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You get what you ask for.

by hunt4it

You get what you ask for.

I have to write down what is happening, just so i know it is real and not a dream.
I am a 50 year old divored male, with a friendly personality.
a few months back I recieved a phone text from a friend of mine,Nancy, we used to work together, inviting me over for Happy Hour. Nancy lives close, her hubby, Steve, would be home shortly, and we could get a start with a few drinks.
Nancy is a 42 years old Blondish hair, blue eyes, 36C breasts and about 135 lbs. When i arrived, her girlfriend Sue, was there and chatting about a rumor she had heard. Nancy, was telling us about how she had heard Judy shaving her pubes off so her hubby didnt get 'whisker burn' when he went down on her. Nancy thoughtt it was horrible that anyone could possibly shave down there. For2 minutes she kept saying how discusting it would be for anyone to shave their 'twat'. I asked her "why not" I had seen pics and heard of women doing it all the time. She just kept insisting to Sue and I, how embarassing it would be do to such a thing. Sue kinda laughed it off, and didnt have much to add. Soon nancys' hubby showed up and we kept the party going.
Fast forward a couple months, and I was searching about hypno files that could suggest different things to a person, and they would eventually perform these suggestions without even thinking about it.
I got to another web site where I asked if anyone could tell me where to get a file that was subliminal, that would suggest a person remove all there body hair from the neck down.
A few days later I recieved a e-mail from a member who would make me a file for that purpose. I answered asap that i would be extreemly grateful to him. He made for me, which arrived a few days later.
He suggested i burn the file to a disk, and also include on the disk the email slave file, for future use.
I made the Hair removal file, added the e-mail slave file and took it with me to Nancy's one evening when we we about to enjoy drinks again. Nancy said she was going to the lake to work and clean the cabin for summer use, I told her to take the cd with, as it was a subliminal weight-loss file, and I had added a Motovation file to it. A home-made cd, that she could listen too while she cleaned, painted and worked in their summer cabin. One that would motovate her to get things done, and loos weight at the same time. "What could be better" she added. I made sure to inform her it worked best to listen to the file several times a day, and if she could play the cd while she slept, it would keep her motovated and keep the pounds off for summer.
Time passed and I text to see if she had been listening to the weight-loss file. She said yes, and had even loss a few pounds, but thought maybe it was from all the work she had been doing, getting things fixed up.
I few weeks ago, I sent Nancy a e-mail with the trigger word, and waiting for a reply. Sure enough I got a e-mail back, and knew I better make my move.
I told her next time she came back to her house to let me know, as i had another cd for her. I got a call the next day, stating she had arrived home and that Happy Hour was at 5pm.
I quickly made another sublim cd, and packed a couple bottles of her favorite wine to take with me. Arriving at about 5, I asked how the cabin was coming along? Nancy said pretty good, and that she had hurt her leg on the ladder doing some cleaning on the inside walls. I fired off my trigger word, and she just starred into space. I asked if she had been a good girl listening to the cd which she replied yes Master. I then knew i had a good chance to continue. I then told her to show me where she had hurt her leg, Nancy hesitated, then slowly unbuttoned her jeans and began to lower them to the bruise on her upper thigh. Again she hesitated and i insisted she show me her bruise. Without blinking she lowered her jean cutoffs to let me inspect the area. I complimented her on her hard work, and how good she looked by her hard work and looseing the extra weight.
I then went the extra step and asked if she would show me move of her accomplishments by lowering her panties for me. Without even thinking about it, she lowered them enough for me to see her smooth pussy. I told how nice it looked, and asked her how it felt to be clean, smooth and hairless down there. Nancy said she didnt know what got over her, but a couple weeks ago while shaving her legs in the shower, she just kept on going and shaved her whole body smooth. Nancy's face got blush red when talking about it, and said she was embarrased by what she had done, and had no idea what had come over her to do such a thing. I then told her it was ok to be proud of her shaving, and that I bet her hubby, Steve, would love it too. Nancy agreed, and that Steve had also complimented her on how great she looked, and what a surpised with no pubic hair.
I didnt know what to say, It was a surpise for me too, and I wonder still if she has shared this with any of her close friends.
The new cd was a true weightloss cd, Steve showe dup a few minutes later, and we all laughed aobut Nancy getting the summer cabin cleaned with just one injury.
Well friends, thats all for now, but I do plan on keeping you up to date with any new suggestions I come up with. I should have her offer the cd to her daughter, who just graduated form high school this year. It could get quite interesting.


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