by myself. I don’t have much in the way of workout experience outside of wrestling practice.”
“Really? Ya have such a natural muscle tone I figured you must have worked out some. Plus ya always use your body and your strength jus right out on the mat.” Max said feeling himself slipping into coach mode even as his mind still lingered on the physical appearance of the guy.
“I guess,” Trick said meekly as he started to fiddle with a nearby set of dumb bells.
Max finished off his set and sat up, “Well, I’m workin on upper body today, ya know chest, back, shoulders, and arms if ya want to jump in with me.
“Sure!” Trick responded quickly laying down on the bench Max had just vacated, not even giving him a chance to wipe down the warm sweat pooled on the vinyl surface. He was all set to try and lift the bar when Max stopped him.
“Now hold yer horses there a second. Ya need to warm up your muscles first. Hit the jump rope for bout five minutes then we’ll get started.”
“Oh yeah, right!”
Max watched him warm up and absentmindedly reached down do adjust his shifting jock strap before he realized he was groping his bulging cock pretty good and forced himself to stop. By now trick had finished and trotted back over to the weights, a slight sheen of sweat starting to bead up on his skin.
“Ok well if ya were going for definition we would do some lighter weights with some higher reps. Since yer lookin to add mass we’ll stick with heavy weights and just a few reps. Now like I said I’m gonna need ya to really watch yer weight so you don’t go up a class, I ain’t got nobody to fill in at 112 if you can’t make weight. Yer gonna want to eat a lot of lean protein, very few carbs and stay away from sugar, Got that?”
Trick just nodded taking it all in and Max clapped him on the back as he moved him in the direction of one of the weight machines.
“Ok lets start with some shoulder presses and see what you can do.” Max sat Trick down on the seat and started loading up the weights.
Trick dutifully did as he was instructed; he had always found it easy to grasp whatever Max had told him, in or out of practice. He was such a born leader and had a relaxed way of coaching the other guys that never came off as arrogant or bossy. When he had enough weights loaded up Max told him to do a few reps and gently corrected Trick on his form. Trick found it easy going at first but his teammate continued to add weights every few reps and in between he would stand directly in front of Trick. From this seated position Trick quickly realized he was directly eye level with Max’s bulging jock. He actually found it easy to concentrate on each rep and maintaining his form even as he studied the upward curving outline of the other’s rigid dick. He may have imagined it but he even thought he could make out the thick veins running up and down his meaty shaft through the thin cotton of his supporter. His swollen mushroom capped head was certainly discernable through the material made slightly more translucent by a glistening layer of pre cum. Trick could feel his own cock stiffening in his boxers as blood pounded through his body with the strain of the increasing weight. Eventually he could barely lift the bars as his arms and shoulders shook with the effort. Max quickly stepped in closer and assisted, guiding his arms with a gentle touch just firm enough to complete the rep before demanding two more. Trick was happy to oblige as he now found that mound of manly meat just an inch from his elongated nose. If he had wanted to he could have stuck his tongue out of his canine muzzle and licked at the beautiful package but instead he just inhaled deeply with the effort of lifting the weights drinking in the hot musky scent of his captain’s arousal.
“There. Looks like we found yer Max.” The bigger boy said as he counted off the last rep and guided Trick’s arms back down.
Trick felt a wide grin spread over his muzzle as he nodded, “Yeah I think we did.”
They went through several more exercises each one bringing Max in close enough to Trick for him to admire every curve and line of his body. He actually found himself envious of his teammate’s physique and found it made him work all the harder to improve his own. They would switch off on each station with Max either guiding Trick as his spotter or instruction him on how to properly spot somebody else. They also continued to play off little bits of innuendo thought Trick was not sure how much of it was deliberate on Max’s part. By the end of the workout they were both drenched in sweat and sporting complete rock hard pricks even though neither of them even mentioned it.
“Ok, good work this morning,” Max said as he tossed a towel over to Trick. He was dutifully writing his workout numbers in a log book and even starting one for Trick. “Now since we went pretty heavy today yer probably gonna be sore by this afternoon, and tomorrow mornin fer sure. I find a good massage really helps with that and speeds recovery so you might wanna consider it.”
Trick nodded along as he toweled off his gaze never leaving Max’s body, especially his firm round ass and the tail wagging directly over it. Though Trick was confused by his sudden fascination with Max, there was certainly no denying it. His nose had continuously kept track of his team captain’s scent throughout the workout and even detected the subtle interaction of his own musky arousal mixing with it as they went along. Before long the mix of scents had filled the weight room nearly blocking out all the other old stale smells of any other guy’s sweat.
“Thanks Max, I really appreciate you help with this.” Trick said as he started to pull on his clothes now that he had cooled down.
“No problem Trick. Ya know I’m in the weight room every morning about this time and do more cardio on the weekends. If you want to join me, I’d be happy to keep workin with ya,” Max said as he gathered up his own school clothes as well.
“Oh yeah man, I think I’d really like that.” Trick said smiling again and taking quick note of how his response made Max’s tail wag out the seat of his blue jeans.
“Great! Then I’ll see you after school at practice and tomorrow morning back in here.” Max added extending his hand to grasp Tricks and squeezing it in a firm handshake.
Trick felt himself smiling again his white wolfish ears perked up as he grabbed his school bag and headed out the door. He looked over his shoulder one more time at Max as he pulled on his shirt before heading out in the hall where he unexpectedly found himself walking directly behind Cam and Ricky. Trick felt his smile fade as he watched them walk side by side, their hands nearly touching.
Max watched Trick leave and enjoyed the feeling of his tail weighing down on his ass as it wagged. Trick had put in a great effort on his workout and really impressed him. He felt proud of his teammate and encouraged by his chances to help the team reach a state championship. The more he thought it over though the more he started to come around to the conclusion that it wasn’t the thought of Trick’s wrestling prospects that had kept his cock throbbing throughout the workout.


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